Not Worth The Effort

Took my 2 dogs to this fall on 5/15/10. Would advise others against taking their dogs on this hike. The climb down to the falls through the brush is too steep and slippery for dogs and one of my dogs slipped and hurt her hip. Also my husband got a deep cut from a branch […]

Forest Falls , CA

We took a long hike up to Forest Falls yesterday for the first time and loved it ! The falls are flowing well and the stream below is low enough to cross to see it. Be prepared to get wet !

Most Amazing Waterfall! Iguazu Falls

I visited Iguazu Falls in February 2010 for two days staying at the Sheraton Hotel in the Park on the Argentina side. Two days was not long enough as I did not make it to the Brazil side. We took a boat trip into the bottom of the falls thinking that it would be like […]

Waterfalls of Hamilton Spring – Waterfall Capital of the World

If a person does a Google search on the Internet with the words “Waterfall Capital of the World”, it will come up with “Hamilton – the Waterfall Capital of the World”. Why is this? Well, the Niagara Escarpment (which is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve) runs through the entire length of Hamilton and every creek, […]

Winter Gullfoss

I love your Gullfoss pictures, they look so different from when I visited this waterfall in November. An immense icy waterfall surrounded by snow and more ice. Absolutely stunning.

A natural wonder

Our first trip to an actual waterfall. This was better than we expected. It is a challenging hike for beginners but so worth it. Definitely recommend it to everyone. Unlike other reviews, we did not find any trash nor graffiti. Pictures do not do justice to the beauty. Go and see for yourself!!

Skoga River and Plitvice Waterfalls

Skoga River Waterfalls – Iceland. There are more than two dozen waterfalls along the Skoga River in Iceland, some over 30 meters tall. Very few of the waterfalls along this river, with the exception of one or two, have names, but they don’t need names to make their presence known as they clamor together in […]

Hopetoun Falls

Hopetoun Falls: After winter would be the best time to capture this beauty through the camera lens. I liked the volume of water flow during this period. A moderate walk for about 15 mins should take you to the base of the waterfall.

Mungare malle ( Kannada movie)

The Kannada movie “Mungare Male” or “The Monsoon Rain” has extremely beautiful angles of the famous “Jog Falls” in Shimoga district. It is the highest waterfall in India and the photography (esp the shots atop the waterfall are taken) is exquisite! Pls do watch the waterfall portion – Its okay if you don’t follow the […]

“Hunted” final scenes

The Movie “Hunted” uses Willamette Falls in one scene – a very wide, medium height falls. However, in a later scene, Tomme Lee Jones Falls off of a cliff and is hanging by a rope over a very powerful, wide and high waterfall in a very wooded area that doesn’t look like Willamette Falls. I […]

1999 Visit

We visited the falls in 1999 traveling from Sao Paulo to Foz du Iguazu. I can’t wait to return since it was beyond amazing!!! Our trip was cut short due to flooding in Sao Paulo which delayed our flight 10 hours and took a day of sightseeing from us . . . but we made […]

Proposal at Niagara Falls

I proposed to my partner while on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara. We are civil partners from England. He said yes and the rest is history. It will always have a special place in our hearts.

Emerald Falls (Tar Creek Falls), Fillmore, CA

Here is what I can only assume is called “Emerald Falls” just north of Filmore in Southern California. (In Los Padres National Forest) I think it is hands down the most impressive waterfall in all of Southern California yet its not on your list. -Matthias-

Mooney Falls, Arizona was our Favorite

We hiked to Havasu Canyon last week. The entire trip was full of stunning scenery, but Mooney Falls was our favorite. One has to work a bit harder for Mooney Falls. It is 3-4 miles from the village. The climb to the base of the falls is challenging, but doable for a couple in our […]

Havasu Falls, Arizona No Longer has Divided Flow

I’m not sure whether this is influenced by the water level or the flash flood in 2008. When we visited Havasu Falls last week, there was a single plume of water surging over the crest. As stunning as this waterfall is, we thought Mooney Falls (a mile or so down stream) was even more impressive.

Two New Falls replace Navajo Falls in Havasu Canyon

We hiked down into Havasu Canyon last week. You can see the travertine formations where Navajo Falls used to flow. You can also find other travertine formations where older waterfalls once flowed. This is a very dynamic place. A local news report claims there have been 14 significant flash floods in the past century. Each […]

Beedelup Falls

Aside from the attractive waterfall, Beedelup Falls has great boardwalks, a radio broadcast, a suspension bridge and decent walkways. One of the more developed national parks, a bit of money has obviously been spent on jazzing it up a bit. Well and truly worth a visit, just to see what can be done. Also quite […]

Coomera Loop, Bahnamboola Falls

The falls are of all different types. There are small falls such as this one.

Coomera Loop, Coomera Falls

As you may have read elsewhere, to do this loop you need to go to Binna Burra Lodge in Lamington National Park. From here it’s a 1.9km walk to the actual loop itself (16kms). For the first few kilometres there’s some lovely rainforest and then you reach Coomera Falls. From here on for the next […]

Lost Memory

Hi, Can anyone help me? I’m looking to identify a waterfall. I have a pic of me but I don’t remember when or where I was when it was taken. If you can help, thanks everyone