Old military brat (Kapena Falls)

Once a great hangout for teens and similar airheads! Jumping feet first into murky, clouded water was very risky. Once parked my car on the Pali shoulder to take a plunge. Gone 20-minutes. Returned to my car that had been broken into. Billfold stolen. Haven’t returned since 1967!!

Mooney Falls, Havasu Falls, Rock Falls AZ

Mooney Falls, Rock Falls, and Havasu Falls were amazing! They’re in the Grand Canyon area and well worth it. Rock Falls you can hike around the back of the falls and dive out or dive 30 feet from the top. The water is crystal clear and warm

A True Odyssey (to a mysterious waterfall)

In the summer of 1989 I was preparing to leave Hawaii after 5 years of service. A CLOSE friend and I took a farewell trip to Kauai. As part of the package I paid for an inclusion that was rather hefty in cost. After an incredible one hour helicopter tour of the entire island we […]

Fallbach (Austria)

The Fallbach waterfall is situated in the beautiful Maltatal valley in Carinthia Southern Austria. Maltatal is known as the valley of the waterfalls and is particularly popular for ice-climbing on the frozen falls in the winter. The Fallbach plunges 200m in freefall over the mountain side. It is easily visible from the road where there […]

Beautiful Falls!! (Proxy Falls)

We have now lived in Oregon for about 18 monthes; and the waterfalls are my favorite. We tried to go through McKenzy Pass in July, and met with a road block on the Sisters side of the road. We were told that it was usually open for about 3 weeks in August. So be sure […]

Not a lyrebird

Hey Johnny, that’s actually a bush turkey. Very common to the area. Lyrebirds tend to be a little more rare

What would cause a mid ocean waterfall?

Been trying to look around for information. Though seems there isn’t any being there is no precedent for it. But under what kind of conditions would have to happen to form a waterfall in the ocean. Can be a few miles from land or middle? Just simply curious about it.

Two spectacular falls (Salt Creek & Lower Diamond)

This is a spectacular fall but I found that diamond falls both the upper and lower views just as spectacular. Diamond falls is a bit of a hike in. I didn’t measure it but it felt like 2 miles. There were several nice view points on the walk in showing the surrounding hills. The book […]

Quite a Hike! (Nojoqui Falls)

We arrived at the park that is near these falls and were told that there is a ten minute walk. But it’s a ten minute walk FROM the ENTRANCE. Actually one could drive up to where the camping areas are and find it quicker. We arrived when the sun was setting. The park closes at […]

Upper and Lower Proxy Falls

We followed the same path you described, except for a scat trail excursion as high up the side of Proxy (Lower Falls) as possible… We did notice the same phenomenon of the pool at the base of the smaller cascades (Upper Falls), though to add that the water in that pool was crystal clear denoting […]

Aug 12, 2011- Trail Canyon Falls still not open

Still not open from the fire 2 years ago…

Train up (Flamsbana) and bike down the mountain!

Our group – three adults – two kids – took the train up and biked down the mountain last week (August 1 2011). We rented bikes – next to the train station – which are loaded on the train with you. Up at Myrtle you get off and bike down 22 kilometers. I have to […]

Falls of Lake Konigssee (Bavaria Germany)

Lake Königssee is a beautiful emerald green glacial lake set in the Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria Southern Germany. There are three notable waterfalls in its vicinity. To see them it is necessary to take a trip on the boats that travel up and down the lake. The first fall is the Königsbach which tumbles […]

Burgess Falls

This photo is from a negative that’s at least 45 years old. I ran across it in my parents’ house. I think it may have been taken in Mexico in 1963, but I’m not sure, and I’ve looked at images of waterfalls there and not seen anything like this. I’d appreciate any information about it. […]

God’s Wonders of the World

I lived in Iceland for 1yr and loved every minute of the day I spent there. The locals that live there are the friendliest people around. They have the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It’s nothing like if you have to go there to see it and feel the power of the water. If […]

Cedar Creek Falls Closed

Cedar Creek is currently closed….Sad really, beautiful falls. This was a tough hike but well worth the reward. ** A teenager died falling from one of the tiers**

Mountaintop Waterfalls

I would like to know how enough water accumulates at the top of a mountaintop to cause a plunging waterfall.

Iguazu Falls in Slow Exposure

Last January I was at Iguazu Falls on both the Argentine side and the Brazilian side. Annoyingly the falls open at something like 10.00am way too late for a photographer. And they close before sunset. I decided to sneakily stay in overnight and get a morning shot from one of the most famous locations. The […]

Bridal Veil Falls

Wow! I lived in Utah until I was almost 25 and had no idea we even had waterfalls. I only recently visited Bridal Veil Falls going up Provo Canyon. I forgot my camera when I visited, but it’s a beautiful falls and I’ll make sure to take a pic and upload it here the next […]

Bridal Veil Falls, Brevard NC, Transylvania County

The lower Bridal Veil Falls was awesome! It was a 2.2 hike one way but easy, just remember to bring some bug spray. The flies ate me up! There were two copperhead snakes and a blue/gray corn snake sunning on the rocks at the bottom of the falls. Climb to the Upper Bridal Veil falls […]