Waterfalls In The Movies And In Television

Iguazu Falls as you might have seen it from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

We see it all the time; waterfalls that appear in movies as well as in television.

Can you name waterfalls from a movie or show you've seen?

Or are you trying to find out what was that waterfall that you just saw in a movie or TV show that you have just seen?

This page is devoted to waterfall lovers who want to share or get answers.

If you're interested, we did a write-up of some of the waterfalls we had noticed in the movies we've seen, which you can read about here.

But if you want to add to this discussion or see what others have said so far, read on...

Have You Seen A Movie Or Show Featuring A Waterfall?

Have you seen a movie or TV show with a waterfall (or waterfalls) in it?

Any of these movies or TV shows your favorites or bring back memories?

Have you visited any of the waterfalls featured in movies or TV shows?

Share your story with us.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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blue hawaii waterfall 
where is the waterfall featured in the movie "Blue Hawaii"?

The Megafalls Of Iguacu 
No doubt, The best documentary, ever.

Waterfalls in the movies that we've seen so far as of Jan 2012 
We went in depth into this topic in an article we put out, but we'll be short and sweet here. Here they are in no particular order: Indiana …

The Ring starring Naomi Watts 
There's a brief scene with a car driving across a bridge. Beneath it is a waterfall. Does anybody know which waterfall it is? It is at 54 minutes into …

I am looking for the name of this movie (please help if you know it) 
The movie was either from the 1960s or 1970s. I watched it on regular TV in the mid 1970s. The waterfall seen is in the end where a couple drink from the …

Face of big cat (panther?) in waterfall 
It's probably impossible to ever find out, but if you can't help me with this, no one can... When I was a little girl, my parents once watched a movie …

The Mission 
The story in the movie The Mission takes place in the region of Iguacu Falls which border on Argentina , Brazil and Paraguay. The beginning of the …

Mungare malle ( Kannada movie) 
The Kannada movie "Mungare Male" or "The Monsoon Rain" has extremely beautiful angles of the famous " Jog Falls " in Shimoga district. It is the highest …

"Hunted" final scenes 
The Movie "Hunted" uses Willamette falls in one scene - a very wide, medium height falls. However, in a later scene, Tomme Lee Jones Falls off of a …

I realize we're talking about movies, but there's a very beautiful waterfall that is shown every now and then on the tv show LOST. The falls is somewhere …

Waterfalls and Tamil movies 
Hi, I have visited Snoqualmie waterfalls and a few waterfalls like Kutralam falls and Papanasam falls in Tirunelveli district, Kumbakarai falls in …

The Vanishing 
What is the waterfall in the American version of The Vanishing?

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