The Stoners (Fish Canyon Falls)

by Jerry McCormick
(Cerritos, CA)

Hey Hikers,

Most of the Stoners from Cerritos, CA. used to hike up there back in the late ’70s & early ’80s to party. This was before the Factory came along & messed up the beginning of the Canyon. Back then we used to call it Marijuana Falls because there were stories that it used to grow wild at the top of the Falls many years ago. One night we even took a Keg up to where we used to call, "Painted Rocks", a spot about 1/3 of the way up where in the stream bed, Graffiti is painted on rocks by Hippies. During those years of hiking up there a few people had fallen & there were more than 1 or 2 deaths. One by a person from our school, Cerritos High. You have to crawl on a very narrow ledge to get to the second upper falls. I did it only once. We have seen Tarantulas, Rabbits, Quail, Ground Squirrels, & many Rattle Snakes on our hikes , so watch your dogs carefully. Alot of Cub & Boys Scouts have hiked there. Some poeple that I have seen personally used to bring Guns up with them to horse around with, back in the day. It’s a Great Hike & I plan to start going back with my Family.

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