Stoddard Canyon Falls

Stoddard Canyon Falls is a 40ft waterfall with cascades both above and below this drop. It’s popular due to some people using it as a natural water slide.

Routsouna’s Waterfall (Καταρράκτης Ρουτσουνας)

Routsouna’s Waterfall on Naxis Island is a rare waterfall in the famous Cyclades Islands of Greece, a group that includes the popular Mykonos and Santorini.

Valanaris Waterfall (Καταρράκτης Βαλανάρη)

The Valanari Waterfall was perhaps the closest waterfall to Athens that I’m aware of, which makes it all the more amazing that it’s still somewhat unknown.

Agoriani Waterfall (Καταρράκτης της Αγόριανης)

The Agoriani Waterfall sits in the village square of Eptalofos, whose proximity to Delphi and the Parnassos Ski Center means it’s gaining notoriety recently.

Neda Waterfalls (Καταρράκτες Νέδα)

The popular Neda Waterfalls are a pair of gushing waterfalls on a tributary of the Neda River dropping a total of around 30-50m (depends on the source).

Nemouta Waterfalls (Καταρράκτης Νεμούτας)

Nemouta Waterfalls are a series of 3-5 or even 30 (depending on how ambitious you are) around the Erymanthos River near the villages of Nemouta and Elia.

Polilimnio Waterfalls (Καταρράκτες της Πολυλίμνιο Μεσσηνίας)

The Polilimnio Waterfalls adventure has a little of everything as you with swimming holes for cooling off as well as scenic waterfalls for nice photo ops.

Kalamaris Waterfalls (Καταρράκτης Καλαμάρης)

The Kalamaris Waterfalls comprised a pair of twisting waterfalls making it a surprisingly tall attraction located near the coastal lagoon town of Gialova.

Bagno Vignoni Waterfall

The Bagno Vignoni Waterfall is an attractive man-made waterfall over travertine cliffs directly beneath Bagno Vignoni, which dates back to Etruscan times.

Bagni San Filippo Hot Springs

The Bagni San Filippo Hot Springs provided an experience that differed from the very popular one in Saturnia, and it turned out to be one of our favorites.

Cascata del Diborrato

Cascata del Diborrato is the main waterfall on the Fiume Elsa, where the river runs alongside the popular Elsa Trail beneath the town of Colle di Val d’Elsa.

Cascate del Mulino

Cascate del Mulino is perhaps Italy’s most famous hot springs waterfall, and it certainly opened our eyes to a different side of Tuscany after our visit.

Jinba Waterfall (jinba-no-taki [陣馬の滝])

Jinba Waterfall (陣馬の滝; Jinba Falls) was a wide spring-fed waterfall at the start of the Gotomeki River near Mt Fuji, which was a fun place to cool off.

Hossawa Waterfall (hossawa-no-taki [払沢の滝])

Hossawa Waterfall (払沢の滝; Hossawa Falls) was the Tokyo Prefecture’s only entry in Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls List by the Ministry of the Environment in 1990.

Tatsuzawa Fudo Waterfall (tatsuzawa-fudo-no-taki [達沢不動滝])

Tatsuzawa Fudo Waterfall (達沢不動滝; Tatsuzawa Fudo Falls) was a popular pairing of “male” and “female” falls on the southwestern end of the Adatara Mountains.

Choshigataki Waterfall (choshigataki [銚子ケ滝])

Choshigataki Waterfall (銚子ケ滝; Choshigataki Falls) was a 48m waterfall with a shape that pretty much resembled a sake decanter (as its name would suggest).

Otsuji Waterfall (otsujigataki [乙字ケ滝])

Otsuji Waterfall (乙字ケ滝; Otsujiga Falls) spreads across the Abukuma River with a horseshoe-shaped brink that has been called Sukagawa’s Mini Niagara Falls.

Namekawa Waterfall (namegawa-otaki [滑川大滝])

Namekawa Waterfall (滑川大滝; Namekawa Falls) was perhaps the largest waterfall in the Tohoku Region, but it’s also one of the more unique waterfalls in Japan.

Sekiyama Waterfall (sekiyama-otaki [関山大滝])

Sekiyama Waterfall (関山大滝; Sekiyama Falls) was a gushing roadside waterfall that was located between Sendai and Yamagata said to be 10m tall and 15m wide.

Fudo Waterfall (fudo-no-taki [不動の滝])

The Hachimantai Fudo Waterfall (不動の滝; Fudo Falls) was a 15m waterfall that once was a training ground for practioners of Shugendo (a religion in Japan).