Cascada Las Delicias

Bosque Estatal de Tres Picachos / Toro Negro, Jayuya / Ciales, Puerto Rico

About Cascada Las Delicias

Hiking Distance: less than 1/2-mile round-trip
Suggested Time: allow about 30-60 minutes

Date first visited: 2022-04-19
Date last visited: 2022-04-19

Waterfall Latitude: 18.22925
Waterfall Longitude: -66.53808

Waterfall Safety and Common Sense

Cascada Las Delicias (or Cascada de las Delicias) gave us one of our more intimate waterfalling experiences as it seemed to be secluded despite being close to the town of Jayuya.

It actually consisted of two waterfalls, which were both set back from the road so they are pretty easy to miss if you’re not looking for them.

Cascada_de_las_Delicias_014_04192022 - Cascada de Las Delicias or just Cascada Las Delicias or Las Delicias Waterfall
Cascada de Las Delicias or just Cascada Las Delicias or Las Delicias Waterfall

That said, when we made our visit on a rainy day in April 2022, there was one person who was here before he took off just as we showeed up.

So I suspect this place isn’t all that unknown, but you’ll definitely need to self-drive the narrow and winding mountain roads of Cordillera Central (i.e. the central mountains of Puerto Rico).

Las delicias means “the delights” in Spanish, and we certainly found this waterfall to be refreshingly intimate and delightful.

In order to experience this place, we actually had to park a short distance to the east of the bridge containing the waterfall’s creek towards an unsigned pullout (see directions below).

Cascada_de_las_Delicias_011_04192022 - Following a use trail from the road bridge towards the pair of waterfalls comprising Cascada Las Delicias
Following a use trail from the road bridge towards the pair of waterfalls comprising Cascada Las Delicias

Then, we walked back along the PR-533 road towards the aforementioned bridge before following a use trail on the right side of the bridge upstream towards the waterfalls.

After barely a few minutes of following the path, we arrived at the lower waterfall, which was fronted by lots of slippery rocks as well as a small plunge pool.

However, in order to reach the upper waterfall (which was already partially visible from here), we had to cross the creek on those slippery rocks, and then carefully climb alongside the very slick slab holding up the lower cascade to get past it.

Then, after getting past the lower waterfall, we were home free to scramble our way up to the taller, upper Las Delicias Waterfall.

Cascada_de_las_Delicias_088_04192022 - The upper drop of Cascada Las Delicias near Jayuya
The upper drop of Cascada Las Delicias near Jayuya

This upper waterfall featured a roughly 10m plunge onto some kind of ledge that seemed to lead to some kind of alcove or cave to the far right.

I couldn’t tell if there was a way to get up to it safely (we didn’t really try), but from what I could tell, it wasn’t all that obvious to reach so we didn’t do it.

In total, we probably spent a little less than an hour away from the car (which gives you an idea of how short this scramble was despite the slippery obstacles).

And besides the one person that we saw who just left when we first showed up in the late morning, there was no one else around during our visit.


Cascada Las Delicias resides in the municipality of Ciales even though it’s closer to the town of Jayuya, Puerto Rico. As far as I know, it is administered by the local government in Ciales. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, you can try to visit their Instagram page (in Spanish).

Cascada_de_las_Delicias_003_04192022 - Pulling over at the nearest space where we could stop the car by the Cascada Las Delicias. Note that there was already one other car parked here
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_001_04192022 - The mountain roads in the Cordillera Central of Puerto Rico were full of blind turns and narrow lanes, and the PR-533 was no exception
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_007_04192022 - Approaching the road bridge spanning the creek containing Cascada de las Delicias
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_002_iPhone_04192022 - Looking directly upstream from the road bridge on the PR-533 with a hint of the upper drop of Cascada de las Delicias in the background
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_012_04192022 - Closer examination at the slippery rock surfaces of the trail of use leading to Cascada de las Delicias
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_022_04192022 - Frontal look at the pair of waterfalls comprising Cascada Las Delicias. Note the slippery slab to the left of the lower falls, which is what we had to scale to access that upper waterfall
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_031_04192022 - When I first showed up to the upper waterfall of Cascada Las Delicias, there was one other person there already though he was on his way out
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_032_04192022 - Frontal look at the intimate upper drop of Cascada Las Delicias
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_047_04192022 - Broad look at the Cascada Las Delicias' upper tier in long exposure
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_066_04192022 - Angled look across the upper drop of Cascada Las Delicias
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_042_04192022 - Direct portrait look at Cascada Las Delicias' upper drop
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_071_04192022 - When looking across the upper drop of Cascada Las Delicias in this manner, it seemed like there was some kind of alcove or cave hidden in the foliage to the right side though I couldn't substantiate that since I didn't bother getting closer (and messier) for it
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_099_04192022 - Last look at the upper drop of Cascada Las Delicias before heading back
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_102_04192022 - On the way back down, both Tahia and Julie slipped on the slick slab besides the lower drop of Cascada de las Delicias.
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_104_04192022 - Tahia still decided to try going down backwards like this though that didn't last long either
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_109_04192022 - We eventually figured out that it was much easier to just sit and scoot our way down past the lower drop of Cascada Las Delicias
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_113_04192022 - Last look at the Cascada Las Delicias before returning to the PR-533 and our parked car
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_114_04192022 - Julie and Tahia approaching the PR-533 Road after having had their fill of Cascada de las Delicias
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_120_04192022 - Another look at the trail of use that we used to access Cascada de las Delicias from the PR-533
Cascada_de_las_Delicias_125_04192022 - Walking back along the PR-533 to regain the car just as the sun was starting to show itself again at the end of our short time at Cascada de las Delicias

Cascada Las Delicias is an almost roadside waterfall near the PR-533 east of Jayuya.

While driving east of Jayuya along the PR-141 before keeping right to stay on the PR-533, we’d eventually encounter the road bridge spanning the stream responsible for the Cascada Las Delicias.

Cascada_de_las_Delicias_005_04192022 - Looking back at the context of the PR-533 road and the pullout space roughly 300ft or so to the east of the bridge fronting Cascada Las Delicias
Looking back at the context of the PR-533 road and the pullout space roughly 300ft or so to the east of the bridge fronting Cascada Las Delicias

As far as distances were concerned, we drove about 2.5 miles along the PR-141 as we left Jayuya, and then continued another 2.7 miles to the road bridge before the waterfall.

However, there wasn’t a pullout immediately in the area so we had to drive a little further to the east of the bridge for another 300ft or so before we finally found a pullout to stop the car.

By the way, had we gone in the opposite direction, then the pullout would be on the right side about 1.3 miles west of the PR-149 intersection with the PR-533.

For geographical context, Jayuya was 25km (about an hour drive) northwest of Villalba, about 36km (over an hour drive) north of Juana Díaz about 39km (about an hour drive) north of Ponce, 32km (over an hour drive) southwest of Ciales, about 25km (an hour drive) east of Utuado, 41km (over an hour drive) west of Orocovis, about 49km (about 90 minutes drive) west of Barranquitas, and about 103km (about 2 hours drive) southwest of San Juan.

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Sweep showing the pair of the Las Delicias Waterfalls before panning downstream briefly then ending up at the falls

Long video showing the context of the main drop of Las Delicias Falls before scrambling right up to the edge of its plunge pool for a closer look at a couple of different spots

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