Nanan Waterfall (南安瀑布 [Nánān Pùbù])

Yushan National Park / Zhuoxi Township, Hualien County, Taiwan

About Nanan Waterfall (南安瀑布 [Nánān Pùbù])

Hiking Distance: almost roadside
Suggested Time:

Date first visited: 2016-10-28
Date last visited: 2016-10-28

Waterfall Latitude: 23.31167
Waterfall Longitude: 121.24908

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The Nanan Waterfall (南安瀑布 [Nánān Pùbù]) was probably the easiest of the waterfalls that we had visited in the east of Taiwan (or all of Taiwan for that matter). That was when we actually paid attention in the first place, which I’ll explain later in the directions. In any case, this was for all intents and purposes a roadside waterfall, and for such a relatively easy waterfall to visit, it had impressive flow near the gorgeous naturesque scenery of the Yushan National Park (玉山國家公園 [Yǜshān Gúojiā Gōngyuán]; the first two characters meaning “Jade Mountain”). Since the park celebrated Taiwan’s tallest mountain (i.e. Yushan at 3,952m or nearly 13,000ft), it made sense that many of the island’s rivers would be sourced from the precipitation that would fall on this mountain, including the one giving rise to the Nanan Waterfall (which according to my Taiwanese GPS was called the Lele Stream (樂樂溪 [Lè Lè Xī]; meaning “Happy Stream”).

From the pullout on the side of the road (see directions below), it was barely a minute or two walk along a flat path skirting the Lele River right to its end where we were able to get the frontal view of the waterfall that you see pictured at the top of this page. Actually, we were even able to see this waterfall from the road. However, we did notice that there was a closed trail that used to go across the river and up a hill for an even closer look at the impressive 25-30m waterfall (probably due to rock falls). There was also a hideous green sign that always seemed to get in the way of a good photo from the end of the official trail.

Either way, taking the good with the bad, Mom and I spent about 10 minutes away from the car (and that included the picture taking). So if it’s a quick waterfall fix that you’re after, the Nanan Waterfall perfectly fits the bill!

Nanan_Waterfall_014_10272016 - With the Nanan Waterfall visible from the road like this, how on earth did we miss it when we first passed by here?
Nanan_Waterfall_018_10272016 - The short walking path leading to a closer look at the bottom of the Nanan Waterfall
Nanan_Waterfall_021_10272016 - Yes, this place also had a toilet facility
Nanan_Waterfall_026_10272016 - Looking upstream at the Nanan Waterfall with that hideous green sign to its right
Nanan_Waterfall_047_10272016 - Context of the end of the short path with the Nanan Falls as we shared the viewpoint with a couple of bicyclists
Nanan_Waterfall_052_10272016 - Heading back to the car
Nanan_Waterfall_070_10272016 - When we got back to the main road, this was the view towards the Lakulaku Creek, which the Lele Stream fed into


Since the Nanan Waterfall was close to the town of Yuli (玉里 [Yǜlǐ]), even though it technically belonged to the indigenous Zhuoxi Township (卓溪鄉 [Zhuóxī Xiāng]), I’ll describe the driving directions from Yuli, especially since the Tiefen Waterfall was also nearby there.

So from Yuli at the junction of the Tai-9 and Tai-30 (just west of the bridge over the Xiuguluan River (秀姑巒溪 [Xiùgūluán Xī]), we drove on the Tai-30 (following the signs to stay on this road at the traffic lights and junctions) for about 11km. The shoulder next to the short path leading to the Nanan Falls was on the left. Overall, this drive would take under 15 minutes.

Nanan_Waterfall_016_10272016 - Like the way a magician practices distraction to work his magic, we must have been distracted by this road barricade, which caused us to miss the Nanan Waterfall initially even though it was in plain sight!
Like the way a magician practices distraction to work his magic, we must have been distracted by this road barricade, which caused us to miss the Nanan Waterfall initially even though it was in plain sight!

Now somehow when we made it here, we were distracted by a partial road barricade that was also by the trailhead. At the time we first showed up, we paid more attention to the barricade and didn’t bother to look to our left at the waterfall in plain sight. So we actually kept driving past the barricade, which climbed the mountain for the next 4km until Route 30 hit a dead-end. While there were parked vehicles here as well as a trailhead, the waterfall was not reachable from here, so we had to backtrack.

For geographical context, the Yuli Township was about 92km south of Hualien City (roughly 2 hours drive) and 95km north of Taitung (台東 [Táidōng]; over 2 hours drive).

Checking out the base and full height of the falls from the end of its short walk

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