Jaein Falls (jaein pokpo [재인폭포])

Yeoncheon-eup / Hantangang River Geopark, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

About Jaein Falls (jaein pokpo [재인폭포])

Hiking Distance: about 1.7km loop hike
Suggested Time: about 1 hour

Date first visited: 2023-06-12
Date last visited: 2023-06-12

Waterfall Latitude: 38.07702
Waterfall Longitude: 127.14318

Waterfall Safety and Common Sense

Jaein Falls (Jaein Pokpo [재인폭포]) was a plunging basalt waterfall said to be over 18m tall (though I swore it seemed quite a bit taller than that).

While the waterfall itself was impressive, I found that its surrounding features and trail infrastructure allowed me to better appreciate the geology here as well as get nice photos from all sorts of perspectives.

Jaein_040_06112023 - Jaein Falls
Jaein Falls

It’s said that this waterfall was the result of lava from Mt Ori flowing in reverse (also called a “lava backwash”) where the Hantan River meets a smaller drainage and backs up.

This ultimately has the effect of depositing an accumulation of the hardened basalt over the stream bed (as evidenced by the prevalence of basalt lava around the falls and its gorge) before becoming subject to erosion.

Over time, the remaining basalt is exposed to flowing water and other elements exacerbating the erosion, where the hard basalt tends to “flake” off over time thereby resulting in vertical cliffs.

In the case of Jaein Falls, there just so happened to be a drainage funneling the water right towards the drop off.

Experiencing Jaein Falls

Jaein_011_06112023 - Distant look at the Jaein Falls from the first lookout
Distant look at the Jaein Falls from the first lookout

As far as experiencing the Jaein Falls, I was already able to see it from a distance roughly 150m from the car park (see directions below).

Beyond the first lookout, after another 300m or so, I then encountered a suspension bridge affording me the most direct look of the Jaein Waterfall from high up its gorge.

Speaking of the gorge height, this was something I could appreciate because there had been one section of the bridge where you can see through glass or some kind of transparent material towards the gorge floor.

By the way, at either end of the bridge, I had a choice to continue further upstream in a bit of a semi-loop that included an overhanging lookout platform as well as a lookout on the opposite side providing a closer look at the basalt cliffs.

Jaein_058_06112023 - Approaching the lower lookout beneath the suspension bridge fronting the Jaein Falls
Approaching the lower lookout beneath the suspension bridge fronting the Jaein Falls

Or, I could also continue downstream from the far end of the bridge before descending a series of steps and an elongated switchback ultimately reaching a lookout downstream of the bottom of the Jaein Falls (almost directly underneath the bridge).

The way I did this hike, I did the bottom lookout in an out-and-back manner while I did the lollipop loop by going across the suspension bridge first before going counterclockwise towards the overhanging platform.

After having my fill of the overhanging platform, I then returned back the way I came (opting not to linger at the food trucks opposite this platform).

Right before returning to the car, I did check out a lookout with a partial view of some dam on the Hantangang River System as well as some nice flowers in bloom in a vegetated patch

Jaein_146_06112023 - Nice bloom of red flowers near the car park for the Jaein Falls
Nice bloom of red flowers near the car park for the Jaein Falls

According to my GPS logs, the hike to take it all in was on the order of 2km, and it took me about an hour and 20 minutes to complete.

Of course, it easily could have been shorter, but I happened to meet some known Korean movie producer as well as his recording crew.

Indeed the Jaein Falls was probably the most scenic of the waterfalls that I targeted in the Hantangang River Geopark north of Seoul.

Heck, the waterfall’s presence in some K-drama shows as well as in movies let alone that producer and his crew that I met) further underscored this place’s scenic allure.


Jaein Falls resides near the Yeoncheon-eup town in Yeoncheon-gun county of the Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea. It is administered by the Hantangang River Geopark as well as local authorities. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, you can try visiting this website.

Jaein_002_06112023 - Going across the gravel car park towards the start of the trail to the Jaein Falls
Jaein_005_06112023 - I noticed a large bloom of red flowers with a large tour group at some kind of lookout near the car park during my mid-June 2023 visit
Jaein_006_06112023 - Following a fence-lined walking path leading me closer to the Jaein Falls
Jaein_008_06112023 - Context of the first lookout for the Jaein Falls
Jaein_010_06112023 - Looking towards the Jaein Falls fronted by a suspension bridge while backed by attractive mountains as seen from that first lookout
Jaein_014_06112023 - Broad contextual look from the first lookout towards Jaein Falls and suspension bridge also showing the trail leading to the lower lookout by the stream
Jaein_021_06112023 - Looking towards some kind of rock garden and some shelters along the path to the Jaein Falls
Jaein_028_06112023 - Looking across the suspension bridge fronting the Jaein Falls
Jaein_029_06112023 - On the suspension bridge, which tended to bounce a bit with people pretty much going on and off this thing as this trail was quite popular during my visit in mid-June 2023
Jaein_032_06112023 - This was the view of Jaein Falls and overhanging platform from the suspension bridge
Jaein_038_06112023 - Looking back at the floor of the suspension bridge, where you might notice there are a seven panes of transparent 'glass' so you can see all the way down to the gorge flow directly beneath your feet!
Jaein_050_06112023 - Beyond the suspension bridge, I then went down this pathway towards the bottom of the Jaein Falls
Jaein_051_06112023 - On the way down to the bottom of Jaein Falls, I noticed this view of the trail below across from the steep basalt walls of the gorge
Jaein_052_06112023 - Descending this flight of steps on the way down to the bottom of Jaein Falls
Jaein_054_06112023 - Going down this stepped switchback on the way to the lower lookout of the Jaein Falls
Jaein_059_06112023 - Context of the lower lookout and the suspension bridge perched high above
Jaein_060_06112023 - A lot of people wielding cameras and a drone were actually a film crew doing some kind of piece with a Korean movie producer at this falls, and I happened to be part of it apparently during my mid-June 2023 visit
Jaein_063_06112023 - Direct look from the lower lookout at the Jaein Falls
Jaein_073_06112023 - Looking towards some kind of groove in the basalt cliff opposite the gorge from the lower trail, where I suspect in times of heavier rain, there would definitely be a temporary waterfall here
Jaein_075_06112023 - Heading back up the steps after having had my fill of the bottom of the Jaein Falls
Jaein_076_06112023 - Looking back across the suspension bridge before the Jaein Falls
Jaein_078_06112023 - Approaching a lookout on the far side of the gorge, which focuses more on examining both the suspension bridge as well as the basalt columns nearby
Jaein_080_06112023 - Closer look down at the basalt cliffs and plunge pool beneath the Jaein Falls (not visible in this photo)
Jaein_086_06112023 - Looking directly across the gorge at the overhanging platform in context with the steep basalt cliffs and the grassy bottom
Jaein_088_06112023 - Continuing to walk further upstream in a small loop with the continuation of the valley containing the Jaein Falls
Jaein_091_06112023 - Going across a bridge towards the top of the small loop upstream of Jaein Falls
Jaein_092_06112023 - Looking further upstream towards another bridge upstream of Jaein Falls as the trail was looping back towards the overhanging lookout
Jaein_101_06112023 - Approaching a rest area adjacent to the overhanging lookout deck by Jaein Falls
Jaein_097_06112023 - This was an alternate car park near the overhanging lookout deck by Jaein Falls, but I think only authorized vehicles are allowed here or something because there were also food trucks on this side
Jaein_100_06112023 - Looking towards some food trucks near the Jaein Falls
Jaein_128_06112023 - Approaching the overhanging lookout deck by Jaein Falls
Jaein_107_06112023 - Looking back at the suspension bridge from the overhanging lookout deck by Jaein Falls
Jaein_122_06112023 - Portrait view of the Jaein Falls as seen from the overhanging lookout deck
Jaein_113_06112023 - Broad look at the Jaein Falls from the overhanging lookout deck
Jaein_116_06112023 - Heading back after having had my fill of that overhanging lookout deck at Jaein Falls
Jaein_127_06112023 - Another look at the context of the rest area by the overhanging lookout deck with some food trucks in the background
Jaein_134_06112023 - Last look back at the Jaein Falls before returning to the gravel car park
Jaein_145_06112023 - Last look at the beautiful red flower bloom near the gravel car park for Jaein Falls to conclude my mid-June 2023 visit

Jaein Falls is in the Hantangang River Geopark near Yeoncheon.

Rather than confuse you with a bunch of turn-by-turn directions that won’t mean anything to you, I’ll just tell you that it’s best to use a Korean routing software on a phone that’s hooked up to the Korean Network (we prefer using a SIM card for this).

Drive_to_Jaein_018_Oho_01012022 - Driving one of the local roads near the Jaein Falls
Driving one of the local roads near the Jaein Falls

I actually drove here from the Bidulginang Falls, but I used the Kakao Map app to get me to the Jaen Falls typing in 재인폭포 as the destination (도착) in the search.

This took me roughly 40 minutes on mostly local roads (so there’s lots of speed bumps and school zones), but I was confused at one point about whether or not to take a narrow road to the car park as Kakao instructed (you should).

If you’re coming from the city center of Seoul, then use Kakao Map app to help you get through all the city driving onto the expressways and then the local roads near the falls.

In my case, I had set up the starting point (출발) from the Lotte City Hotel near Myeongdong District in Seoul, where we were based.

Jaein_001_06112023 - The unpaved car park for the Jaein Falls
The unpaved car park for the Jaein Falls

This approach should take about 2 hours barring traffic and/or detours to go the 76km distance.

As mentioned earlier, when you see a narrow road leading past an arm barricade, then take this the remaining 1.7km or so to the unpaved car park for the Jaein Falls.

For geographical context, Yeoncheon is about 76km (solid 2 hours drive) north of the city center of Seoul and 102km (2 hours drive) northwest of Chuncheon City.

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Nearly 360 degree sweep of the falls as seen from the suspension bridge

Sweep showing the falls and suspension bridge from the opposite end of the glass floor

Downstream to upstream sweep from the viewing area almost directly beneath the suspension bridge

Downstream to upstream sweep from the overhanging lookout deck

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