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Hamilton, Victoria, Australia

About Wannon Falls

Hiking Distance: almost roadside
Suggested Time:

Date first visited: 2006-11-14
Date last visited: 2017-11-16

Waterfall Latitude: -37.676
Waterfall Longitude: 141.84619

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Wannon Falls had that classic rectangular plunge that really pleased Julie since this was the type of waterfall she tended to like more than the others.

As you can see from the photo below, the Wannon River was flowing fairly well before making its 30m drop during our most recent visit to the area in November 2017.

Wannon_Falls_17_020_11152017 - Wannon Falls
Wannon Falls

This was not the case when we first showed up in November 2006.

That was when the falls was merely trickling as it was adversely affected by the drought that hammered the southeast of the country (especially Western Victoria) for the better part of the decade.

The wide alcove beneath the overhanging lip of the cliffs supporting the waterfall demonstrated that the falls had probably been around for a long time given its advanced stage of the underlying erosion.

Experiencing Wannon Falls

Like with the neighboring Nigretta Falls, this was practically a mandatory stop along the Glenelg Highway, especially if you happened to be in the Hamilton vicinity.

It was very easy to experience from the picnic area though it didn’t appear trivial to get a different experience by getting to the bottom of (and possibly behind) the waterfall.

Wannon_Falls_009_11142006 - Wannon Falls with pathetic flow during our first visit back in November 2006
Wannon Falls with pathetic flow during our first visit back in November 2006

Neither were we able to experience it from the other side of the gorge without seriously extending the excursion (something we didn’t want to do given the incoming rain storm).

However, we did experience Wannon Falls from a couple of locations.

The Viewpoints for Wannon Falls

The first one was from a distant viewpoint (see directions below) at the Thomas Clark Viewpoint.

From this vantage point, we could see the full context of the falls and the curved amphitheater it resided in.

The other viewpoint was close to the picnic area, which was reached from a different access road and car park.

Wannon_Falls_17_006_11152017 - This was the distant view of Wannon Falls from the Thomas Clark Viewing Area
This was the distant view of Wannon Falls from the Thomas Clark Viewing Area

A very short walk from the car park led us to a viewing area where we got the closer and expansive view you see pictured at the top of this page.

There were other tracks leaving from the picnic area that went further upstream, but we didn’t get to explore them so we can’t comment further on where they went.

Observations About Wannon Falls

Finally, there’s a couple of observations worth mentioning.

On that first visit to the falls back in November 2006, Julie and I saw water in the Wannon River further upstream as we were driving towards Hamilton from the Grampians National Park.

However, by the time it got to this falls, most of the waterflow was gone.

We suspect that the remainder of the flow of the river was diverted for agricultural purposes since the Southern Grampians Shire appeared to be a major agricultural region.

Wannon_Falls_17_032_11152017 - Closer look at Wannon Falls flanked by giant volcanic boulders that have flaked off the neighboring cliffs over the years
Closer look at Wannon Falls flanked by giant volcanic boulders that have flaked off the neighboring cliffs over the years

Another observation was the presence of tough volcanic rocks, including basalt remnants near the lip of the falls.

This made sense since the general area west of Hamilton was also known as Volcano Country.

And such volcanic rocks are typical of the geology necessary to give rise to waterfalls.


Wannon Falls resides in the Southern Grampians Shire. It is administered by the Southern Grampians Shire Council. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website.

Wannon_Falls_17_013_11152017 - At the circular car park closest to the overlook of Wannon Falls
Wannon_Falls_17_014_11152017 - Before a handful of other people showed up, we were the only ones here so we scored this spot close to the toilet facility
Wannon_Falls_17_015_11152017 - Julie walking past some of the picnic tables towards the overlook of Wannon Falls
Wannon_Falls_17_017_11152017 - Julie traversing an open area close to the overlook of Wannon Falls
Wannon_Falls_17_018_11152017 - Julie approaching the overlook of Wannon Falls
Wannon_Falls_17_029_11152017 - Finally, a successful visit to the famed Wannon Falls
Wannon_Falls_003_11142006 - This was what Wannon Falls looked like back in November 2006, when it was merely a disappointing trickle
Wannon_Falls_17_023_11152017 - Wannon Falls when it was flowing in November 2017
Wannon_Falls_011_11142006 - This was the before shot showing Wannon Falls from the main lookout revealing that it did have some flow, but it was only a trickle back in November 2006


We were able to reach Wannon Falls from Hamilton by driving west on the Glenelg Highway (B160) for a little over 17km. At this point, we had an option of driving to a distant viewpoint of the falls or continuing along the highway before turning off for the main picnic and viewing area.

For the distant view from the Thomas Clark Viewpoint, we would turn left onto Morgiana Road (which itself was opposite the Wannon-Nigretta Fall Road) then follow this rural road for another 700m before turning right at the signpost for the Thomas Clark Viewing Area.

For the main car park and picnic area, we’d continue on the Glenelg Highway (B160) shortly past the Morgiana Road turnoff where there was another signed turnoff that slowly led us 1km to the round car park nearest to the falls. Overall, the drive from Hamilton to this car park would take about 25 minutes.

Wannon_Falls_17_042_11152017 - Cars parked around the start of the short walk to the closest view of Wannon Falls
Cars parked around the start of the short walk to the closest view of Wannon Falls

Alternately, we could also drive from the Nigretta Falls to the Wannon Falls picnic area (assuming we were visiting Wannon Falls last instead of first). From the Nigretta Falls viewpoint and car park, we turned right onto Wannon-Nigretta Falls Rd for about 7.5km before rejoining the Glenelg Highway opposite Morgiana Rd.

From this intersection, we had a choice of continuing straight onto Morgiana Rd for the Thomas Clark Viewing Area, turning right then a quick left to go onto the Wannon Falls Road to the picnic ground, or we could turn right onto Glenelg Highway and drive about 700m before turning left onto Camerons Rd, which would eventually lead roughly 350m to the car park and picnic ground. This alternate route between the two main car parks took us on the order of about 15 minutes.

For context, Hamilton was about 33km (under 30 minutes drive) west of Dunkeld, about 96km (over an hour drive) south of Halls Gap, 100km (under 90 minutes drive) north of Warrnambool, 294km (about 3.5 hours drive) west of Melbourne, and 128km (90 minutes drive) east of Mount Gambier.

Left to right sweep of the gorge carved out by the Wannon River before focusing more on the plunging waterfall then zooming back out at the end

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