My mystery waterfall! (Australia)

I was traveling in Australia 15 years ago and visited a beautiful waterfall where I took a swim in the ice cold billabong but I can’t remember where. Does anyone recognise this waterfall? Blessings to all you waterfall admirers x

Abundance of waterfalls in Tennessee

Tennessee is filled with beautiful waterfalls. None are as large as Niagara Falls, though Fall Creek Falls is one of the largest east of the Mississippi. What makes Tennessee’s waterfalls so beautiful is the surrounding scenery. The Great Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau are some of the most lush regions in the United States. […]

Northwest Waterfall Survey (Curly Creek Falls)

Curly Creek Falls appears to have been partially channeled into a sink between the bridge on FR 90 and the falls. It flows well during the spring and early melt season, but by mid summer it dries out completely now – as you suspected this is likely the result of flooding 6-7 years back because […]

Carlon Falls found!

Carlon Falls was a great find because it was a hot Saturday. We needed a place to swim near our camp (5 miles outside the west gate), but didn’t want to fight the crowds inside Yosemite National Park. We almost had the place to ourselves!

Aloha from Twin Falls, Maui, Hawaii

I live at Twin Falls. Most tour books don’t tell you that in order to access Twin Falls you need to pass through private property. Please show respect towards the residents by keeping the noise volume at a minimum. We allow free passage to our treasured falls so all can enjoy. Aloha.

Akaka Falls – Big Island Hawaii April 2009

I’ve been there (Akaka Falls) in Oct. 1988 / Sept. 1992 / June 1994 / Oct. 2000 & most recently April 2009 & it was very wet & rainy every time. However, renting a car & driving on Rte. 220 thru the tiny town of Honomu, HI & buying the best Tropical Flavored ice cream’s […]

Trash and Water

We have decided to start hiking this Summer to embrace nature and give us something to do. So we purchased a book which lists several hiking trails that lead to waterfalls and such. We started our hike late which made the ordeal a little more challenging due to the hot weather. The trail takes you […]

Memories of Likeke Falls

I was stationed at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station 1970 to 1972 and frequented the Likeke water falls (Oahu). Back then there was a trail off of the highway and was able to park my old 1965? 283ci Chevy Impala at the roads edge. The trail was hard to distinguish and one needed to be […]

Since 1962 (Rancheria Falls)

I have been coming to Huntington Lake since 1962 (bragging rights, which long time visitors are apt to tell anyone who will listen). We usually stay a week at Lakeview Cottages on the other side of the lake. At least once during that week, we would trek to the falls. It is an easy hike, […]

Billygoat Falls, New Zealand

In the Kauearanga Valley near Thames at the start of the Coromandel peninsula is a mighty falls named Billygoat Falls. The Department of Conservation states in their Kauearanga Valley brochure a total cumulative fall of 180m. If this is the case, then the Billygoat Falls are in fact the tallest cumulative waterfall in the North […]

Amazing Experience (Eaton Canyon Falls)

We took our family on a hike to see Eaton Canyon Falls in June 2009. On the hike we saw many interesting animals like a blue tailed skink lizard, frogs and a water snake. It was the most amazing feeling to swim in clear water and to stare up at this beautiful waterfall. Then to […]

Hindmarsh Falls in full flow

We went to Hindmarsh Falls today (13/7/09) and it was in full flow. The past couple of weeks we have had consistent rain, especially in the past 4 days which have been very heavy. The falls were raging and the power of the water was absolutely amazing to see. Highly recommend a visit as you […]

Waterfalls You Can Play In

I would love to visit a waterfall one weekend soon. Seems there are not any waterfalls that you can actually play in, here in the US. Can you name one?

pic of Ingalalla Falls

Hi there, last weekend my partner and I enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch after taking the attached picture (of Ingalalla Falls). We were lucky enough to get the pic between rain showers.

Kjosfossen Music

I have just returned from a trip to the Kjosfossen waterfall. The ladies and the music were really great. Do you know the music that is played? If not, how I might find out?

Very fun hike and a great swimming hole to cliff jump into!

Very easy and enjoyable hike to and from the waterfall at the end. Be advised it is extremely dangerous hike if it has rained the same day. I’ve been a few times and the last time it took us two hours in the dark, led by cell phone light, slippery mud going downhill, with no […]


WOW!!!! The drive there was bumpy and very long, but WOW!!! This is all you can say when you walk down the small trail to the falls and hear the sheer power of the water cascading over the edge. Two falls within a few meters of each other with the larger one falling straight on […]

Waterfall Bluff, Transkei, Eastern Cape, South Africa

One of the few waterfalls to empty directly into the sea.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls on the Snake River near Twin Falls, Idaho is truly spectacular during the mid-April to mid-May high season. The river plunges 212 feet to the base and spans a 900 foot rim.

Tarawera Falls, New Zealand

Hi again Johnny, I notice there is a write up about Tarawera Falls in the New Zealand waterfall reviews section. Here’s a pic of a waterfall further upstream toward Lake Tarawera(as discussed by Steve Peake). Feel free to put that below his waterfall review. Cheers, Matt