Steelhead Falls

Steelhead Falls is on the Deschutes River. The falls make a big horseshoe with a large pool below the falls. 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment

falls at Pandora

This little waterfall can be seen from the roadway between Telluride and Pandora. It is on private property. Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest waterfall in the state, and Ingram Falls, can also be viewed from this location. Ingram Falls can also be seen from Telluride. Cornet Creek Falls is also in the area north of […]

ephemeral falls north of Ft. Defiance

This waterfall was seen looking east from the highway north of Ft. Defiance during a rainstorm with the roadway temporarily closed for a few minutes as the arroyo was flooding. The location is on tribal land of the Dine. That area covers more than the size of the State of Pennsylvania; the waterfall was seen […]

Lone Pine Creek Falls

Lone Pine Creek Falls is at the trailhead to Mt. Whitney west of the town of Lone Pine. 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment

Cornet Creek Falls

Cornet Creek Falls is a short hike from the north side of town of Telluride. The falls also can be viewed from the gondola ride to Mountain Village. 1 CommentOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment

Billy Chinook Falls

Billy Chinook Falls can be viewed a short drive from the campground above Billy Chinook Reservoir on the roadway west to the reservoir. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment

Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls is about a thirteen mile drive west of Bend. There is a parking area close by the trailhead and viewing area. Take a short hike to the base of the falls or the other trail beginning at the viewing area to the top of the falls. When the water flow is great enough, […]

Baileys Chute

The Clearwater River features many wide waterfalls, and Baileys Chute is probably the most accessible out of all of them. It is around 30 feet high, so the drop itself isn’t too impressive. However, the Clearwater River is a major river and so any waterfall along its journey towards the Fraser River will be quite […]

Nice story and photos of our Independence Trail

Very nice story and photos of the Independence Trail and Rush Creek Falls. Unfortunately, Flume 28 was completely destroyed in the Jones Fire in August of 2018. I was very disappointed to find that out, as I have lived in the area for over 50 years and enjoyed many hikes on the Independence Trail. I […]

Numa Falls

Numa Falls, located in Kootenay National Park, is a small waterfall with little height; luckily the Kootenay River is a powerful watercourse with a beautiful aquamarine colour so it has scenic appeal. The gorge it has carved is also pretty intriguing. The walk to the falls is negligible; this is practically a roadside waterfall. You […]

Marble Canyon Falls

The Canadian Rocky Mountains are known for their slot canyons, and we had visited Johnston Canyon and Maligne Canyon on past trips to the Rockies. However, on our 2022 trip, we were really impressed by what Marble Canyon of Kootenay National Park had to offer. The trail is far less busy, and features a lot […]

Englishman River Falls

This waterfall is one of the more peculiar falls to be found in British Columbia. Englishman River Falls plunges in segments into a very narrow gorge. It is pretty difficult to gauge the height of the falls due to the positioning of the waterfall, but it’s definitely fairly tall. This falls is found in Englishman […]

Elk Falls

I first noticed Elk Falls in a tourist brochure for the city of Campbell River. Ever since, my family and I have made it a point to stop by the falls every time we visit the area. Elk Falls is a spectacular river waterfall that plunges 25 metres into a steep gorge. It can be […]

Bijoux Falls

Bijoux Falls is a roadside waterfall along Highway 97, accessible through what has to be one of BC’s tiniest provincial parks. The park doubles as a rest stop and picnic site. The word “bijou” means jewel in French. The waterfall appears to be two-tiered, or at least that’s what’s visible of it. Wikipedia makes the […]

Osprey Falls

Osprey Falls has to be one of the more bizarre waterfalls in British Columbia. At only 15 feet, it’s certainly one of the shortest waterfalls in Wells Gray Park. But it also happens to be over 1000 feet wide, on the Clearwater River. I only had the chance to view the falls from the campground. […]

Nairn Falls

Nairn Falls is the final roadside waterfall on the Sea to Sky Highway from North Vancouver to Pemberton, and it has a character unlike any other waterfall along the journey. The fall is about 36 metres tall. This waterfall primarily falls in two tiers, with some smaller cascades. Because the end viewpoint gives you in-your-face […]

Canim Falls

Canim Falls is quite an impressive waterfall. Here, a branch from the Canim River (which originates from Canim Lake) plunges around 23 metres. Under decent conditions, there will usually be two separate falls at different angles, which adds to the scenic factor. When there’s heavy rain, Canim Falls can become one of the most stunning […]


I really enjoyed reading your story about your trip to Russian Gulch waterfall. I grew up in Mendocino and believe it or not I didn’t even know this waterfall existed until I was about 42 and had gone back to Mendocino as a visitor and overheard someone talking about this waterfall. WOW!! I also took […]


In case your readers don’t know, Glen = Valley; Ben = Mountain Loch = Lake. 0 CommentsOnly logged in users can post a comment (login at topright corner of your screen) Please login or sign up to comment

Hard Hill Falls

Hard Hill Falls is a 12 foot high waterfall on Mill Creek in the Ozark National Forest, Arkansas. It has a beautiful pool water at the base which typically is 30 feet by 60 feet. It has a con-coved bluff shelter under the drop that surrounds three sides of the pool. 20 feet above the […]