Garganta de Gualtaminos (Spain)

As I did with the Borosa River, I submit now a collection of small waterfalls and rapids that follow one another along the Gualtaminos River (Cáceres province). I do not include other beautiful views of the river as they are not related to the subject of this website. P.S.: In my opinion most of them […]

Cascadas del Purgatorio (Spain)

There are two Cascadas del Purgatorio, the Lower one (here shown, but not at its best) and the Upper one. They are located close to Rascafría and the Monasterio de El Paular, in the Madrid province. The Monastery dates back to 1390 and is worth a visit if you like historical and/or religious architecture. You […]

Bridal Veil Falls (BC, Canada)

Easy to find close to Hwy 1 east of Chilliwack, in the Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park. It takes a few minutes to get to the falls. It was a sunny day and the tree location did the rest.

Takakkaw in early summer

It seems I went to Western Canada at the right time as I found this spectacular view of the falls with a rainbow as the cherry on the cake. I think this is my Canada’s favourite waterfall (I’ve only been in BC and Alberta) and also my favourite picture from that trip.

Monasterio de Piedra (III) – As I & II, located in the Zaragoza province (Spain)

3rd. and last part. Please take note that all the 25 photos are human and/or artificial elements free. It’s only nature. And I finish telling that although some photos seem to be the same (sorry for using “some”, “seem”, and “same” in the same -again- sentence) they may be similar but are different ones.

Monasterio de Piedra (I)

I know this place has its own review in WoW. But as Johnny said, it seems that nobody out of Spain knows this spectacular water wonderland. For this reason I’m submitting what could be considered not “best of” but “all about” Monasterio de Piedra. Btw, “piedra” means “stone” but the name has no relation with […]

Cascada del Tabayón de Mongayo (Spain)

This is my favourite of all the waterfalls I saw in Asturias. It’s high enough (60 m.), the amount of water is almost the exact one, the zigzagging of the flow adds a special beauty, and the sorrounding is stunning. If somebody is interested (!) can find it in the wonderful Redes Natural Park, starting […]

Cascada sin nombre / Unnamed Waterfall (Spain)

This roadside waterfall, located at the beginning of the Cares River Route, is a mistery to me. The amount of water that flows is amazing but it can’t be just a seasonal waterfall because it was the dry season. It may be some kind of permanent drainage. It’s so close to the road that there’s […]

Cascada de Xurbeo (Spain)

Now we’re talking. I really love this waterfall, despite being only 20 m. high. But its shape and the amount of water flowing, not excessive but also not scarce, give it a special beauty. It’s in Murias (Asturias province).

Cascada de la Seimeira (Spain)

This oddly shaped waterfall with two tiers forming an angle was a disappointment to me. Because of its form, it needs more water flow to be impressive. Located in Santalla (aka Santa Eulalia de Oscos) in the Asturias province, has a height of about 30 m.

Cascada (Spain)

This is the most curious and surprising case of all the waterfalls that I saw in Asturias. I didn’t know of its existence and hadn’t any reference. Driving between Santalla and Taramundi, at one point I saw to my left a humble wooden sign pointing ahead with the only mention of “Cascada”. I thought it […]

Cascada de Cioyo (Spain)

This is a nice waterfall with a height of more than 30 m. The amount of water flowing is sufficient and not excessive, so the characteristics of the waterfall can be appreciated. It’s located in Castropol (Asturias province).

Cascada de Gorgollón (Spain)

Another small waterfall surrounded by the greenery. It’s located in Faedo (Asturias province) and is aka Mechón de la Xana.

Cascada de Xiblu (Spain)

100 m. high, this is the highest waterfall in Asturias and one of the highest in Spain. It’s located near the small village of Páramo, in the Teverga council. It can only be seen as a whole from a small place close to the waterfall, being difficult and somehow risky to get there even in […]

Cascada de Nonaya (Spain)

This small waterfall is not specially interesting but in any case it’s a waterfall. Located in Salas (Asturias province).

Cascada de Méxica (Spain)

This waterfall of strange name is not far from Oneta and Ulloa, and is located in Ponticiella (Asturias province).

Cascada de Ulloa (Spain)

This waterfall is close to Oneta and although smaller I like it more than the first one.

Cascada de Oneta (Spain)

There’s some confusion about the names of this and the next waterfall. Known both as Cascadas (in plural) de Oneta, I’m naming them as they are signposted. This is about 40 m. high and located in the village of the same name (Asturias province).

Cascada de Zaramatu (Spain)

I submit this small but pretty waterfall for being located in a beautiful setting. It’s in El Faedal (Asturias province) and aka Regueirina.