Ralphs Falls

Mt Victoria Forest Reserve / Ringarooma, Tasmania, Australia

About Ralphs Falls

Hiking Distance: 1.2km round trip
Suggested Time: 20-40 minutes

Date first visited: 2006-11-25
Date last visited: 2017-11-25

Waterfall Latitude: -41.3083
Waterfall Longitude: 147.84164

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Ralphs Falls was a very tall but thin waterfall dropping 100m over a rugged cliff facing a wide open expanse of farmlands belonging to the community of Ringarooma.

We were able to take in the falls as well as the panorama from the so-called Norm’s Lookout.

Ralphs_Falls_17_047_11242017 - Ralphs Falls
Ralphs Falls

We also could have done a longer loop walk that took in the Cashs Gorge and waterfall on the New River though in both the times we’ve visited this place (in late November 2006 and in late November 2017), we didn’t do the longer excursion.

The unnamed creek that Ralphs Falls was on drained a catchment on the Mt Victoria Forest Reserve.

It seemed substantial enough to allow this waterfall to flow more or less reliably (though it would be more impressive with more water volume under heavier rainfall period; neither of which occurred on our visits).

Experiencing Ralphs Falls

From the car park and shelter, we took a short 600m track through myrtle rainforest.

The track was gently downhill throughout the forested stretch where moss-covered tree trunks and ferns dominated the scene.

We also spotted wiry waratahs in bloom as well as eccentric tiny worms hanging from their own silk threads.

Ralphs_Falls_17_005_11242017 - Looking across the road from the Ralphs Falls Track towards this shelter
Looking across the road from the Ralphs Falls Track towards this shelter

After passing by a trail junction (where the other track connected with the rest of the Cashs Gorge Circuit), we arrived at the dead-end on Norm’s Lookout, which yielded expansive views towards Ringarooma as well as the Ralphs Falls itself.

There was a dry creek to its right of the falls, which might support a companion waterfall under wetter times, but it didn’t flow in either of our visits here.

Changes to the Ralphs Falls Experience

In comparing our photos taken from our second visit and our first visit, it appeared that Norm’s Lookout was in a different spot than before.

We suspected this was the case it appeared that we had a more direct and full on view of Ralphs Falls back then as even some of the lower tiers of the falls were revealed.

However, in our more recent photos, the bottom sections of the falls could not be seen.

Even the signage for Norm’s Lookout was set on a rock before the lookout platform itself as opposed to on the fencing of the platform like before.

Ralphs_Falls_010_11242006 - Looking towards Ringarooma from Norm's Lookout at Ralphs Falls
Looking towards Ringarooma from Norm’s Lookout at Ralphs Falls

Moreover, there was anecdotal evidence of storms causing damage to both the track and the lookout.

So all things considered, it may no longer be safe to get the full view of the falls like we were able to on our first visit.

Overall, Julie and I did this 1.2km return track in between 20-40 minutes.

Had we devoted the time to extend our visit and do the Cashs Gorge, we would have added another 50 minutes to the overall time spent here.

Maybe next time, we’ll be sure to fully explore all that this place has to offer.


Ralphs Falls resides in the Ralphs Falls Reserve. It is administered by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website.

Ralphs_Falls_17_009_11242017 - The shelter right across the Mt Victoria Road from the Ralphs Falls car park
Ralphs_Falls_17_014_11242017 - On the short walk to Norm's Lookout
Ralphs_Falls_17_021_11242017 - Closeup look at a blooming waratah along the Ralphs Falls Track
Ralphs_Falls_17_023_11242017 - Julie on the Ralphs Falls Track amongst the lush moss- and fern-filled forest
Ralphs_Falls_006_jx_11242006 - The walking track to Norm's Lookout as seen from back in November 2006
Ralphs_Falls_17_066_11242017 - This was one of the eccentric worms that seemed to be hanging and swaying in its own silk
Ralphs_Falls_17_052_11242017 - Julie checking out Ralphs Falls from Norm's Lookout
Ralphs_Falls_004_11242006 - The view from Norm's Lookout from our first visit back in 2006
Ralphs_Falls_17_043_11242017 - Ralphs Falls as seen on our second visit in late November 2017
Ralphs_Falls_007_11242006 - This was the Ralphs Falls as we saw it on our first visit in late November 2006
Ralphs_Falls_014_11242006 - Here's another look at Ralphs Falls from back in late November 2006.  I knew I wasn't imagining things when I swore we were able to get a more satisfying direct view of the falls back then as opposed to in 2017
Ralphs_Falls_17_060_11242017 - Julie heading back to the car park as she was about to cross a bridge over a dry creek that would have fed a companion waterfall to Ralphs Falls
Ralphs_Falls_17_069_11242017 - Julie returning to our parked car


Since the nearest city of reasonable distance is Launceston, we’ll describe the driving directions from there. We were also able to make a visit here from St Columba Falls as well as St Helens so we’ll describe those driving routes later in this section.

From the Launceston CBD, we’d head east onto the Tasman Highway (A3) for about 62km to the town of Scottsdale. Note that the Sideling Lookout was about 48km along the A3 from Launceston. Once in Scottsdale, we turned right to continue on the Tasman Highway (A3) and took it for another 20.5km to the Carisbrook Lane (C423) turnoff on the right.

After going onto C423, we continued another 8km to the small farming town of Ringarooma. In the town, we kept straight on the C423 for the next 1.5km before leaving the road to go onto the New River Rd straight ahead (Mathinna Plains Rd was on the right). After 4km, we then left the New River Rd to turn right and go onto the Forest Lodge Rd / Mt Victoria Rd (by this time, there were signs pointing the way to Ralphs Falls).

Ralphs_Falls_016_iPhone_11252017 - This depressing scene was some extensive clear felling that took place on the Mt Victoria / Forest Lodge Rd between Ralphs Falls and St Columba Falls seen during our late November 2017 trip
This depressing scene was some extensive clear felling that took place on the Mt Victoria / Forest Lodge Rd between Ralphs Falls and St Columba Falls seen during our late November 2017 trip

We followed this unsealed road for about 10.5km to the signed car park opposite a shelter on the left side. Overall, this 106km drive took us under 2 hours to do.

Coming from St Columba Falls, we backtracked for about 1.6km, we then turned left and took the unsealed Forest Lodge Rd / Mt Victoria Rd for about 11km to the car park for Ralphs Falls on the right.

From St Helens, we’d drive the Tasman Highway (A3) for about 24km to Pyengana. Then, we’d turn left onto the St Columba Falls Rd (C428) and drive for a little over 9km to the Forest Lodge Rd / Mt Victoria Rd on the right. Then, we’d turn right onto the unsealed road and follow it to the car park after about 10.5km.

For some geographical context, Launceston was about 103km (over an hour drive) east of Devonport, 167km (over 2 hours drive) west of St Helens, and 201km (nearly 2.5 hours drive) north of Hobart.

Sweep from Norm's Lookout over Ringarooma and ending up at the Ralphs Falls

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