Iguacu is the best!

I’ve seen Iguacu, and the land of New Zealand and Norway… two countries full of amazing waterfalls!! But there is another country not in your site, really intresting for waterfalls…. South Africa!!

My Top Ten

Here are my top ten waterfalls of the world: 1. Havasu Falls, USA 2. Plitvice, Croatia 3. Godafoss, Iceland 4. Purakaunui Falls, New Zealand 5. Lätefoss, Norway 6. Gullfoss, Iceland 7. Mooney Falls, USA 8. Skogafoss, Iceland 9. Hraunfossar, Iceland 10. Bowen Falls, New Zealand I`ve visited Nr. 3 to 6 and 8 to 10. […]

Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

There are two distinct falls here, on the Tahquamenon River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Lower Falls are a series of rapids which drop maybe ten feet. The Upper Falls take a 50-foot drop and are almost 200ft wide. It’s said to be the second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi River. There is a […]

Cedar Creek Falls Blu3Fish

Very nice swimming hole and falls. We hiked there in Spring of ’09 and the water was flowing (don’t remember month sorry). If you are up for the rocky scramble, the top of the falls was quite amazing also. You can actually get in the water (3-4 feet deep) and lay/float with your head looking […]

The Sacred El Salto Falls

On the border of Carlsbad and Oceanside, in north San Diego county, lies an ancient sacred place called the El Salto Falls. The Buena Creek valley once used by local tribes for spiritual ceremonies is now cement recycling factory, a shopping center and potentially 500 residential units. Nestled in between it all, literally at the […]

Is there a waterfall in Hawaii that sometimes flows up instead of flowing down?

My daughter got a book full of weird but true facts. She was reading it to me one night and it said that in Hawaii there’s a waterfall that sometimes flowed up instead of flowing down. I really want to get this checked. Anything helps!!!!!!

Waterfalls South Africa (Berlin Falls)

Berlin Falls are part of the waterfall route in Mpumalanga. A clear mountain river breaks down on solid rock and plunges in a wonderful green lake.

Lisbon Falls, South Africa Waterfalls

Lisbon Falls are part of the waterfall route in Mpumalanga. They were named after the originating city of the pioneers that discovered them.

Horse Shoe Falls, South Africa Waterfalls

The Horse Shoe Falls are in the middle of a forest near Sabie, Mpumalanga It is part of the waterfall route.

Lone Creek Falls, South Africa Waterfalls

Lone Creek Falls are part of the waterfall route in the area of Sabie, Mpumalanga.

Bridal Veil Falls, South Africa Waterfalls

South Africa has some very beautiful waterfalls. The Mpumalanga province has even a real waterfall route. During a one day trip I enjoyed the wonderful Bridal Veil Falls, the Mac Mac falls, Lone Creek Falls, Horseshoe falls, Lisbon falls and Berlin Falls. Still I would like to see the Tugela Falls, of which it is […]

Florence Falls

Was there in July 2009. Went to Florence Falls with the Litchfield Dreams tour. This was one of our stops. It is a beautiful place and it my own little piece of heaven. We swam across and sat under the waterfall. Great stop to cool off during the hot Aussie weather. Don’t miss it, once […]

Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls is my number one, located near Ithica NY. It is the highest falls in the Eastern U.S. I spent 3 years at Seneca Army Depot in the Fingerlakes region of Ny. That is where God put the best falls in the world. Watkins Glen Gorge is another must see.

Gorgeous (Elowah Falls)

One of the most rewarding shorter/easier hikes that I’ve done. It’s definitely worth the very short patches of barely steep inclines. There is a path less traveled, however it makes for an amazing hike when you happen to visit this extraordinary beauty… A bit more of a strenuous hike toward the top but this little […]

Anse-La-Raye & St. Lucia robbed at gun point on april 29.2010 carnival victory cruise lines shore excursion…bike and hike.

April 29.2010. Our group of 14 went to Anse-La-Raye water falls on a carnival victory shore excursion and 4 members were robbed at gun point by two masked men. Will not ever go back to the island of St. Lucia. Please take precaution..Not a joke…The un-employment on the island is over 35% ..Not a safe […]

Angel Falls

I was there in July 2009 – definitely one of the highlights of my life. If I may say something controversial, I have been at the Tugela Falls in South Africa a couple of times, and I think they might be higher than Angel Falls …

I was there in 1995

Since the devastating flood in 1997, I’m afraid to see what’s left of the beautiful Havasupai waterfall. Such a shame.

I Love This Place – Heart Rock Falls

I lived in VOE for 10 years and I hiked to Heart Rock every chance I got. It’s a great place to catch up with yourself and my son loved it as well. I would love to live there again and enjoy Heart Rock Falls.

Maungaharakeikei Falls, North Island, New Zealand

The little known Maungaharakeikei Falls (pronounced Mong-ah-hah-rah-kay-kay)are probably the North Island of New Zealand’s least known major falls and yet it is clearly seen from a minor State Highway, if one knows where to look. Touted as the 2nd longest drop falls in the N.I. at approx. 100m, the falls discharge from the steep face […]

I really liked these falls! (Ortega Falls)

I’m 15 years old and I went to these falls with my best friend and my 4 younger siblings and my dad. It was a ton of fun! Be warned, the hike we took to get there was crazy! My little brother was terrified he was going to die. We finally got to what we […]