Wigmore’s Waterfall after moderate walk

Take the circle bus from downtown Rarotonga and get off near the waterfall. Walk up the road to the interior and it is a modest sized waterfall where visitors can swim below it. We have seen horses walking on this road and banana fields. If humid weather, can be lots of mosquitos. Worth the visit.

Tuross Falls in better flow

I had visited the area in 2003 only to find the river was almost dry. Yesterday, 16 Jan 2011, there was plenty of water flowing through the cascades and over the falls.


There are many waterfalls in Nepal. I’m shocked that none them are mentioned here. There are more than 2 waterfalls measuring more than 800m and one more than 900m. If you include them, then your collection would be a complete collection of world tallest waterfalls.

Vettisfossen Cairn

Hello there, Have been admiring your site and the huge amount of waterfalls you and your wife have managed to tick off around the globe – very impressive, well done guys. My wife (Karen) and I enjoy getting our feet wet too and enjoyed many happy times in Yosemite a couple of years back. Last […]

Barron Falls

Photo taken March 2000

Forest Falls

How come Forest Falls wasn’t included? While it is seasonal, it is very easy to view. You take Highway 38 out of Redlands. 15 miles past Redlands the highway makes a sharp left – at that point there is a road that goes straight back to Forest Home, a small community of homes and religious […]

Stopping for Cleve Garth Falls

I am a bus driver on the Wilmot Pass Road and I always stop to let people get a photo of this waterfall.

Sol Duc Falls – Olympic National Park

After a short hike, I reached Sol Duc Falls in the heart of the Olympic National Park. It was the second week in July, and the weather was nice and sunny. Had it not been sunny, my picture would have been quite different. As it is, it has lots of highlights where the sun shown […]

Fitzroy Falls

There is a place southwest of Sydney called Southern Highlands. In Southern Highlands there is a famous waterfall called Fitzroy Falls. Fitzroy Falls is 81 metres high. It is surrounded by a valley. The falls fall onto some rocks and form a river that flows into the valley. You can view the falls from many […]

Rerekawau Falls

Went there with my teenagers and their friends recently. Amazing place. The lower falls pool is really deep. One of the boys jumped from the top, it was amazing. Recommend a visit

Visiting Waterfalls in Rochester

The Iroquois name for the Rochester area is Cas-con-sha-gon, meaning river with falls upon it.” The Genesee River has three waterfalls in Rochester as the river plunges over the Niagara escarpment. (There are four waterfalls if you count the Court Street dam.) Several more waterfalls were formed when streams entered the river gorge. There are […]

Coal Creek Falls, Runanga, Greymouth

Driving: About 8kms from Greymouth, including 7kms on SH6. Walking: About 1 hour return. Easy. Getting there: From Greymouth follow SH6 northwards to Runanga. Turn off into Seddon Street, and follow the signs to the end of Ballance Street, via Fraser Street. The parking area is at the and of Ballance Street. The path to […]

Rebounding Fall in Haast Pass

In March 2004 we were going from Wanaka towards Haast and stopped to visit the Blue Pools which were more of a muddy green at that time of the year. I was impressed by the number of small cairns built by previous visitors on a shingle bank in the river bed. As we climbed the […]

Pauanui Falls

Driving difficulty: Easy on sealed road. Walking difficulty: Easy 40 minute return walk. Hazards: The grass growing at the side of the path near the fall is sharp edged. It cut my hand when I brushed against it. Location: From SH25 on the eastern Coromandel take the Hikuai Settlement Road towards Pauanui. Continue past the […]

Pokaiwhenua Falls and Okoroire Falls

Driving: About 36km from Matamata. Walking: Falls are adjacent to picnic/parking area. These are not major falls in either height or volume of flow, but they are accessible. Getting there: From Matamata take SH27 southwards to Tirau. At Tirau turn left onto SH1 to Putaruru. At Putaruru turn right into Arapuni road. The falls and […]

Wairua Falls

Driving distance from Whangarei about 34kms on sealed roads. Walking distance minimal. Lookout at car park. These falls are to the west of Whangerei, North Island. We visited them back in April 2006, and with beginners luck found them with a reasonable flow. I have since read that a local hydro station diverts all of […]

Rere Falls

Driving time about 45 minutes (50km) from Gisborne. Walking time about 5 minutes. Rere Falls are in North Island, to the west of Gisborne and to the south of SH2. Joyce and visited these falls towards the end of March 2010. From Gisborne take SH2 towards Wairoa. At the Waipoa Bridge roundabout turn right onto […]

Braeburn Falls

Return walking time 1.5 to 2 hours. Walking Track This pretty fall is located in the Nelson Lakes Region of South Island. To get there turn off SH6 at Gowan Bridge and follow the sealed road to the small hamlet of Rotoroa. At Rotoroa turn right onto Braeburn Track. After perhaps 0.5km there is a […]

Cedar Creek Falls Jan 2008

Hi, my name is Phil and I just wanted to share a photo of Cedar Creek Falls in full flow. Had you been there a few months earlier you would have seen it too. We had been staying in Proserpine for about 9 months. I lived full time traveling with my family in a motor […]

Holy Jim Falls – Solid Hike

Went up yesterday 12/10/2010…the drive in is 5 miles…actually the hike is 40 minutes to falls and very pleasant..