Must have to go… (Waterfall Gully)

Well well….. I didn’t know there is a waterfall in Adelaide, but i was just trying to search for some adventures tracks in SA and i find it… It was awesome when I went to the Waterfall Gully for the first time with some of my friends from India and Sydney… It’s a beautiful place […]

Spectacular Fall

This waterfall is not to be missed. One of my very faves anywhere! I’ve been to it twice – both in May during high snow melt in ’06 & ’07. During those times – the footbridge seems so long and you most likely will get wet. Looking up – it is almost impossible to see […]

Purlingbrook Falls

I just wanted to add a shot I took of Purlingbrook Falls after recent heavy rain. Also, “Purlingbrook” is actually one word in the name of the falls, and two words (Purling Brook) in the name of the stream. I’m not sure who came up with that idea. The falls do generally flow year-round, although […]

Twin Falls

There are many waterfalls at Springbrook National Park in Southern Queensland, but if I had to pick a favourite it would have to be Twin Falls, a 40 metre drop on the Eastern side of the escarpment. The two waterfalls then cascade further down the mountain, as can be seen to good effect from Canyon […]

Smoo Cave

A small, but elegant waterfall plunging into a cave just outside the village of Durness on Scotland’s north coast. The cave itself is actually the inside of a cliff which is entered from the beach, where the ocean washes up inside a gorge. The gorge and the seafront alone would be worth the visit, but […]

Lower Falls Rainbow

I wanted to share another picture–this time from above the falls.

Lower Falls in Rochester

This is one of my favorite waterfalls mostly because I can visit often. Sometimes I stop by on my lunch break. When the river is running high, there is considerable spray from the falls. In the winter this produces a localized ice storm. When there is sunshine, there are vivid rainbows. When the river is […]

Punch Bowl Falls

Along the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side, there is a trail to the Punch Bowl Falls. In this case the bowl is at the top of the falls. Very beautiful.

Good experience, Decent Falls!!!

Eaton Canyon is pretty close to Los Angeles and is a great place to hike. It’s a very good falls with a good hike for about 1.5-2 miles ending at its base. The trail is pretty good and the small streams that you pass through while hiking leaves a pleasant feeling. A group of people […]

Punchbowl like Watkins Glen?

The description of a punchbowl waterfall sounds like several of the waterfalls at Watkins Glen. The plunge has carved out a deep bowl in the rock underneath the falls. This punchbowl falls term could also describe the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls and the High Falls at Rochester. In both cases, the pool under the […]


A lovely place in a lovely country!

Waterfall Lover

I love waterfalls. They make me feel at peace and closer to God. I feel that waterfalls are very similar to God in that they are a force not to be reckoned with. They can give and take life, and yet they are calming and soothing in their awesome beauty and lulling orchestration of sound. […]

I really wanted to know how high waterfalls needed to be to be counted as waterfall!

This made me think about how high it really has to be (would never have thought about this otherwise). I can take this back to my Geography class and say I really thought about this. Thank you Emma Bignell.

Old Photo

I need help from an expert to try to identify the location of this waterfall. It was taken in 1907-08 in Australia or possibly Tasmania. Thank you for whatever help you can offer.

Waterfalls and Tamil movies

Hi, I have visited Snoqualmie waterfalls and a few waterfalls like Kutralam falls and Papanasam falls in Tirunelveli district, Kumbakarai falls in Periakulam district and Suruli falls in Theni district in South India. When I started searching the web for waterfall, I came across ‘WORLD OF WATERFALLS’ I would like to say that in almost […]

Great Sunday Hike

Went out to Manoa Falls after work yesterday for the first time since I moved to Oahu (3 years ago). This was a great beginner hike, and we completed the trail in about an hour and a half (including stopping and observing birds and plants and running water). It had been pouring rain all day […]

Short Hike, Amazing Results!

I had some time to kill while staying at Camp Curry & this fall’s stream ran right by my cabin. Following the river with the late winter moss covered rocks & orange leaves was treat enough as the hike became a bit of an ascent to the base of the falls. The slippery non-trail (more […]

World Waterfall Database chiming in…

Topo maps are only one method we use to determine a waterfall’s height. This is a frequently used method as we don’t get out as much as we’d like. We also use clinometer/rangefinder combos. Google Earth’s elevation data has recently been shored up, and is getting alarmingly accurate. We’ve never used the rock drop method […]

Sommersby Falls

As a local to the Gosford area, I have been to these falls a few times and seen them with different amounts of water flowing through them. Off the beaten track, you can actually get to the lower falls which has a lovely overhang where you can walk in behind them as my pic will […]

Kembe Falls

In deepest darkest Africa on the border between Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo lies a superb double waterfall. Next to the rustic village of Kembe with its mud-brick huts and thatched grass roofs, the falls of the same name roar for 24 hours per day breaking the peaceful silence of the […]