Victoria Was The Better Thrill

by Rhobert Tachamet
(Glendale CA USA)

I went here in 2005.

The views from both sides are breathtaking.
Zambia has close ups and rainbows and you get soaked! Make sure you cover your camera with a plastic bag.!!

Zimbabwe has great views of the falls in general.
On the way there you go over a great bridge, here there is a great view on one side of the Zambezi River.

The other side is the falls.

Great picture taking opportunities.

I have been told when the moon is full it is nice to take pictures at night from this bridge.
I had the thrill of my life to see these falls.

I have been to both Iguazu and to Niagara falls, and I have to say that Victoria was the better thrill. Victoria is more jungle like although Iguazu was also.

Iguazu was wider and more hilly. Victoria is in a narrower canyon.

All in all a very nice time was spent there by me.
The money was hard to deal with on both sides.
An astronomical amount when you have Euros or US dollars. Be sure to keep a calculator handy so you don't get short changed as I was by a vendor at Victoria Falls (Zambia side).


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