The Yosemite Trance

by Shadbano Ahmad
(Ottawa, Ontario. Canada)

I visited Yosemite National Park on 5th September 1965! I recall the absolute serenity and the breath taking beauty!

The scenic beauty and waterfalls were fantastic and I remember laying myself down on one of the rocks at a distance and watching the the fall of water...It was heavenly and I lay there, for how many hours I know not, until some passer by reminded me that it was getting dark and not safe to walk back because of the wild animals.

I thanked the stranger and, as if coming out of a trance, walked back to my little hut which I had rented. There were no hotels then as far as I remember and we all rented or shared a hut or camped.

Not that I could have afforded a hotel room, as a student from Chatham College, Pgh. PA.

I met a very kind and friendly family in Yosemite--the Douglas family, who were camping with their children.

They offered me a lift in their car (a kind of a station wagon). I recall that Mr. Douglas felt somewhat ill and Mrs. Douglas was worried. They were very generous and Mrs. Douglas said she would have gladly taken me to their home had her husband not been ill. I thanked her for her kindness. I later learned that they perhaps owned (founded?) the Douglas Air!!!

Such simple, caring, hospitable people.

I then took the Grey Hound heading for Las Vegas with lingering memories of the Yosemite.

I continue to recommend to all tourists to visit the Yosemite. A tour of California is incomplete without the Yosemite.

I am grateful to Mrs. Arthur (my very gracious hostess in San Fransisco) for recommending the visit to Yosemite en route to Los Angeles.

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