Furepe Waterfall (Furepe-no-taki [フレペの滝])

Shiretoko National Park, Hokkaido, Japan

About Furepe Waterfall (Furepe-no-taki [フレペの滝])

Hiking Distance: tour
Suggested Time:

Date first visited: 2009-06-08
Date last visited: 2009-06-08

Waterfall Latitude: 44.09671
Waterfall Longitude: 145.00742

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The Furepe Waterfall (Furepe-no-taki [フレペの滝]) was kind of a percolating spring waterfall that seeped out of the sea-battered cliffs and right into the Sea of Okhotsk. Due to the delicate nature of the falls, the Japanese translation of “furepe” was said to be something like “maiden’s tears”, this one kind of blended in with other waterfalls that we saw on the boat tour of Shiretoko’s coastline that we took out of Utoro.

Like with the Kamuiwakka-no-taki, I’ve included a separate page for this falls instead of clumping it with the other Shiretoko Waterfalls because it was possible to experience this falls from land as well as by boat. However, unlike with Kamuiwakka-no-taki, it was our fault for completely overlooking the trail that we could’ve done to get to the top of Furepe-no-taki by land. I guess this oversight was a result of how much there was to see and do in the Shiretoko-hanto.

So as you might have guessed, the only way we experienced the falls was by boat. At least the benefit of doing this was that we could get cleaner frontal views of the Furepe Waterfall. The challenge was getting a decent photo (i.e. not blurry or awkwardly composed) with the bobbing of the boat. This especially made things difficult on Julie’s slow point-and-shoot camera, but even timing it on my much faster DSLR was still non-trivial.

In case you’re wondering, had we visited the top of Furepe-no-taki by land, we would’ve taken a short 20-minute walking path that began from right behind the Shiretoko Nature Center. The main benefit of visiting the falls in this manner was that we would’ve had nice coastal views agsinst the context of the Sea of Okhotsk. Maybe one of these days, we’ll come back here and try to do it this day.

Shiretoko_tour_336_06072009 - More distant view of the Furepe Waterfall
Shiretoko_tour_010_06072009 - As we were around the Furepe Waterfall, we saw other seeping waterfalls making their way down the cliff face
Shiretoko_tour_012_06072009 - Another one of the seeping waterfalls near the Furepe Waterfall.  I believe this one was called the Man's Tears
Shiretoko_tour_013_06072009 - This seeping waterfall looked almost as forceful (if not more) than the Furepe-no-taki.  I believe it was called Yunohana Falls
Shiretoko_tour_014_06072009 - More contextual look at a fairly high volume seeping cliff waterfall prior to Furepe-no-taki
Shiretoko_tour_017_06072009 - Looking back at a few more thin seeping waterfalls near the Furepe-no-taki
Shiretoko_Goko_005_06072009 - After having visited the Shiretoko Five Lakes, we completely overlooked the nature trail to the top of Furepe-no-taki


For the boat excursion, see the Kamuiwakka Waterfall page for details.

For the Nature Walk, the Shiretoko Nature Center was about 5km north from Utoro near the intersection of the road going to the Shiretoko Go-ko (Five Lakes) and the road heading to the east side of Shiretoko-hanto.

For geographical context, it took us a pretty brutally long and slow 5 hours of driving to get from Asahikawa to Utoro by way of Abashiri and Shari. Asahikawa was 137km (2 hours by car or 2 hours by train) northeast of Sapporo. Sapporo was about 9.5 hours by train or 90 minutes by flight from Tokyo. It was also possible to fly to Sapporo from Osaka (under 2 hours) or Kobe (2 hours; this was how we did it on our trip).

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