Thanks for the inspiration!

by Russell
(Sydney, Australia)

My wife and I absolutely love this site. We have spent hours reading your itineraries, especially your trips here downunder. We live in Sydney, with our 2 adult children. Our interest in waterfalls began 12 years ago, when we were fortunate enough to have a family holiday to the UK, Norway and Sweden, with our children. On this trip, we visited a couple of absolutely breathtaking waterfalls in Norway. Kjossfossen and Voringsfossen being the most memorable. I even wrote a review here on your site about our trip to Voringsfossen. Ever since this holiday, we have made it our goal, like you, to try and visit every waterfall we possibly can whilst travelling. Then, we discovered this site about 4 or 5 years ago, and it has been an invaluable source of reference for waterfalls in whatever area we are visiting. We have since visited, quite a few here in Australia, Fitzroy, Carrington and Belmore Falls being amongst the most memorable. I had a whirlwind tour 2 years ago of 3 countries, being Dubai, Holland and Lithuania, which unfortunately didn't give me enough time to see any waterfalls, as I was there for a conference, and visiting family, and only had 2 weeks off work here in Australia. I plan on returning to Europe in a few years, with my wife, and having plenty of time to do some waterfall hunting while there. Dubai and Holland have no waterfalls of course, but I did notice that Lithuania has a few which we would like to visit. Next week, we are off on a short holiday in Tasmania, and already have a few waterfalls on the agenda, thanks to information from your site regarding ease of access etc. We can't thank you and Julie enough for the hours of enjoyable reading, great pictures to whet our appetites, and for just generally helping us to enjoy our waterfall hunting that much more.

Yours sincerely
Russell and Jeanette Pritchard
Sydney Australia

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