Raven Cliff Falls, Caesar Head South Carolina

I heard this was a strenuous hike. It was! You literally are going through a partial rain forest. It is misty raining half way through the trail. It is a 2.2 mile hike one way. Beautiful and many birds. You hear blue jays, pilleated woodpeckers, quail, chickadees, and some sort of mountain bird which I […]

Koosalli Waterfalls

One fine Sunday I & my friend Ashok started on journey to Koosalli Falls. This falls is near Shiroor (Kundapurtq). Both of us didn’t know the way. I had a news paper cutting which contained an article written by Dinesh Holla & had some guidelines from my friend. All the information reveals is that the […]

Niagara Falls – It Depends on your Environment Preference

I just came back from Niagara Falls, and my conclusion is the general one. Yes, each side has it’s benefits that makes it just as good as the other side. Instead of comparing the view of the Falls however, I compared what one’s personal preference of environment around the Falls is. If you are a […]

Transylvania County, Brevard, NC

These three waterfalls you can get to by parking in the Hooker Falls parking lot. The Hooker Falls is so offset that you can get behind the fall and sit down! All three of these waterfalls you can swim at the pool in the bottom. The High Falls is over 300 ft. This is a […]

Bradley Falls Creek , Brevard, NC Transylvania County

These waterfalls are on private property. You can stay at their Bed and Breakfast and Lodge. Bradley Falls Creek Inn. I have affectionately named them lower, middle, upper falls. Enjoy. In a week, you can see a video of these falls on my blog…google doing the right thing Bradley Falls Creek Inn. I’m happy to […]

Translvania County, Brevard, NC continued

The Eastatoee is on private property and Craig Miller can give you a personal tour. The Twin Falls was formerly private property owned by Bud Hinkle which has just been bought by a Conservation Group. You now can go but you need a guide to get you back there. This waterfall is called Twin Falls […]

More Waterfalls from Brevard NC, Transylvania County

Again I’m still amazed that I get to be the first one ever to share these with you. I’m uploading the ten waterfalls I saw today. Craig Miller will give you a personal tour of privately owned waterfalls. One of the 276 in one single county. I’m so happy to recommend him… Please mention that […]

Spectacular Waterfall this time of year…

Drove into Yosemite and passed this waterfall along the way…due to the large amount of snowfall this year, this waterfall was an absolute beauty to see.

Why Not Jog Falls?

Jog Falls situated in southern part of India is certainly one of the beautiful and highest waterfalls.

Wallaman Falls, August 2010

We visited Wallaman Falls as part of our around-Australia trip in 2010. Definitely worth the visit, and it was also a nice place for an overnight camp. My video shows the road in as well as giving you a good idea of what the walk down to the bottom is like. We didn’t have any […]

Beauchamp Falls September 2010

We visited Beauchamp Falls in September 2010. Our original goal was Hopetoun Falls but somehow we missed that and ended up here instead! A long walk in the rain, but certainly worth the effort and I got one of my favourite photos here.

Is there a waterfall that you can camp by and swim in?

I’m looking for a romantic vacation where there is a waterfall that you can camp out by and swim in. either in the U.S. or North America or even a island like Costa Rica…

I am looking for the name of this movie (please help if you know it)

The movie was either from the 1960s or 1970s. I watched it on regular TV in the mid 1970s. The waterfall seen is in the end where a couple drink from the waterfall and begin to age from young adults to seniors. The movie was a fairytale/sci-fi movie about a young man who meets an […]

Looking Glass Waterfall Pisgah National Forest

I’m so excited to introduce those of you who read this website to Transylvania County, Brevard NC home to 260 waterfalls! I can’t believe nobody has posted any. I’m listing the most popular one and will load the pdf of the brochure of some of the others. Enjoy. I know TLC sings a song, Don’t […]

What is meant by ‘number of drops’ of the waterfall?

I’ve seen Victoria Falls with a classification of 1 as its number of drops, and Angels with that of 47; what does it mean?

Eaton Fall – Taller than 30 feet

Hi, I am certain that Eaton Fall is at least 50 feet based on my personal experience; and the guy who wrote “Trails of the Angeles” says it is 60 feet, I believe. Additionally, there are many more falls above Eaton Fall. (I have included two pictures of the first one above it.) There were […]

My dog and I love the hike and the falls (Cedar Creek Falls)

Rocky (black lab mix) and I hike 3-6 miles per day in the Ramona area. We hiked down the new trail to the falls from the Ramona side on Friday, June 10, 2011. We started about 4:30 p.m. bringing enough water for both of us (a hydration pack for me, a 24 oz. bottle for […]

I like this web site

I was surprised that there are people who love waterfalls that much. I also love waterfalls, and enjoy them. I visited a lot of water falls around the world (Europe, USA, Asia), and since I’m from a desert country I miss the green and blue colors which I can see in the green or forests […]

Heart Rock Falls – Great Waterfall – Alt. shorter trail

This waterfall is small. It’s not even worth visiting if it’s not for the perfect heart shape depression. The direction is pretty clear however you can drive on the paved road until its very end. There is more parking space and it saves you about 1/4-mile if you are lazy to hike. Park where you […]

Less Known Beautiful Waterfall from India

Hi, Nice Collection of waterfalls… All of them are different and beautiful.. I like the description you have given with the waterfalls… Kindly look at these beautiful waterfall in India, its near to my place and are less known waterfall. Kindly provide feedback for the same Hope you add them in your further list… great […]