Wentworth Falls: Access Update April 2010

My wife Joyce and I visited this waterfall on 7th April 2010. Do not be be deterred by Johnny’s mention and pictures of stream crossings. The track has been upgraded since his visit. It is to DOC’s walking path standard throughout. All stream crossings are either avoided or bridged. This was good as we are […]

Trail Canyon Falls – 10/30/2010 Couldn’t get to it

We tried driving up from Big Tujunga Drive, but Trail Canyon is still closed from fire damage. Where Big Tujunga meets Angeles Forest Rd., you can only go north — Angeles Forest Rd. in the direction of Pasadena is still closed. By Aliso Park (more north on Angeles Forest Rd.) the Pacific Crest Trail is […]

Three Sisters Waterfall – San Diego, CA

I was so surprised not to see the Three Sisters Waterfall in Descanso, CA (San Diego County) on your list & then remembered it’s a fairly well kept secret. The falls are in the middle of the Cleveland National Forest down 12 miles of dirt road. (Exact directions are easy enough to find online.) But […]

Sheoak Falls Aug 2010

Sheoak Falls at moderate flow

Hopkins Falls at full flow

We visited this falls in August 2010. The recent wet weather had the falls at a very high flow, and the spectacle was bringing in many of the locals to come and gawk at the sight. The park was full, and visitors were parking along the main road outside the park to get a look. […]

Nigretta Falls at full flow

Visited in August 2010, and Nigretta Falls was flowing very well – some of the trees at the base were submerged in the river.

Wannon Falls High Flow

In August 2010, Wannon Falls was flowing very well, creating quite an impressive sight.

The Wet Season (Sailors Falls)

I visited Sailors Falls in August 2010, during a seasonal wet pattern. Both sides were flowing, with the western drop in a segmented form.

Ingalalla Falls

I have recently found a passion for photography, so I have been touring around South Australia with my wife, practicing away and came across these Ingalalla Falls. We went not long after a small amount of rain had fallen, maybe a day before, and it was mid winter. So attached are a couple of pics […]

Rearguard Falls, August 2010

I was at Rearguard Falls as a tourist in August 2010. I stumbled into rafters who told me I could not go down the path they were on, to the base of the falls, but they did pose for a picture. I also saw someone canoe-ing at the base of the falls. The falls were […]

Iguazu Falls – Exceeds Expectations

I visited Iguazu Falls in 2003 and, based upon what I had read and what I had been told, I had high expectations for the falls. That said, after getting off of the bus, while I was walking to the falls, I heard a tremendous roar of the water. I got chills, the roar of […]

Paradise on earth

I have been to this place along with my parents on 19 Sep 10. I have never seen such a beautiful and cool place any where. I had been at J&K, Himachal and Ooty, but it is exceptionally different from others. The local population is as cool as the environment. A little government attention needed […]

Do waterfalls go up instead of down sometimes?

Do waterfalls sometimes go up instead of down?


I slipped and fell from Grizzly Falls 34 years ago. I have been a quadriplegic since. Please, use caution when visiting. Don’t do something stupid.

Ingalalla Falls

Some friends and I visited the waterfall in September 2010 after a lot of rain and it was flowing beautifully. The scenery was green and lush…it was a lovely visit. Khristina

Milford track guide

This is the most beautiful spot I ever had. It has very unique features in it such as the flora and the fauna, bird life, mountains, rivers etc. High precaution must be taken as it is said that precaution is better than cure. Visiting Milford Track, Routeburn Track, Kepler Track, Greenstone Track, Capels Track, Heaphy […]

What waterfalls allow you to walk or climb behind them?

I’ve heard of only a handful of these, such as Dry Falls in Georgia, but I know you would have much more experience in the matter. My husband and I also love waterfalls, and we hope to find several, particularly in North America, that we can climb behind for a unique vantage point.

Dynkur is really worth a visit…

…but I never drove such a road before!! No doubt, it´s a thrilling experience to go there and not to know if you ever return back!! Pure Adrenaline! TOP 🙂 Thank you Johnny for your excellent descriptions and your hints!

Stalheimsfossen – Thanks

I took a picture from Stalheim Hotel’s terrace when I was 11 and it looks identical to yours. I didn’t actually remember where in Norway I took it as we went to so many places but i was trying to find out in case I wanted to revisit one day! So thanks for that!

Burney Falls – Burney, California

Hello Glad to know there are waterfall lovers like myself. I am enjoying the website. I thought I would post to you a picture of a waterfall in California that is northwest of Tahoe. It is called Burney Falls. I did not see it on the web site and thought I would give you the […]