We visited Glymur last summer, with our two teenage daughters. After a beautiful but challenging hike, we got tired of listening to older daughter’s complaining. We saw the falls, but didn’t make it to the top of the falls. We’re going back this summer, without kids, and WILL make it to the top. Amazing beauty.

Been There A Couple Of Times…

That’s a wonderful collection of photos of the Niagara Falls. Been there a couple of times. Can’t help but be in awe of the falls – especially as seen from the “Maid of the Mist” Also the American Falls up close is awesome. It however does get really crowded during the holidays.

Natural State

I think it is a crime that they have not kept the falls in a more natural state. The falls are an amazing sight, no doubt, but it is too bad they have built so many hotels, casinos and other structures around this natural wonder.

Ken Foshaug (Målselvfossen)

My last name is derived from this area of Norway. Foshaug – Fos meaning waterfall and haug meaning hill. My Great-great-great grandfather moved from southern Norway to the Malselv valley in the early 1800’s and built a homestead on the hill northwest of the [Malselv waterfall] – hence the name derivation. I traveled to this […]

Victoria Was The Better Thrill

I went here in 2005. The views from both sides are breathtaking. Zambia has close ups and rainbows and you get soaked! Make sure you cover your camera with a plastic bag.!! Zimbabwe has great views of the falls in general. On the way there you go over a great bridge, here there is a […]

Broken Back

My boyfriend was hiking with several of his friends in November 1975. The water at that time was deep and the waterfall was flowing. He went to jump over the falls and lost his footing on the moss and went down the falls facing outward. He landed face down in the water and broke both […]


I visited Zimbabwe prior to recent troubles, staying at the Elephant Hills Intercontinental. And from the roof top bar, you could see the ‘Smoke that Thunders’ away in the distance. Truly awesome! But nothing prepares you for the up close and personal experience of standing next to its intense natural power. We now have a […]

Top Ten Waterfalls, British Columbia, Canada

1. Takakkaw Falls, Yoho Nat. Park 2. Kinuseo Falls, Monkman Park 3. Shannon Falls, Squamish 4. Bergeron Falls, near Tumbler Ridge 5. Brandywine Falls, Garibaldi Park 6. Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Park 7. Wapta Falls, Yoho Park 8. Virgin Falls, Kennedy Lake, Vancouver Island 9. Spahats Creek Falls, Clearwater (Wells Gray) 10. Nairn Falls, Pemberton […]

Top Ten Waterfalls, Iceland

10. Hafragilsfoss, NE Iceland 9. Yst i-Rjukandi Falls, East 8. Selfoss, NE 7. Fagrifoss, SE 6. Seljalandsfoss, South 5. Skogafoss, South 4. Godafoss, North 3. Dettifoss, NE 2. Haifoss (three falls), SE 1. Gullfoss, SW Visited Aug. 2006

Top Ten Waterfalls, Pacific Northwest (USA, Canada)

1. Takkakaw Falls, B.C. Canada 2. Kinuseo Falls, B.C. Canada 3. Spray Falls, Mt. Ranier Park, Wash. 4. Palouse Falls, Eastern Wash. 5. Fall Creek Falls, Gifford Pinchot Forest, Wash. 6. Shannon Falls, B.C. Canada 7. Snoqualmie Falls, Wash. 8. Comet Falls, Mt. Ranier Park, Wash. 9. Salt Creek Falls, Central Oregon 10. White River […]

My Favorite Iceland Waterfalls

On my top ten (of Iceland Waterfalls), I’d place Gullfoss first but ordering them is difficult. Another worthwhile area is Gjain which has a number of picturesque falls all visible from one vantage point. I have written a story on Iceland’s natural beauty including photos of five of my favourite waterfalls (Dettifoss, Gullfoss, Svartifoss, Ofaerufoss […]

Waterfall at Lake Waikaremoana (Korokoro Falls, Te Urewera National Park, North Island)

Lake Waikaremoana or ”sea of rippling water” in Maori is off the beaten track for most travelers to New Zealand. This waterfall is only accessible via boat or during a 53km hike round the lake. On the weekend I made the hike the lake was completely shrouded in mist, I think it was a worthwhile […]

Milla Milla Falls in the Atherton Tablelands (Queensland, Australia)

I took this picture with an old APS camera and it’s one of my favorites from a 14 month trip to Australia between 1997 and 1998. I especially like the flower (possibly an Orchid) in the foreground.

Have You Been To Union Falls?

Have you seen Union Falls in the southeast part of Yellowstone? Height is 260 ft.

Cold doesn’t even begin to describe it (Mangawhero Falls)

August of 2007, my dad and I took a short trip to NZ, which I’ve always wanted to do. We were the only ones booked on the trip around lake Taupo and Tongiriro park that day. This was one of our stops. I do happen to be a Lord of the Rings fan, and I […]

Land Of Nature (Whangarei Falls)

Hi, I’m Jason from Malaysia. We stopped by Whangarei Falls and was welcomed by the sound of its falling water. It was a very beautiful and relaxing place to be. We spent over an hour here just appreciating nature at its best. I highly recommend everyone who visits the North Island to drop by this […]

My Glen Aulin Backpacking Trip

My most successful backpacking trip was from Tuolumne Meadows to Glen Aulin with my two sons, my nephew, my oldest son’s friend, and two of my best friends (the two handsome old guys on the right side of the picture). To see all the water falls in the early summer is truly beautiful. The trip […]


Gullfoss was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever experienced in my life. This shows that nature is a very powerful source. I would consider the waterfalls in Iceland to be one of the greatest things to witness in the world today. NOT only the waterfalls but the country of Iceland itself.

Pywiack Cascade hiking accident fatal to Tahoe doctor

There were two missing hikers in Yosemite one morning in 1970 and the rangers requested several of the more or less permanent rock climbers in Camp 4 to participate in search parties. My party was sent down a very steep, very brushy gully from the vicinity of the Tioga Road to the base of Pywiack […]

Read That Fine Print Before Signing!

I am going through something rather similar: MasterRental and Thrifty again. MasterRental has held up to their end of the bargain but Thrifty is practicing fraud in my opinion. I had the car for 24 hours in the Orlando, FL area. They noticed a scratch on the plastic bumper that is a small, barely noticeable […]