ABBE WATERFALLS, COORG. Karnataka, South India

Abbe Waterfalls is an ideal picnic destination, located at a distance of 9 km from the town Madikeri, district headquarters of Coorg (KODAGU) district, Karnataka state, South India. The Abbe waterfalls produce a spectacular sight of cascading water, nestled amidst private coffee plantations. A narrow road winding through the green and dense foliage of surrounding […]

Lavena Coast and the Blue Lagoon

Bula Johnny, So you walked back to Lavena from the Falls? I don’t want to duplicate. How far down the coast did you get? Did you seen Tino in Lavena village? This is one of my old haunts – love the area and I may actually live at the other end of the coast where […]

Sea Kayaking Alohaland

I lived in Alohaland 20 years and did many documentaries and started the sea kayaking industry there. Every time I went from Hilo to Waipio I would stop at the Rainbow Falls complex and have a great time. Thanks for the memories! Now I have to go through thousands of images and build my Hawai’i […]

How many waterfalls drop directly into the ocean?

I would like to know how many waterfalls flow directly into the ocean? I know the Waterfall Bluff in South Africa is one. How many more are there?

Pe’epe’e Falls, The Big Island, Hawaii

By far my favorite on the islands, because you can actually park your car, hike to the falls and swim in the amazing pool. Its a short, 40 minute, but difficult boulder hopping hike upstream to the falls, but well worth it.

Wairere Falls

I was at these waterfalls near Matamata during early April of 2007, my first visit to New Zealand. I found them purely by accident while trying to find somewhere to park for the night. I tackled them the following morning, took my time, and was careful. It was a very fulfilling experience. When I reached […]

Boyoma Falls or Inga Falls

I love your videos. I have also been a waterfall lover my whole life and have a pretty extensive collection of pictures. I wanted to ask you since you have been all over the world, have you encountered any information on Boyoma Falls or Inga Falls on the Zaire River? No one seems to have […]

Agreed, High Water Not Always Best

There is a small waterfall near our home that is on a delightful walk most of the year. During high water (which lasts about 1 day following rain), the sound is more impressive, but the pictures less so: Conversely, the Lower Falls of the Genesee is always more impressive when the flow is high enough […]

Horse Tail Falls near Queenstown

It is called Horse Tail Falls, as it looks like a horse tail whenever flowing. As we rarely get 4 days without rain, it flows every week. It takes less than half a day to start flowing, and continues for a day after. There is a short walking track to the top, which is lovely […]

Courtallam (Kutralam) Waterfalls-South India’s most natural spa

Courtallam (Kutralam) Main Waterfalls is in Courtallam (Kutralam) in Tirunelveli district, South Tamil Nadu. It has medicinal qualities, popularly called as the “Spa of the South.” I visited the falls many times with family earlier and taken bath. Kutralam waterfalls is located at an elevation of about 550 feet in the Western Ghats attracting tourists […]

Apsley Falls in Full Flow

Taken 24 May 2009. The Apsley Gorge below the falls is also very spectacular and the falls are very easy to access, being only 1km from the Oxley Highway. Great camping and picnic spot too.

Thundering Tia Falls

I was here recently after heavy rain and the falls were thundering.

Ebor Falls in heavy rain

Ebor Falls. Taken May 2009 after heavy rain.

Moonabung Falls

Moonabung Falls (50m) near Maitland NSW. Taken after heavy rain in September 2008.

Norfolk Falls

Norfolk Falls, 50 metre high fall in Coolah Tops National Park, NSW, Australia, November 2008.

Wollomombi-Chandler Falls in full flow

Wollomombi-Chandler Falls. 24 May 2009

Manning River Falls

One of a series of falls on the Upper Manning River, Barrington Tops NSW, Australia. Taken April 2009

Jerusalem Creek Falls

Jerusalem Creek Falls, Chichester State Forest near Dungog, Australia taken February 2009

Bakers Creek Falls in full flow

Bakers Creek Falls May 2009


Wow I never knew you could do so much with a camera! I have a $300 dollar one and my mom has a 1000 dollar one so our family likes photography! I love taking pictures of waterfalls and what I found out is that when you take a picture of I waterfalls on a picture […]