Trains in Dunsmuir

The hike to Mosbrae Falls - understand scheduling of trains. The trains heading north, if too heavy, will split into two parts and reattached into one at Grass Lake north of the town of Weed on Hwy. 97 or at Klamath Falls Oregon.

That is called a "doubleheader". They can be five minutes apart or a half hour apart depending on various details.

When the two are combined at the north, the units that pulled the second half will latch to the back of a train heading back to Dunsmuir, or they might even head back alone. Every now and then, trains heading uphill will have another set of units somewhere in the middle, pushing and pulling but that is not seen as often.

Good article though - you should put more emphasis that it is trespassing but all-in-all you wrote a great article. The problem on the east side of the river trail is the St. Germain Foundation - a religious cult that puts an extremely high value on any land they own.

What I mean by high value, is that they don't want anybody who is not part of their group on their land, even if a trail is fenced off with a high cyclone fence and razor wire on top. They also have many other odd beliefs, such as the color of clothing to be allowed on the campus, the color of vehicles they drive and such.

If there were a fire on their property, it becomes a real conflict as the fire engines are the forbidden red, and the fire people have black on their clothing! Okay - I'm rambling.

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