Walk to the top well worth the trip (Multnomah Falls)

by Travis
(Gainesville, GA)

I was in Portland for work and my boss suggested I go to the falls.

I stopped in for a look and after seeing the falls from the bridge I decided to walk up the trail to the top.

It says its about a mile to the top what it doesn't say is it is the longest mile ever!

The trails are blacktop and have switchbacks every 50 to 100 feet. They number the switchbacks but it seems there is far more than the 11 or so the markers say. I stopped and took a break several times as people would pass me and then I would pass them as they would break.

The trail is skinny and at some points there seems to be 3 foot wide trail that drops off one side to the tune of 70 feet, scary for most but I found it quite exhilarating.

Once you reach the summit of the path you walk down the trail to the right and continue for a bit more. Finally you step unto the viewing area. (note: don't cheat and look out over the falls, keep your head down and look at the ground until you get right up to the edge of the rail!)

The view and awesomeness of the falls is so amazing. The dizzying drop is almost surreal. I just couldn't stop staring down the water as it goes from babbling brook to water droplets in harmonic flight. I said to my fellow hikers "Wow that was well worth the hike" and as I said it I felt emotion roll over me as this view was so amazing and I wished I could share it with my family that was 2000 miles away back at home.

The hike is very hard and you will need maybe 2 bottles of water to make it to the top. Don't give up because once you get to the top the sore calves, worn out lungs and sweaty armpits will disappear and your visual high will last well into the next day.

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