Thi Lor Jor Waterfall (Nam tok Thilawjaw)

Umphang Wildlife Sancturary, Tak, Thailand

About Thi Lor Jor Waterfall (Nam tok Thilawjaw)

Hiking Distance: tour
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Date first visited: 2009-01-03
Date last visited: 2009-01-03

Waterfall Latitude: 16.00581
Waterfall Longitude: 98.82397

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The Thi Lor Jor Waterfall was kind of a bonus waterfall to us because we noticed it as sort of an incidental attraction along a river journey that took us from the village of Umphang to somewhere close to the Thi Lo Su Waterfall. That river journey was a three-hour rafting trip where the falls was somewhere in the beginning quarter or third of the ride. I believe the river journey was the only way this waterfall could be seen.

In the wet season, I’d bet the weeping walls would become much more forceful rushes of water. When we went in late December, the falls were dropping gently into the river below (since it was the start of the Dry Season). The tour we were on was luckily timed well as we got to see a double rainbow in the mist of this waterfall while seeing the falls glow in the sideways morning light once we got past it and looked back at it.

There were also other smaller weeping-wall-like waterfalls along the banks of the river though we had trouble telling one waterfall from the next. In fact, it was conceivable that the falls could very well be part of the same tributary system (i.e. they were all different segments of the same waterfall!).

As for the rafting tour, it featured more than just this waterfall. In addition to the nearly pristine jungle scenery (much of this area was undeveloped), there was also a stop we made at some kind of thermal spring where it was possible to dip into the geothermally heated waters there. That stop was one of the few developed spots along the river.

I’ve seen this waterfall also referred to as Namtok Thilawjaw as well as Namtok Teelorjor. Once again, I believe these multiple spellings have to do with the inexact and non-standard way of trying to romanize Thai pronunciations.

Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_001_01022009 - Our songthaew carrying the raft that we were probably going to ride in
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_005_01022009 - The put in point of our rafting journey
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_007_01022009 - Now it was our turn to get into the water
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_015_01022009 - Rafting through the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary with its dark jungles and tall cliffs lit up by the morning sun
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_023_01022009 - We noticed this interesting cave high up on the cliff while we were rafting through the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_025_01022009 - Most of the scenery looked like this throughout much of the river adventure
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_032_01022009 - Very tiny waterfall en route to Thi Lor Jor
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_037_01022009 - Approaching the smaller waterfall before Thi Lor Jor
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_043_01022009 - Looking ahead at another series of weeping waterfalls trickling off the overhanging cliffs and into the river below
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_047_01022009 - Looking back at a smaller weeping waterfall en route to Thi Lor Jor
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_022_jx_01022009 - Approaching what I believe to be the Thi Lor Jor Waterfall itself
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_074_01022009 - Getting closer to the Thi Lor Jor Waterfall itself with a rainbow shining in its mist
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_076_01022009 - Now we were within the Thi Lor Jor Waterfall itself with the rainbow now becoming a double rainbow
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_077_01022009 - Looking back at the Thi Lor Jor Waterfall with the benefit of sidelighting from the sun
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_044_jx_01022009 - After the Thi Lor Jor Waterfall, we then went further down the river and stopped at some kind of remote geothermal area where people could dip in this geothermally heated natural pool
Umphang_Wildlife_Sanctuary_093_01022009 - The more the day wore on, the fog burned off, the shadows got shorter, and the rest of the river tour pretty much looked like this until we got to the landing spot to exit our raft tour


In our experience, this waterfall shares the same excursion as that of Namtok Thi Lo Su. The only difference was that we put in the water from somewhere near the village of Umphang (which was also where the raft tour operator was based). The end point was near campsite at the Thi Lo Su Waterfall.

For logistics on getting all the way to Umphang, see the Namtok Thi Lo Su page.

For general context, it was about 6.5 hours drive south on the Death Highway to go from Mae Sot to Umphang. Mae Sot was 351km (5 hours drive) south of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai was roughly 700km north of Bangkok. It would take around 9 hours to drive or a little over an hour to fly between the cities.

Sweep from bottom (with rainbow) to the weeping top

Looking back at the waterfall with sidelighting from the sun

The captive gibbon who knows how to swing on his own during our Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary river rafting tour after having visited the Thi Lor Jor Waterfall

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