Newtown Falls

Albury-Wodonga / Wangaratta / Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

About Newtown Falls

Hiking Distance: roadside
Suggested Time:

Date first visited: 2006-11-10
Date last visited: 2017-11-21

Waterfall Latitude: -36.36523
Waterfall Longitude: 146.68270

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Newtown Falls was an unexpected waterfall attraction as it sat relatively hidden in the historic mining town of Beechworth.

I noticed that in some of the literature out there, this waterfall may also be called Newton Falls.

Newtown_Falls_17_013_11202017 - Newtown Falls
Newtown Falls

However, from looking at the signage by a viewpoint overlooking this falls, the bridge further upstream on Spring Creek was known as the Newtown Bridge.

Thus, I believe the official name of the falls came from that bridge.

The stone bridge that was currently in use was designed to “be in service for the next 200 years” (it was completed in 1875), and it replaced the original wooden bridge.

In any case, visiting this waterfall was easy as it was essentially a roadside waterfall.

The hardest part was probably making the three-point turn on the narrow side street it was on (more on this later).

Photographing Newtown Falls

As far photographing the waterfall, the best lighting occurred in the early- to mid-afternoon.

Newtown_Falls_003_11092006 - Newtown Falls benefitting from decent afternoon lighting
Newtown Falls benefitting from decent afternoon lighting

We knew this because the first time we came here in November 2006, we witnessed the underlying reddish bedrock really contrasted the white of Spring Creek.

The Newtown Bridge above the falls also received the benefit of the sun’s soft backlighting.

The photo you see at the top of this page came from a return trip in November 2017.

At that time, I arrived in the late morning when the sun was almost on top of the falls and somewhat against my line of sight.

Resilient Flow of Newtown Falls

It was actually a miracle that Spring Creek was flowing at all during my first visit in November 2006 because Southeastern Australia was in the midst of a severe drought that lasted for the better part of the decade.

Spring Creek was one of the feeding watercourses for the endangered Murray-Darling River basin (an important system for agriculture as well as the city of Adelaide in South Australia).

Newtown_Falls_17_018_11202017 - Newtown Falls as seen in November 2017 in the late morning
Newtown Falls as seen in November 2017 in the late morning

On my second visit in November 2017, Spring Creek appeared to have had better flow after a mild recovery from that drought, but even that visit apparently took place after a drier-than-normal Winter and Spring.

Newtown Falls and the Scenic Gorge Drive

Finally, there was one peculiar thing about my visit to Newtown Falls. The overlook was at the wrong end of a one-way road.

It bugged me that I had to make an awkward three-point turn in order to return to the main road leading to the Beechworth town centre after viewing the falls.

After all, there was no immediate access to the start of that one-way road.

Well, it turned out that I was at the end of the 4km Scenic Gorge Drive that started on the north end of Beechworth and ended at this waterfall below the town’s south end.

Along that drive, there were panoramic views over Beechworth as well as a Scenic Gorge Bridge providing a view of some attractive intermediate cascades on Spring Creek.

Beechworth_010_11202017 - These were cascades on Spring Creek just upstream from the Scenic Gorge Bridge in the Beechworth Historic Park. It was one of the attractions on the optional one-way Scenic Gorge Drive
These were cascades on Spring Creek just upstream from the Scenic Gorge Bridge in the Beechworth Historic Park. It was one of the attractions on the optional one-way Scenic Gorge Drive

It was almost as if the town authorities would have preferred to have me drive the whole one-way road before reaching the waterfall (so the three-point turn wouldn’t be necessary).

I’ll discuss more about this drive in the directions below.


Newtown Falls resides in the Beechworth Historic Park. It is administered by Parks Victoria. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website.

Newtown_Falls_17_001_11202017 - Looking down at the overlook for the Newtown Falls
Newtown_Falls_17_003_11202017 - Partial broad look at Newtown Falls with the Newtown Bridge above it
Newtown_Falls_17_007_11202017 - Looking downstream from the Newtown Falls and the ravine carved out by Spring Creek
Newtown_Falls_001_11092006 - This was the Newtown Falls in the afternoon on our first visit back in November 2006
Newtown_Falls_17_011_11202017 - Context of the small pullout by the overlook of Newtown Falls
Newtown_Falls_17_009_11202017 - Looking into the exit of the one-way Scenic Gorge Drive


The key to finding Newtown Falls was to first drive towards Beechworth town centre, where there was a roundabout by the post office intersecting the C315 and C525 roads. From there, we’d drive west on Ford St (C315) for about 900m to Pritchard St on the right. This small street was just past the Newtown Bridge. Once on Pritchard St, the overlook for the falls was about 100m to the right.

In order to go on the optional one-way Scenic Gorge Drive, starting from the roundabout in the town centre (again, where the C315 and C525 roads intersect), we’d drive north on Ford St (C315) for about 1.6km to the north end of town. Then, a signposted turnoff on the left would lead us onto the Gorge Rd. The road became one-way after about 400m.

Beechworth_012_11202017 - The post office by the roundabout in the centre of Beechworth
The post office by the roundabout in the centre of Beechworth

From that point forward, I had to drive 4km to the end of the drive at Pritchard St. In the first 600m or so of this drive, I was able to start getting overviews of parts of Beechworth as well as some of the bushlands further to the north and west. The Scenic Gorge Bridge was about 1.8km from the start of the one-way section of the drive.

For geographical context, Beechworth was about 35km (under 30 minutes drive) southwest from the twin towns of AlburyWodonga, 39km (about 30 minutes drive) east of Wangaratta, 383km (4 hours drive) southwest of Canberra, and 285km (3 hours drive) northeast of Melbourne.

Right to left sweep of the falls while examining the waterfall itself much closer

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