Allerheiligen Waterfalls

Oppenau / Black Forest / Ortenaukreis District, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

About Allerheiligen Waterfalls

Hiking Distance: 0.8km round trip
Suggested Time: 1 hour

Date first visited: 2018-06-22
Date last visited: 2018-06-22

Waterfall Latitude: 48.53141
Waterfall Longitude: 8.19430

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The Allerheiligen Waterfalls were actually a series of small all-season waterfalls tumbling over apparently seven drops within the Schwarzwald National Park. It’s said that the cumulative height of all these drops was about 83m. We were able to experience the falls along a steep but well-made series of steps that climbed alongside each of the waterfall’s drops.

From the spacious car park (see directions below), we crossed the road (being careful due to the blind hairpin turn), then proceeded beneath the procession of man-made archways before getting onto the trail.

Allerheiligen_031_06222018 - Initially, the trail follows the east bank of the Lierbach Creek
Initially, the trail follows the east bank of the Lierbach Creek

The path followed along the Lierbach’s east bank for roughly the first 250m before encountering the first waterfall (or third if you count the two tiny cascades beneath it). Beyond this diminutive yet intimate waterfall, the path continued over a bridge across the front of this falls then continued up a steep series of steps on the west bank of the Lierbach.

Indeed, at the top of the steps, the path then rounded a bend and momentarily descended as it revealed the next waterfall drop as well as an even longer series of steps going up. On this next round of steps, we were able to glimpse more partial views of the Allerheiligen Waterfalls as it continued to reveal more even longer drops the higher we went.

It was hard to tell when one drop stopped and the next one started, but the highest drops of the waterfall series appeared to be more towards the upper middle of the entire waterfall ensemble. The uppermost pair of drops were each a bit shorter.

Allerheiligen_088_06222018 - The trail follows the Lierbach as it climbs alongside the Allerheiligen Waterfalls
The trail follows the Lierbach as it climbs alongside the Allerheiligen Waterfalls

Once we beyond the top of the last two drops, the path flattened out and continued back along the east bank of the Lierbach along the so-called Legends Trail (because apparently this place had been steeped in legends over the centuries). Along the way, we noticed some wild strawberries growing within the greenery flanking the path. When we realized there were no more waterfalls continuing up this way, we decided to turn around and head back the way we came.

This entire excursion only took us an hour covering the entirety of the 0.4km stretch of trail alongside the waterfalls (or 0.8km round trip). It would have been an additional 1.3km further (one-way) to the Allerheiligen Closer Ruins further upstream, which itself had a separate car park and cafe in addition to the Roman ruins themselves.

As for other interesting facts about this waterfall, it turned out that the English translation of Allerheiligen meant “All Saints”. That was apparently due to the Allerheiligen Monastery that dated back to Roman times. Apparently, lots of stories and legends were said about the falls due to its inaccessibility as a result of the steep terrain. The steepness and the stair-stepped nature of the trail certainly attested to that.

This waterfall also assumed many different names over the years. Such names included Büttensteiner Wasserfälle (“Tub Stone Waterfalls”), die Sieben Bütten (“Seven Tubs”), Lierbachfälle, and of course die Wasserfälle Allerheiligen.

Allerheiligen_001_06222018 - Parking at the fairly spacious car park for the Allerheiligen Waterfalls
Allerheiligen_011_06222018 - Passing through these man-made columns and arches at the trailhead of the Allerheiligen Waterfalls
Allerheiligen_027_06222018 - The trail initially was flat and followed the east bank of the Lierbach Creek
Allerheiligen_029_06222018 - Along the initial flat stretch, there were already some minor cascades and waterfalls on the Lierbach. I wondered if they counted towards the seven that were apparently here
Allerheiligen_033_06222018 - Julie and Tahia continuing along the initial flat portion of the Allerheiligen Waterfalls hike
Allerheiligen_056_06222018 - This was the first 'significant' waterfall that we encountered on the Allerheiligen Waterfalls series
Allerheiligen_057_06222018 - Beyond the first of the 'significant' waterfall, we then had to go up this long flight of steps
Allerheiligen_060_06222018 - At the top of the long steps, we then descended towards the second 'significant' Allerheiligen Waterfall
Allerheiligen_077_06222018 - This was the tallest and most impressive part of the Allerheiligen Waterfalls, which was probably in the upper two-thirds of the whole series
Allerheiligen_087_06222018 - This was the last pair of the Allerheiligen Waterfalls at the very top of the series of drops
Allerheiligen_091_06222018 - Looking back downstream over the top of the uppermost drops of the Allerheiligen Waterfalls
Allerheiligen_093_06222018 - Beyond the uppermost of the Allerheiligen Waterfalls, the trail flattened out and followed the Lierbach on the east bank once again
Allerheiligen_096_06222018 - We noticed some wild strawberries growing alongside the Legends Trail further upstream of the Allerheiligen Waterfalls
Allerheiligen_107_06222018 - Making it all the way back to the trailhead for the Allerheiligen Waterfalls
Allerheiligen_108_06222018 - This was the car park that was closer to the Allerheiligen Klosterruine (Allerheiligen Monastery Ruins)
Allerheiligen_114_06222018 - Approaching the Allerheiligen Klosterruine (Allerheiligen Monastery Ruins)
Allerheiligen_123_06222018 - Walking amongst the Allerheiligen Klosterruine (Allerheiligen Monastery Ruins)
Allerheiligen_133_06222018 - This was the kiosk or cafe that was next to the Allerheiligen Klosterruine (Allerheiligen Monastery Ruins)


We’ll describe the driving directions from Oppenau since that was the nearest town and it was the way we did it. There are lots of ways to get to Oppenau, which can easily be found using an app like Google Maps.

From the small town of Oppenau, all we had to do was to leave the B28 at the roundabout by the Lierbach and drive east on Straßburgerstraße. We then followed this street through town as it became the Hauptstraße and then ultimately the Allerheiligenstraße at the east end of town. This road then became the Lierbachstraße after passing through town of Lierbach.

Eventually after 7.5km from the center of Oppenau, we arrived at the free car park for the Allerheiligen Waterfalls, which was on the right just before the hairpin turn. This drive took us about 10 minutes.

For geographical context, Oppenau was 26km (under 30 minutes drive) east of Offenburg, 39km (over 30 minutes drive) east of Strasbourg, France, 63km (about 45 minutes drive) south of Baden Baden, 25km (under 30 minutes drive) west of Freudenstadt, and 90km (about an hour drive) north of Freiburg im Breisgau.

Video showing all the major drops of the Allerheiligen Waterfalls

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