Terraced Falls Hike

by Kristina
(Missoula, MT, USA)

So I was looking around and found your site (really like it). Recently I went on a trip to Yellowstone with a friend and our main goal was to check out waterfalls.

We saw many pull-over falls, Union Falls and Terraced Falls.

The hike to Terraced Falls was pretty intense. We got about 1/2 way through the hike and ended up in the middle of a thunder/hail storm. We ended up heading back to the car and sitting out the storm. After the storm blew over we hiked back and tried again. Once we made it to the end of the hike my friend started taking pictures of the waterfall (we were disappointed at the poor view).

After a few minutes he turned to me and told me he wanted to get to the other side. I went along with his idea and we forded the river above the Upper Terraced Falls. It was a little hairy as the water came up to my hips. We left our shoes and walked barefoot to a good view of the falls on the other side of the canyon.

My feet were sore from hiking to Union Falls the day before, but I believe that it was worth the extra trouble to get a good picture. I also think that the parks services should look into making a trail on the other side so that more people have access to the awesome view on the other side.

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Sep 29, 2013
The view is better from the other side
by: Anonymous

I saw your picture from the base of Terrace Falls where you indicated that it was not worth the final decent. I agree that from that side of the river the view is less than impressive. If you would have rolled up your pant legs and crossed to the other side I believe that your opinion would have been different. The river is only chin deep and the view of the falls is fantastic. No real need cross in the deeper water above the falls.

Sep 12, 2009
Where is it?
by: Roger

They are very interesting and beautiful.

Where is Terrace Falls?

Sep 09, 2009
by: World of Waterfalls

You've managed to do what I desired to do, but failed. I can see from your comment that it's not easy.

I agree the Park Service ought to make it easier to get there (perhaps a sign recommending where the fording should take place? or a trail branching off the Union Falls trail on the other side of the river?), but it might be hard maintaining a footbridge over the Falls River. Otherwise, the trail to Union Falls wouldn't be having that ford either.

In any case, I still long for return to Yellowstone to spend more time in the Bechler area. Stories like yours just make me want to do it more.

One question though. What time of year did you do your hike?

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