Argentina side now has Visa fee for US Citizens

The Argentina government requires a $160 reciprocity fee payment for a Tourist Visa if you’re a US Citizen. So the cost difference between Brazil and Argentina is no longer there. Here’s a link to the information concerning the Brazil Visa fees (this link is from the US Embassy website). You’ll see it’s now the same […]

Amazing views! (Haifoss)

We visited Haifoss as well as Gjain and Stong, all easily accessible by gravel roads, we did not have a high clearance 4×4 but we had absolutely no problem accessing the parking lots. We just drove slow- not a very long drive at all, maybe 10 minutes max. Beautiful area with wonderful views, if you’re […]

Enchanted Falls or Pencil Pine Cascades (naming correction)

I noticed on this page that you guys didn’t know the name of the cascade that can be seen from the bridge at Cradle Mountain. It is officially known as Pencil Pine Cascades, although it is known to most people as Enchanted Falls (which I think is a much nicer name). Names aside, this really […]

Great hike (Twin Falls – correction)

Hiked here with my 4 year old son. Great hike, but it’s exit 34 off I-90, not 35.

beautiful, but dangerous (Big Falls)

The falls themselves are beautiful, but too many people visit it now and there are often over 1000 visitors in a weekend. According to locals in Forest Falls, there is a rescue almost every day now – sometimes more. We saw tons of trash on the trail and lots of graffiti. Yuck. Past the railing […]

Tasmanian waterfall videos

Hi guys, just thought I’d share some links to three youtube videos I compiled from the waterfalls I’ve seen around Tasmania:

Changed (Waimea Falls)

I would go here in the 90s and it was different all natural no fee to pay and no built path just a trail,more natural

Best waterfall – Asik Asik Falls

It’s a water falls where water comes out from the rock wall with no river above it

That waterfall is just the beginning…

I have explored Etiwanda Canyon and Day Creek Canyon quite a bit and there are other water falls further up the canyons that most people never see. The ones to the left are most accessible and a short distance. Several of these have graffiti all over them. But if you follow the canyon up to […]

aadam joe craig (Falls of Glomach)

Did this 12 mile walk yesterday very hard sometimes scary but very exciting and rewarding luckily we had no midges lovely weather if a little breezy I dont really do walking so my legs and feet today are aching bit of a shock to the system but such a nice walk with my two sons […]

Is there any organism or an aquatic food chain in waterfalls?

So it is our report and ive been chosen to participate to report in food chain, since everybody got the other choice, i picked waterfall… And when i researched it in any website its so hard to find (sorry for my grammar im not that good at english) so can anyone answer this?

Kozjak Falls (Slovenia)

There are six falls on the Kozjak brook near the town of Kobarid but only two are accessible. The first fall you come to drops 8m under a bridge and it is difficult to get a good view. The second fall is the dramatic Veliki Kozjak which is only 15m high but this white column […]

Dip Falls and Ridgley waterfalls

Recently we were up on Tassie’s north coast, seeing several waterfall along the way. We were heading home later in the day, so we tried to make the most of the day. First up, we decided to go check out Dip Falls. I had been looking forward to seeing this falls for quite a while. […]

Moonbows [Lower Falls in Rochester]

It was during a visit to Cumberland Falls in 1990 when I first read about moonbows. I also learned that the Lower Falls in Rochester, NY where I live is another place were moonbows can be viewed. The Genesee River does not consistently produce enough mist to produce rainbows or moonbows. The water level is […]

McLeans Falls, Caitlins, NZ

How could McLeans Falls not win any placing in the list?

Icelandic Waterfalls

Some of my favorite waterfalls in Iceland are (afaik) unnamed falls that one can just randomly see from the side of the road. I’m afraid that, as is the case throughout Iceland, my point-and-click didn’t do justice to this two-tier fall, but you get the idea. You can find it (and better photos!) via Google […]

How about Tjotafossen in Briksdal?

As you head up the glorious Olden Lake past a dozen vey high waterfalls, the sublime view of the Melkvoll Glacier comes into view with the 1019 foot Volefossen. You approach this sublime area thinking there could be nothing finer, but WAIT!!! Following the trail up to Briksdal, you find the 2420 foot Tjotafossen just […]

Mcdowell Creek Falls

The falls are located off of highway 20 between lebanon and sweet home oregon at mcdowell creek park. It is a nice place to hike around.

Finally recovering after the 2009 fires

I return yearly to the Marysville area in the Yarra Ranges to photograph various waterfalls. The area is finally recovering from the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. This trip consisted of a visit to The Beeches and Taggerty Cascades further upstream, and a visit to Steavenson Falls on the way out of town. I find Steavenson […]

Kamaee Falls is one of the most Pristine Waterfalls of Hawaii

Opened to the public only in late 2009, Kamae’e Falls is one of Hawaii’s most beautiful and pristine waterfalls. Kamaee Stream is a source for all the native Hawaiian endemic fish species. As you drive up the private access road from the Botanical World Adventures and World Botanical Gardens main entrance, you can see the […]