Cascada Chorro Grande (Spain)

Another waterfall with several parts and no in-place point that allows an entire view. This indeed can be got only in the distance from the other side of the valley (image not yet available). Location is La Granja (Segovia province) and height 80 or 100 m depending on the source.

Cascadas del Nacimiento del Río Mundo (Spain)

Having two parts and different points of approach, this waterfall provides several perspectives and varied images. In addition, the entire scenic environment is full of waterways in the form of small falls and rapids. It’s in Riópar (Albacete province) and the total height is about 100 m.

Nonsuch Falls

Nonsuch Falls is often said to not exist. Even some of the locals are unable to tell you where to find it. However once you make it to this mysterious water fall you will be happy you did. A naturally created 200 feet water fall preceded by several cascading pools. This is more about the […]

Cascada de Peñaladros (Spain)

Picture 1: A closer look of this waterfall. Picture 2: A scenic view of this waterfall behind the springtime vegetation.

Cascada de Despeñalagua (Spain)

This spectacular multi-tier waterfall is about 120 m high and has some special features that must be explained. First of all, the actual shape of the fall can only be seen from the distance, but that excludes the base. Getting there, the shape becomes distorted. Also, there is another almost twin fall without a good […]

Cascada de Chorrogil (Spain)

This waterfall is close to Osera, also in the Jaén province, it’s about 90 m high and has another little fall on its base. By the way, I made a mistake when locating Osera, as it’s close to the Natural Park but not inside it. Both Osera and Chorrogil are correctly located in the Sierra […]

Cascada de la Osera (Spain)

This 130 m high waterfall is second only to Nervión, but easier to be seen with plentiful flow than this last one. It’s located in the Sierra de Cazorla Natural Park (Jaén province).

Cascada del Aljibe (Spain)

This 2-tier waterfall has different view points and is located in Campillo de Ranas, Guadalajara province.

Gudong Waterfall Question

I enjoyed reading your travel experiences. One question- how did you get to the Gudong waterfall and the Crown Jewel. Via an organized company? If so, do you need to book the trip in advance?

Cascada del Peñón (Pedrosa de Tobalina)

A couple of better looks of the whole waterfall and of its leftmost side, deserving a higher rate.

Cascada del Nervión (Spain)

Two frontal views of this waterfall, with a height of 223 m is the highest in Spain and one of the highest in Europe. Unfortunately, it only can be seen in all its splendor after heavy rains. Here only falls a part of its total lenght. The third photo was taken from a different view […]

Cascada de la Cimbarra (Spain)

This is a better look of this waterfall that deserves a more positive rating.

Cascada de los Litueros (Spain)

I uploaded photos of this waterfall taken a sunny day in the rainy season, with an amount of water flowing that deserves a higher rating than 2.5

Cascada del nacimiento del Río Cuervo (Spain)

This is a better look of this waterfall that deserves a more positive rating.

Cascada del Pozo de los Humos (Spain)

This is a better look of this waterfall that deserves a more positive rating.

Cascada de Gujuli (Spain)

This is a better look of this waterfall that deserves a more positive rating. I made the using rating 3.5 Based on user review and waterfall height (more than 100 m.) Less than 4 due to flowing variations. See submitted picture.


Ithaca Falls is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m not sure it’s a safe place. When I got there, I was greeted by a warning sign from the Department of Environmental Conservation, informing me of lead contamination. Apparently, the falls are just downstream from a closed gun manufacturing site, and this is apparently an ongoing problem.


I was told this is the tallest waterfall in South Africa. I went in September, which is the dry season, and it was a wispy trickle. The canyon it is in, however, is impressive in its depth. I stayed at a homestay in Magwa village and went to the falls with a guide. Would not […]

Forest Falls

A small, shady waterfall in South Africa.

3.5 is harsh!

Hi folks, I don’t know how hard it is to get a 5 on your rating scale, perhaps the rain dampened your experience, but this waterfall is spectacular, in every way. Does popularity lower the rating? It’s nice to have a place to oneself, but the visual impact of the geology itself is stunning.