Bidulginang Falls (bidulginang pokpo [비둘기낭폭포])

Yeongbuk-myeon / Bulmucheon / Hantang River Geopark, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

About Bidulginang Falls (bidulginang pokpo [비둘기낭폭포])

Hiking Distance: about 400m round trip (falls only); about 600m round trip (to remaining lookouts)
Suggested Time: about 30-45 minutes

Date first visited: 2023-06-12
Date last visited: 2023-06-12

Waterfall Latitude: 38.07987
Waterfall Longitude: 127.21703

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Bidulginang Falls (Bidulginang Pokpo [비둘기낭폭포]) was a series of springs and waterfalls spilling in front of as well as beside a cave cut from erosion at the base of a basalt cliff within the Bidulginang Gorge.

Sometimes this waterfall is also referred to on the maps as the Bidulginang Cascade.

Bidulginang_034_06112023 - Bidulginang Falls
Bidulginang Falls

Speaking of the name, it’s said that the area around the cave and waterfall resembled a pigeon’s pouch or bag, which is literally how “bidulginang” translates.

It’s also said that such pigeons tend to inhabit the cave behind the falls further reinforcing the place name.

Given it’s rather hidden location in the depths of a gorge, this place had a bit of some Korean War history as the cave was used as a shelter during the war as well as a recreation area for soldiers.

These days, this waterfall has been featured on a variety of K-dramas and movies, and I suspect that this causes the falls to gain even greater notoriety with respect to tourism, especially with foreign visitors (like myself).

Bidulginang_023_06112023 - View as I approached the bottom lookout deck right in front of Bidulgingng Falls
View as I approached the bottom lookout deck right in front of Bidulgingng Falls

That said, as you can see in the photos on this page, my early June 2023 visit wasn’t well-timed apparently as the waterflow was on the low side (which I’d imagine it would get revived after the mid- to late-Summer monsoons).

As for the visit, I basically followed a well-developed and well-signed walkway from the car park (see directions below) to a signed fork, where the trail then descended steps into the gorge.

From the top of the steps, I could already see the context of the cave and the Bidulginang Falls, but there’s also a lookout at the bottom of the steps for an even closer and more intimate look at the cave and falls.

According to my trip logs, the walk to just this lookout and back was a mere 500-600m.


However, I also lingered around longer to check out the rest of the walking path, which led me past an interesting riverbed geology exhibit, another lookout further downstream of the Bidulginang Cascade, and an observatory of the Hantangang River.

At that observatory, I was able to see parts of the much wider Hantangang River, which the Bidulginang Cascade feeds into, as well as an intriguing suspension bridge (which itself is a separate paid excursion to go on it).

Thus, I spent about an hour away from the car, but if I didn’t linger around, this visit could have easily taken around 15 minutes or so.


Bidulginang Falls resides near the Daehoesan-ri village in Pocheon-si county of the Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea. It is administered by the Hantangang River Geopark as well as local authorities. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, you can try visiting this website.

Bidulginang_003_06112023 - The geopark symbol by the car park for Bidulginang Cascade
Bidulginang_007_06112023 - Starting the walk to the Bidulginang Falls right after going past this welcome sign at the Hantangang River Geopark
Bidulginang_009_06112023 - The well-developed walk leading to the Bidulginang Cascade as it heads towards a food kiosk and some toilets
Bidulginang_015_06112023 - Sign by the short spur trail leading down to the Bidulginang Falls
Bidulginang_019_06112023 - Approaching the steps leading down towards the lookout fronting the Bidulginang Falls
Bidulginang_020_06112023 - Descending the initial series of steps down to the Bidulginang Falls
Bidulginang_022_06112023 - Starting to see the cave and light-flowing springs of the Bidulginang Falls during my mid-June 2023 visit
Bidulginang_026_06112023 - Portrait look at the Bidulginang Falls before descending to the main lookout below for a little more context
Bidulginang_030_06112023 - Looking down at the lookout fronting the plunge pool before the cave and Bidulginang Falls
Bidulginang_038_06112023 - Colorful look at the Bidulginang Falls not flowing so well visually, but it was actually producing a lot of noise during my mid-June 2023 visit
Bidulginang_047_06112023 - Direct look at the Bidulginang Falls as seen from the main lookout
Bidulginang_055_06112023 - More contextual frontal look at the Bidulginang Falls as I saw it in mid-June 2023
Bidulginang_057_06112023 - Going back up the steps after having had my fill of the Bidulginang Falls
Bidulginang_062_06112023 - Since it was such a short visit to the Bidulginang Falls, when I got back to the main trail, I decided to pursue some of the other trails just to see what else was here at the geopark
Bidulginang_064_06112023 - Approaching some kind of sheltered riverbed exhibit and garden further within the Hantangang River Geopark at Bidulginang Falls
Bidulginang_065_06112023 - Descending towards the exhibit of an example of what the Hantangang Riverbed was like
Bidulginang_069_06112023 - Heading towards the lookouts of the Hantangang River a short distance beyond the Bidulginang Falls
Bidulginang_073_06112023 - Descending to a lookout peering into the gorge downstream of the Bidulginang Cascade
Bidulginang_077_06112023 - This was what I saw at the lookout for the Bidulginang Gorge downstream from the Bidulginang Cascade
Bidulginang_093_06112023 - Looking towards the Hantangang River from one of the furthest overlooks at the Hantangang River Geopark
Bidulginang_095_06112023 - Looking in the other direction at the Hantangang River from one of the furthest overlooks at the Hantangang River Geopark
Bidulginang_102_06112023 - Looking towards an interesting bridge off to the side of the main walkway at the Hantangang River Geopark
Bidulginang_105_06112023 - Looking towards some bridge over some meadow or field of blooming wildflowers, which kind of paralleled the main trail leaving the backside of the Hantangang River Geopark
Bidulginang_117_06112023 - Returning along the main trail back to the car park and food kiosk area as I was concluding my visit to the Hantangang River Geopark in mid-June 2023
Bidulginang_119_06112023 - Returning to the car park for the Bidulginang Falls

Bidulginang Falls or Bidulginang Cascade is in the Hantangang Geopark near Pocheon.

Rather than confuse you with a bunch of turn-by-turn directions that won’t mean anything to you, I’ll just tell you that it’s best to use a Korean routing software on a phone that’s hooked up to the Korean Network (we prefer using a SIM card for this).

Drive_to_Bidulginang_007_Oho_01012022 - Driving some open valley roads when I made my way from Jiktang Falls over to the Bidulginang Cascade
Driving some open valley roads when I made my way from Jiktang Falls over to the Bidulginang Cascade

I actually drove here from the Jiktang Falls, but I used the Kakao Map app to get me to the Bidulginang Falls typing in 비둘기낭폭포 as the destination (도착) in the search.

This took me roughly 35 minutes on mostly local roads (again lots of speed bumps and school zones).

If you’re coming from the city center of Seoul, then use Kakao Map app to help you get through all the city driving onto the expressways and then the local roads near the falls.

In my case, I had set up the starting point (출발) from the Lotte City Hotel near Myeongdong District in Seoul, where we were based.

Bidulginang_006_06112023 - Context of some kind of geopark symbol with part of the car park for the Bidulginang Pokpo
Context of some kind of geopark symbol with part of the car park for the Bidulginang Pokpo

This approach would take about 2 hours barring traffic and/or detours to go the 80km distance.

It’s worth noting that there’s another car park nearby that’s for a suspension bridge going over the Hantangang River Gorge.

But what you’re really interested in if you’re only pursuing the Bidulginang Pokpo is to get to the car park in the Hantangang River Geopark.

There should be brown signs (I recalled there were both bilingual signs as well as more of them that only had the place name in Hangeul) to help you find this place.

Bidulginang_121_06112023 - Another look back towards the extent of the Bidulginang Pokpo car park, which seems to accommodate quite a few cars and buses
Another look back towards the extent of the Bidulginang Pokpo car park, which seems to accommodate quite a few cars and buses

For geographical context, Pocheon is about 55km (under 90 minutes drive) north of the city center of Seoul and 70km (about 90 minutes drive) northwest of Chuncheon City.

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Elevated downstream to upstream sweep from before the descent to the very bottom

Downstream to upstream sweep from the bottom observatory in front of the falls and alcove

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