Pelverata Falls in Trouble

They are beautiful but Gunns want to log and clearfell around the falls and over the track – STOP THEM

Gloucester River

The Gloucester River tumbles in a series of waterfalls from the Gloucester Tops into a very wild gorge. Apparently there is a much bigger fall downstream of this one that takes plenty bravery to reach.

Rocky Creek Falls

Rocky Creek Falls are the tallest and biggest in Coolah Tops but you have to not be scared of heights to get the money shot of them. They are an impressive sight after heavy rain.

Cox’s Creek Falls

Cox’s Creek Falls are hard to photograph requiring a scramble down into a very muddy and slippery ravine to get a photo that only shows part of the falls. It’s worth the effort, though you have to be keen.

Norfolk Falls

This photo of Norfolk Falls, Coolah Tops National Park, was taken after heavy rain. Taken from the same vantage point as the photo previously posted it is interesting in comparison and shows the rewards of getting out battling humidity and mud to get some good shots.

Shine Falls

We visited this waterfall located between Napier and Wairoa in the holiday break between Christmas and New Year. It is a fantastic sight and well worth the two hour return walk to see it. The walk to the falls is through Department of Conservation land which they have fenced off to try and protected the […]

Kaaterskill Falls.

The nicest waterfall I know in NYS is Kaaterskill falls in Ulster County in the Catskills. It’s a two tiered waterfall with the upper falls 175 feet and the lower falls 85 feet. It’s at the end of a short (maybe 1/4 mile) trail just off state highway 23A. It’s very pretty, not too heavily […]

Plitvice Waterfalls and Lakes

Plitvice National Park beats at least half of these listed above for its beauty! Hundreds of waterfalls come down 16 amazing lakes. This seems to be a list of World’s biggest waterfalls and not prettiest.

Round Waterfall

I am looking for a photo of a real waterfall that is completely round like a circle with the pool in the middle. Have you seen one like this? Luisa

Cadena de Cascadas El Chiflon

El Chiflon es una cadena de cascadas ubicadas en el municio de Tzimol, estado de Chiapas. La mas alta de todas es La Cascada Velo de Novia con 70 MES aprox. En la folografia siguiente podemos oservar el conjunto de cascadas que juntas tiene una altura aproximada de 350 metros. No visibles en esta fotografia, […]

Kaieteur Falls

Definitely Kaieteur Falls in Guyana. The Kaieteur Falls is the tallest sheer drop waterfalls in the world. No doubt about it. Have visited Angel Falls, but it flows in steps. Kaieteur Falls is definitely more impressive for its volume.

Why do many wide waterfalls have a horseshoe shape?

I’ve noticed that the rim of many wide powerful waterfalls seem to have a horseshoe shape across their widths. Why is that?

The Legend Behind the Heart (Heart Rock Falls)

Growing up in Valley of Enchantment, one of the legends you must know about is actually how the heart came to be. It has been said that an Indian princess was told by her father that she could not be with the man she loved because he was not of her tribe. Her tears melted […]

Thank You (Unchalli Falls)

I’ve just gone through your web page and blog. You did a wonderful job! Of course waterfalls are the most charming thing on earth for me also. I have visited Unchalli falls since I was a child. Still whenever possible, I visit Unchalli falls. I have visited about 30 waterfalls of Western Ghats of India. […]

It’s still there, just seasonal (Curly Creek Falls)

I’ve seen it in November twice, and it definitely flows during the winter rainy season. Apparently there’s a sinkhole (old lava tube) upstream that diverts the entire dry season flow of Curly Creek before it reaches the falls.

Pepina Falls, Palmerston Hwy, Nov 2009

Just returned to USA after a week in Australia. Used your waterfall listings and maps to make a nice day driving tour. We loved the Palmerston Hwy drive. We saw some wild peacocks on the side of the road too. I notice your location for Pepina Falls is not quite right. Yours matches the one […]

Mountain Apples

I was stationed at Schofield Barracks from 1980-1983. I was introduced to Sacred Falls by some locals at my church. My fondest memory was climbing the hillsides on the trail to Sacred Falls. The Mountain Apples ripe. I’ve never seen anything like them before or since. They tasted like an apple but have the consistency […]

Norway Family

When my father was alive, his family in Norway contacted him, stating that he had a lot of family there. His father came to the states at age 17 by himself and changed his last name. So when they contacted my father, they asked, “why do you go by the name Olson when your last […]

The Most Amazing Thing (Iguassu Falls)

I was there when I was 17… and it was the most amazing thing I`ve ever seen in this world!!!! they are really great and deserve to be on the top!!! I was on both side… and Brazil rocks!!!!

Spot the Harlequin ducks (Godafoss)

I got up close to the west side of the falls for a good panorama and plenty of noise too. I was surprised to see that a good flow of water escapes from just above the top of the falls and flows off to the west. Here on that day (although no guarantees are offered) […]