Burney Falls

This was always one of my favorite places to go when I lived in California. I think I went over 10 times. I camped there twice and camped near by near Mt Shasta City many times. The water came from springs just a short distance up Burney Creek and came down the creek to the […]

Camping next to this waterfall

What a treat to read thru this entry. I spent 3 nights with my daughter and her family in one of the cabins a short walk away from the base of this waterfall. I enjoyed the soothing sound as it helped me fall asleep each night. We took a very short hike to the top […]

The most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen!

Might have something to do with my surname : )

Ntumbachushi – Rainy Season

Above the main falls are a series of cascades. Back in February 1987 (February is the last full month of the rainy season in Zambia) some of my friends and I visited the falls. Hope you like this photo. Love the vegetation. John

Socrates Mine Road Falls aka Anderson Creek Falls

I was told about this waterfall and found that many people in this area did not even know it existed. From Middletown CA, head west on Hwy 175 about 4 miles to Anderson Springs and about a mile further, turn left on Socrates Mine Road. If you get to Cobb, you missed the turnoff. Drive […]

Sonoma Creek Falls

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park was always one of my favorite parks to visit. There are quite a few miles of hiking trails that are well worth visiting and hiking. And the park had deer. One hike, I was walking thru the morning fog and suddenly 2 deer appeared out of the fog. The most favorite […]

Lower Oneonta Falls

Over the years, I have done this wade many times, including before the logjam and after the logjam. Every time, we would climb behind the Falls and jump out thru it. Exhilarating. For those who don’t like cold water, don’t try this. The water comes from glaciers on Mt Hood. I remember carrying my kids […]

McCloud River Falls

My kids and I spent many a time jumping off the cliffs around the Lower Falls and swimming at the Middle Falls. Always lots of fun. We even camped at Fowlers Campground 2 or 3 times.

Mossbrae Falls

This was one of my favorite waterfalls of all time. My kids and I would wade in the water to the other side of the river and float down under the waterfall. To feel it trickling onto our faces. And yes, it was cold. Did you wade in?

2nd Jan Visit

We visited today and we were happy it was dog friendly he was happy to walk along the river. Disappointed that there was quite a lot of overgrown blackberry bushes bankside, it’s a pity more cannot be done to remove them. Lots of mosquito’s so take some repellent!

waterfall north of Durango and south of Honeyville

This waterfall is on private property in a beautiful park like setting close to the road of the old route of highway 550 between Durango and Honeyville. The narrow gauge Silverton Durango railroad runs to the east of here and the new route of highway 550.

Lower Mineral Basin waterfall

This waterfall is among three which can be seen from the same viewing point in the Mineral Creek Basin above the Million Dollar Highway which runs between Silverton and Ouray. Just south of crossing Red Mountain Pass from Ouray County to San Juan County take the four wheel drive mining road west up the mountainside […]

waterfall on tributary to South Fork Mineral Creek

This waterfall can be seen from Forest Road 565 which parallels South Fork Mineral Creek. Further west up the creek is South Fork Mineral Creek Falls. Several falls can be seen along this route in the spring snow melt off. This one is viewed looking south across the river of South Fork Mineral Creek. There […]

tributary creek falls to Uncompahgre River south of Ouray

This waterfall is among several on the “Million Dollar Highway” south of Ouray. It can be seen a few miles south of Ouray from the highway looking across the Uncompahgre River canyon to the west. Along this route of highway Bear Creek Falls plunges within yards of the highway crossing Bear Creek.

waterfall along Cunningham Creek (east side)

This series of cascades is along Cunningham Creek south of Howardsville on the east side of the creek. It descends from Green Mountain. On the opposite side of the creek is a series of cascades descending from Silver Lake. Howardsville is a mining ghost town east of Silverton. Further south up Cunningham Creek is Mountaineer […]

Telephone Creek Falls

Telephone Creek Falls in Zion National Park is located at the Temple of Sinawava viewpoint. Sometimes misnamed Temple of Sinawava Falls it is located on Telephone Creek. Be sure to visit it during the month of March when there’s snowmelt from the higher elevations. The rest of the year it may be dry or a […]

South Clear Creek Falls

South Clear Creek Falls can be reached by a 5 minute short walk from the campground on highway 149 which runs between Creede and Lake City. There is a sign at the campground marking the trail. There are four waterfalls all worth a visit in the area, also North Clear Creek Falls, Lower North Clear […]

Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls can be viewed from the chairlift ride from Sundance ski resort. At the top of the chairlift ride there are views of Provo and Salt Lake City. One of the photos shown here was taken from a stop on the chairlift ride with a telephoto view.

Mine Creek Falls

Mine Creek Falls can be seen from the entrance to the campground on the north side of the Tioga Pass road across from Ellery Lake. The trailhead to the historic ghost town of Bennettville begins at “Junction Campground” on the north side of the Tioga Pass road. The photo of the falls shown here was […]

Brazos Falls

Brazos Falls is the tallest waterfall in New Mexico. Flowing after the snow melts above the falls, it may be only a week or so to see it roaring down the gorge in the Brazos cliffs. It sounds like a jet engine at a distance when I viewed it at its peak flow. You may […]