Wairere Falls

by HS Gard

I was at these waterfalls near Matamata during early April of 2007, my first visit to New Zealand.

I found them purely by accident while trying to find somewhere to park for the night. I tackled them the following morning, took my time, and was careful. It was a very fulfilling experience.

When I reached the top, there were clouds above and below me. It took my breath away so much so that I simply had to call my parents back home to try my best to describe the experience.

Home was 12,500 miles away, and they were about to retire for the night, but they could apparently FEEL the excitement and experience in my voice.

I have visited New Zealand twice since then, and visited many other falls, and there are still heaps that i haven't seen.

I will never stop visiting New Zealand. Every time it's a new experience.

Finally I will end on the note that New Zealanders, the kiwis, are as nice as the land.

You will never find such genuine hospitality from the heart ANY WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. They are second to none, and I have the utmost respect for the land and its people.

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