Recommending Lamington National Park

A nice spot if you like bush walking but also gives you access to Morans Falls which is quite nice itself. It’s usually home to a nice rainbow in sunny weather and there is a beautiful view of the valleys on a lookout area of one side of it (can’t see the waterfall) and a […]

Kalambo on Christmas Eve

I visited Kalambo on Christmas Eve of 2010, it was rainy and foggy our entire trek up the mountain & the fog cleared shortly after we arrived. It was magnificent!

Visiting Venezuela 2008

I spent a short holiday on February 2008 in Isla de Margarita. Travel agency had some day trips to offer and I chose excursion to Canaima. First we stopped in Puerto Ordaz where Orinoco and Caroni meet. And followed to Canaima not seeing Angel Falls. They told us that because of the weather we’ll be […]

My Favorite (Chittenango Falls)

Although you have picked some of the best of the popular waterfalls, there are many more beautiful that are not as well known. My overall favorite is Chittenango Falls in NY.

What is the name for the little jets of water that shoot off a waterfall?

You often see little jets of water separate from the main body of a waterfall and fall on their own distinct trajectory. I remember seeing a name for them but I’ve forgotten it.

You Should Revisit Zimbabwe now.

I think the writer should visit Zimbabwe now and come up with a recent true picture of what is currently on the ground. The economy is recovering, the US dollar is the currency in use now and the political situation has calmed down.

Lower Hanapueo Falls should be your title

Your site references Hanapueo Falls, although there is one falls that is only seen from the World Botanical Gardens in a serene river trail that leads to this private and intimate smaller falls that is upper Hanapueo Falls. The falls shown on your site presently is lower Hanapueo Falls which is only viewable from the […]

King George Falls are Awesome!

I’m a cameraman for a fishing show and on a charter through the Kimberly we stopped over at King George Falls during the dry season. The boat ride up King George River from the coast was incredible! The red cliffs were like nothing I’ve ever seen before anywhere in Australia! We got our boat right […]

Beautiful Spot But Can Be Deadly (Maruia Falls)

I have been to these falls, and witnessed some kayakers going over the falls, which I thought was fool-hardy, but they seemed to do it just fine. It is a beautiful spot. However, just last weekend in the news a man died there after climbing over the safety barriers and then slipped into the water. […]

Bastian and Connostee Falls

These two falls are another set of falls in Transylvania County NC (home to 276 of them). They come together and empty into one pool of water. They recently have built a walk out so that you are standing over the Bastian Falls. You look over at the Connostee but due to development, they have […]

Truly a ‘Sacred’ Place

My first time hiking the trail to Sacred Falls was in 1994. The trail is through the rain forest of Oahu, or at least that’s what it felt like. Wild fruit trees, such as the Malay apple litter the trail. They hang down and will hit you in the head if you’re not paying attention. […]

Sacred Falls Mother’s Day 1999

On this beautiful Hawaiian Spring Day some friends and I hiked the short trail to the base of the waterfall where we began swimming. The water was cold and refreshing but after about a half an hour we all decided that even though the view was spectacular and the pool was amazing it was time […]

Toketee Falls

I took these pictures of Toketee falls, on our trip to southern Oregon. My wife and I with our dog Heidi, visited this beautiful water fall in Douglas county Oregon, between Roseburg and Crater Lake. I have not traveled the world, but this one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever visited. Roger Weight

Sacred Falls 1980

I am 52 to years old, and I still get emotional seeing pictures and videos of Sacred Falls. I was stationed on Oahu between 1979 and 1981, while in the Navy. When I went to Scared Falls with my friends, I thought the hike was a bit of a hassle until I started getting closer […]

Further on the Eagle Creek Trail

Next time you are in Oregon and have a day to devote to Eagle Creek, I would highly recommend making the trek to Tunnel Falls. In the picture I enclosed, you can barely make out the tunnel that has been built behind the falls, to the left and the right of it. It is a […]

Hiking with kids…… (@ Middle Fork Tule River Falls)

This hike is worth it!! Although this hike is only about 30 min. The rocks are really slick and slippery. After climbing down off the trail onto the rocks you have to take off your shoes otherwise you have absolutely no traction. Even though we hiked down with our 5 and 7 year old kids […]

Been there, live here

I live in Niagara Falls, and head down for a peak two or three times a week. Try to go when the number of tourists is low like early morning. A couple of comments in regard to others that have commented. I too would like it if the Falls were in a more natural state. […]

The Ring starring Naomi Watts

There’s a brief scene with a car driving across a bridge. Beneath it is a waterfall. Does anybody know which waterfall it is? It is at 54 minutes into the movie.

Blue Pool

Aloha, I live on Ulaino Rd. not far from the falls. I have been turning people around from visiting the falls and helping the landowner (whose land you must cross to get there) for a year now. There are many reasons we want visitors to stay away and most people on the road are in […]

Oahu and Waimea Falls

I went to Oahu twice on the Navy’s dime while attached to the U.S.S. Alabama submarine. The first time, I only had 4 hrs. to play. The second time, in 1987, I had nearly a whole day of “liberty” (off time), so I rented a Jeep and took some buddies on a tour of the […]