Holy Jim Falls – Solid Hike

Went up yesterday 12/10/2010…the drive in is 5 miles…actually the hike is 40 minutes to falls and very pleasant..

Toorongo Falls

Thank you Johnny & Julie for such a beautiful website!! Here are some pics of the waterfall as it was on 21 November 2010. My partner and I visited these falls on Sunday 21 November 2010 (last weekend), and they were magnificent. The writer is correct that the drought had an impact in the photos […]

Bridalveil Fall – 1957

I was 15 and fell in love with Yosemite. Bridal Veil Falls was my first waterfall. I was so enthralled I left my new Brownie Kodak sitting on a rock when I left. I have been back many times since, and have camped at the top. Walked from Glacier point to Happy Isles with my […]

Sailor Falls – Photography Excursion, August 2010

A couple of friends and I stopped off at Sailor Falls on the way home from a photo excursion in the Bendigo area in August 2010. Recent rains meant the falls flowed nicely. Although it was too hazy and sunny to get decent shots, I did snap this one.

Fur seals at Ohau falls confirmed

I have copied a web address below as proof the fur seal pups do visit the pools at the base of Ohau falls. I was surfing the net and came across this site with images showing the pups at the falls. I intend to go and visit Ohau Falls myself and hopefully get some great […]

Strath Falls recovery following 2009 fires

Strath Falls was severely burnt during the 2009 fires in Victoria. Almost 2 years on, and after a year of almost record rain, the falls are recovering well.

The most awesome place I have ever been!

I visited Iguazu Falls the first time back in 1978. I stayed in a hostel that was just outside the park where international travelers stayed – no electricity and no plumbing in the rooms. The falls were so fantastic that I went back another three times, staying at the same hostel. The natural beauty is […]

The Mission

The story in the movie The Mission takes place in the region of Iguacu Falls which border on Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The beginning of the movie shows close-ups of the falls, which were touted by President Teddy Roosevelt to be the 8th Natural Wonder of the World…My favorite place to visit!

Great Hike (Marble Falls)

I went with a group of young boy scouts on this hike in mid-November. It was a cool dry day, so the hike was much easier than expected. Not as steep as anticipated either. But, 3.9 miles each way left me sore for the next couple of days. The river was much lower than shown […]

Snug Falls, 2009.

My girlfriend and I visited Snug in October of last year. It was a bit of a hike up through muddy and uneven ground, and it rained a lot. Keeping that much water off a 10mm super wide lens with a 77mm filter diameter is tricky at best. Lovely spot though, would highly recommend.

Malibu Grotto (“The Grotto Falls”)

Small falls but a great hike with lots of Malibu mountain scenery and tons of boulder hopping. I think this made the hike. The hike is all downhill so be aware that you will be going back up when it is time to leave. The trail seems to stop at boulders, but if you take […]

CMarie (Escondido Falls)

This hike is AMAZING! I was happy going through this trail with a few friends as it was quite pretty. The road up is a long one and there were a few small stream crossings. It is dog friendly so that was nice because we had a small dog with us. We mainly hike trails […]

Niagara Falls Canada

Peak numbers of visitors occur in the summertime, when Niagara Falls are both a daytime and evening attraction. The oldest and best known tourist attraction at Niagara Falls is the Maid of the Mist boat cruise, named for an ancient Ongiara Indian mythical character, which has carried passengers into the rapids immediately below the Falls […]

Almost to Moul Falls

We went almost all the way to the falls, but after the small cascade it seemed like nothing more would be happening. That was a mistake!

Not Much Better in Early August (Hamilton Falls)

I was there in early August a few years ago. Not much better then. But a hike in the bush is always nice.

Death Valley National Park

I along with my family have been to Death Valley National Park in Summer. It was too hot that time and completely dry. We didn’t find any waterfall over there. I guess we missed out on the beautiful scene and well as your toad floating in ponds (kidding). Apart from this scenery we managed to […]

Amazing waterfall

Angel Falls is one of the most extreme places which is worth to seeing. Having been there with my friends, we were mesmerized with its beauty! It was like dreaming. My friends & I were so much involved in the beauty that we didn’t speak for hours. It was an unforgettable and breathtaking experience.

Yes, Seals Do Frequent Ohau Falls

Joyce and I first visited Ohau Falls late in March 2008, after reading about them in Anna & Andrew Jameson’s book “Accessible Walks”. After passing under the railway viaduct, we heard some splashes and saw seal pups moving towards the sea. A little way further along the track we met a NZ couple taking movies […]

Waihi Falls: Access Update March 2010

Joyce and I approached this waterfall from the south via Masterton, where we had camped after a rough crossing from South Island,(other passengers were using the paper bags). I remember Johnny & Julie had a similar crossing a few months earlier. While driving from Masterton we passed through a lot of sheep country, but while […]

Mt Damper Falls: Strange Creature and Changes..

Joyce and I first visited this waterfall in early March 2006. It was a showery day and we were about to return to our transport when we experienced an extreme shower. It felt like we had got too close to the falls! We used the little shelter provided by the tree ferns at the top […]