Kinuseo Falls

Tumbler Ridge is an interesting little town with a UNESCO Geopark. It’s home to some fascinating rock formations and a history of dinosaurs. This region also seems pretty interesting when it comes to waterfalls, with tons (dozens, perhaps) of developed trails leading to places like Bergeron Falls, the Monkman Cascades, and Nesbitt’s Knee Falls. Alas, […]

falls on a tributary creek to East River Fork of the Gunnison River

These falls are flowing during the spring snowmelt high above Crested Butte, Colorado. Take the road to Emerald Lake from Crested Butte along the East River, a fork of the Gunnison River. Just before the road narrows on its last mile or two before the lake, these falls can be seen to the east below […]

waterfall on Imogene Creek at Camp Bird

This view of the falls was as close as I got to the waterfall on Camp Bird Road up from Ouray, Colorado. There appeared to be a route via private property and mining operations with closed gate to the area of what was once Camp Bird Mine from this viewing point. There also appears to […]

Upper Provo River Falls

Upper Provo River Falls may be viewed best by stopping at the Bridal Veil Falls Park in Provo Canyon east of Provo, Utah, then continuing through the park and upstream along the Provo River after viewing Bridal Veil Falls, the main attraction at the park. There are hiking trails, picnic tables, restrooms, and other facilities […]


These falls are best viewed from a distance, though you may hike to their base. The area is known as the Valley of the Waterfalls. The Jungfrau may be seen up the valley from the falls. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or […]

Lower Falls South Fork Mineral Creek

These pair of falls are reached from Mineral Campground by crossing Clear Creek and going upstream from its confluence with South Fork Mineral Creek. The shorter route is from the campground. The longer route is from the parking area east of the campground. The longer route is by going up the road and across the […]

The more they “develop” it, the worse it performs…

I have been a Gaia GPS user since the app was first launched (using it for wildland fire fighting) and continue to use it to this day (for hiking and boondocking). While the app still has utility, each update and upgrade has made it more difficult to use, bloated and buggy. Downloading maps has always […]

Waterfall Fishing- Exploring the Wonders of Fishing Near Waterfalls

Waterfall fishing is an exciting and adventurous way to catch fish in the wild. Anglers venture to beautiful waterfalls, casting their lines into the clear, rushing waters to hook various fish species like rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, Smallmouth Bass, and Walleye. This method requires skill and a love for nature as you navigate […]

falls on tributary to Uncompahgre River at Ouray’s Box Canyon Falls & Park

On entering Ouray’s Box Canyon Falls & Park by way of Box Canyon Road on the south end and above most of the town of Ouray, Colorado you will cross a bridge over a narrow and deep canyon. If you look upstream the canyon from the bridge you may see this waterfall on a small […]

Goldmine Falls

Goldmine Falls is a series of cascades in the eastern Sierras southwest of Bishop, California. It is better viewed during the spring snowmelt. The narrow steep canyon through which it falls can obscure the view of it and also it is better viewed from a distance on the roadway rather than trying to find a […]

Illilouette Fall

Illilouette Fall can be viewed from the Mist Trail in Yosemite National Park, California. Starting from the valley floor on the Mist Trail, you can view Vernal Fall, Illilouette Fall, and Nevada Fall, in that order, with Vernal and Nevada on the Merced River. A route bringing you closer to Illilouette Fall is via Panorama […]

Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls on Lake Fork San Miguel RIver is shown here at a viewpoint not immediately obvious from the highway. This viewpoint is at an overlook of the Ilium Valley north of the falls and the valley at Ames. The lake of the Lake Fork San Miguel River is upstream at Trout Lake also known […]

falls on a tributary to Lime Creek

These falls on a tributary to Lime Creek are best viewed during the spring snowmelt, as they are very short lived. Two weeks may be the window of opportunity to see them, but you will also have an opportunity to view Adrenaline Falls on Lime Creek if you were to hike down to them from […]

Cataract Creek Falls

Cataract Creek Falls is one of those rare waterfalls which their reflections can be seen on a body of water, in the case of Cataract Creek Falls this would be Lower Cataract Lake. There is a public campground east of the lake. A loop trail takes you around the lake and to the base of […]

Deep Creek Falls

You won’t miss seeing Deep Creek Falls from the highway which passes it parallel the creek on the north side of the canyon if you’re coming from Adel which is to the east. You’ll be going upstream alongside the creek and travelling in the other direction you might have missed the falls. There is or […]

Lower Latourell Falls

Lower Latourell Fall in the Columbia River Gorge is one of the taller and narrower of the many falls in the gorge which are within the Oregon side of the gorge, the south side. There are the lower falls, shown in this write up on them, and an upper falls not included in this review. […]

Grand Falls

Grand Falls, also known as the chocolate or muddy Niagara, are maybe the largest waterfall in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, or the whole Colorado River Basin. But that’s only when they’re flowing at around their peak, which is in February or March, from the snowmelt which feeds the Little Colorado RIver at its source in […]

waterfall below Ice Lake

The hike to Ice Lake is with a steep gain in elevation. I’ve included a photo of the lake, as the hike to these falls is most of the distance from the trailhead to the lake. The falls which you pass on the hiking trail are situated between Lower Ice Lake Basin and the Upper […]

Lower South Clear Creek Falls

There are four waterfalls in the same area you will want to visit if you’re going to visit one of them. The easiest of these to access is North Clear Creek Falls as it has a large parking area just a short distance from the main highway which runs between Creede and Lake City. The […]

Suggestions for Limited Time

Hello Johnny, Thanks for the write ups. I will be in Bali a few weeks. I originally plan to visit Sekumpul, Banyumala and Ulun Danu Beratan Temple on the same day from Ubud. If I can only limit to two waterfall spots on the same day, which one will you recommend? Sekumpul with hidden falls […]