The Sacred El Salto Falls

by Shannon Hall

from above, left side of the falls.

from above, left side of the falls.

On the border of Carlsbad and Oceanside, in north San Diego county, lies an ancient sacred place called the El Salto Falls. The Buena Creek valley once used by local tribes for spiritual ceremonies is now cement recycling factory, a shopping center and potentially 500 residential units. Nestled in between it all, literally at the base of a Kohl's parking lot is the most compelling waterfall I have ever laid eyes on. Its no wonder this was sacred to the ancient people of this area. It seems to have a spirit all its own and is crying out for people to know more about it, in effort to preserve that spirit, beauty, and integrity.

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Oct 20, 2015
holy place
by: Anonymous

I have tried to keep up with the news on this so were they found on the grounds of el salto falls. Really would like to be on a mailing list or would like to find out more through the Luiseno Tribe I have a great respect for the beauty that GOd placed at the site of the falls the sights are amazing but I know much of it has been diminished because of what the developers have done but I still believe it can be redeemed. Thank you for posting

Sep 06, 2015
Fossils Found Near Falls (El Salto Falls)
by: Anonymous

Might be a way to help fight for the falls?

Jun 21, 2015
El Salto Falls
by: Anonymous

Anybody who wants to take action to help preserve this place or has any ideas of how we can get people together to bring awareness to preserving some of the last good hidden spots we have. Let me know open to all ideas....

Jun 11, 2013
troubling news
by: Popcorn Sutton

If el salto is to be saved we have to hurry just talked to a few store managers that the land owner is getting ready to hire a crew to eliminate the falls and redirect the stream ..... we can't let this happen

Jan 21, 2013
save the falls
by: joe c

lets all talk to kohls,pet smart,albertsons, and all the other merchants at quary creek plaza,and see if they can be good neighbors and help save el salto falls

Nov 07, 2012
Save El Salto
by: Anonymous

A developer wants to bulldoze the waterfall and change the flow of the creek in order to build over 600 homes. Development has already ruined the view to the west from the historic Hayes-Marron adobe. The adobe is the last of 7 that were built on the original Rancho Agua Hedionda. The current owner of the adobe is the great great granddaughter of Silvestre Marron and uses the home for school tours so that children can see what life was like on a California rancho in the early 1800s.

This would have a major impact on the entire Buena Vista creek wetlands area to the west all the way to Agua Hedionda Lagoon. It is also in direct opposition to what Carlsbad's population voted for almost ten years ago.

Jul 25, 2010
Very shocked
by: Anonymous

I actually went by and saw it yesterday. I coudn't believe what I saw. It looks as though it is on private property. Would like more information on how it could be preserved if on private property

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