Zhangjiajie Waterfalls (张家界的瀑布 [Zhāngjiājiè de Pùbù])

Wulingyuan, Hunan, China

About Zhangjiajie Waterfalls (张家界的瀑布 [Zhāngjiājiè de Pùbù])

Hiking Distance: tour
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Date first visited: 2009-05-07
Date last visited: 2009-05-07

Waterfall Latitude: 29.05435
Waterfall Longitude: 110.48609

Waterfall Safety and Common Sense

The Zhangjiajie Waterfalls (张家界的瀑布 [Zhāngjiājiè de Pùbù]) are basically a collection of ephemeral and fake waterfalls I’ve clumped into this page.

Our original intent was to see the Yuanyang Waterfall in the Wulingyuan part of Zhangjiajie (all in northern Hunan Province – the province of Mao Zedong’s birthplace).

Tianmen_020_05072009 - The Tianmen Arch and a waterfall below it
The Tianmen Arch and a waterfall below it

But I think our guide was more interested in taking us shopping and conveniently misunderstood that waterfall for the fake Baofeng Waterfall.

So we didn’t get the legitimate waterfall sighting that we wanted here.

However we did see the type of scenery that has inspired Chinese landscape paintings and drawings as well as a handful of giant natural arches and bridges.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Zhangjiajie from a waterfalling point of view were some of the temporary waterfalls we noted that fell beneath the impressive Heaven’s Gate (Tianmen) Natural Arch.

Baofeng_Hu_048_05072009 - The artificial Baofeng Hu Waterfall near the Zhangjiajie scenic area
The artificial Baofeng Hu Waterfall near the Zhangjiajie scenic area

There were also more unnamed ephemeral waterfalls that we witnessed while doing their high-elevation walks above the clouds.


The Zhangjiajie Waterfalls on this page resides in north of the Hunan Province. To my knowledge, I have not found a reliable official government authority administering this area. Therefore, I can’t recommend a particular website belonging to said authority for the latest conditions or other inquiries.

Zhangjiajie_184_05062009 - The scenery in the Wulingyuan part of Zhangjiajie was very much like a Chinese landscape painting
Baofeng_Hu_009_05072009 - The fake Baofeng Waterfall
Baofeng_Hu_043_05072009 - A more closeup look at the artificial Baofeng Waterfall
Tianmen_013_05072009 - One of the waterfalls we saw in the vicinity of Tianmen Dong (Heaven's Gate) in Zhangjiajie
Tianmen_019_05072009 - Another one of the waterfalls we saw in the vicinity of Tianmen Dong (Heaven's Gate)
Tianmen_022_05072009 - One of many cascades around the Tianmen Dong area
Tianmen_026_05072009 - Yet another waterfall in the Tianmen area
Tianmen_028_05072009 - Context of the above waterfall with the road winding its way up to the arch
Tianmen_030_05072009 - Walking above the clouds at Tianmen
Tianmen_107_05072009 - Temporary waterfall emerging from a cliff
Tianmen_111_05072009 - This was a surprising small arch we noticed while doing the high walk near Tianmen Arch
Tianmen_116_05072009 - Another ephemeral waterfall emerging from the base of a cliff
Tianmen_142_05072009 - Another waterfall in the Tianmen vicinity

I have to admit that we were a little disoriented during our time at Zhangjiajie.

I only recalled that after landing at the nearest airport here, we were driven about 2 hours to a hotel near the entrance to the Wulingyuan part of Zhangjiajie.

Maybe if we come back, we might be able to see both a legitimate waterfall while we could provide a better writeup of the area.

For geographical context, Zhangjiajie was 911km (10.5 hours drive or 90 minutes flight) east of Chengdu, 1,285km (nearly 14 hours drive or over 2 hours flight) west of Shanghai, 1,011km (11 hours drive or 90 minutes flight) south of Xi’an, and 1,568km (16 hours drive or about 3 hours flight) south of Beijing.

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