Fallbach Waterfall

Malta, Carinthia (Karnten), Austria

About Fallbach Waterfall

Hiking Distance: 800m round trip
Suggested Time: 15 minutes

Date first visited: 2018-07-13
Date last visited: 2018-07-13

Waterfall Latitude: 46.98373
Waterfall Longitude: 13.46823

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The Fallbach Waterfall was a pretty easy waterfall to visit. In fact, it seemed like everything about my visit to this waterfall was with the family in mind. So not only was the walk to the base of this towering 200m nearly freefalling cataract easy to do requiring about 30 minutes total if you’re not lingering around, but there was a playground at the Erlebnispark (Adventure Park) adjacent to a good chunk of the walking path to get to the base of the waterfall.

Indeed, while some of the adults wishing to do the more ambitious excursions to the Fallbach, the kids could play in the playground, which was decked out with a rope-pulling raft, large slides, zip-line-like one-way hang pulleys, and a bunch of other things you’d find in most playgrounds.

Fallbach_102_07122018 - Looking back at the well-stocked children's playground alongside the trail to the Fallbach Waterfall
Looking back at the well-stocked children’s playground alongside the trail to the Fallbach Waterfall

Speaking of adult excursions, after paying 5 euros for adult admission (under age 3 are free; typically open from 9-5), I walked out the other side of the gift shop and took the right path to go around the kids playground on the left. The gradually ascending footpath was flanked by the playground on one side and a cow pasture on the other.

Eventually after reaching the end of the playground, I then crossed a fence and onto what appeared to be a continuation of the footpath to the lookout at the top of a small hill right at the base of the Fallbach Waterfall. The catch with this part of the trail was that there were cow patties everywhere as this was apparently part of the cow pasture.

Once I made my way up to the top of the short hill to get a closer more intimate look up at the Fallbach, I was also able to turn around and get nice views across the Maltatal Valley. In the morning, those views have perfect lighting, but I’d be looking against the sun at the waterfall. In the afternoon, the opposite would be true.

Fallbach_087_07122018 - Looking across the Maltatal Valley from the base of the Fallbach Waterfall
Looking across the Maltatal Valley from the base of the Fallbach Waterfall

It only took me about 45 minutes away from the car (15 minutes more than the recommended time), but I lingered for quite some time. Had Tahia taken the time to check out the playground, I could’ve easily lingered here a bit longer to let her play in the playground.

As for lingering for longer to do more ambitious excursions, I noticed on a map that there was a steep path taking you up to a lookout half-way up the full height of the Fallbach Waterfall. There were closure signs during my visit so I’d imagine that path was no longer possible due to the rockfall danger, I’m sure, but there was a longer trail from a different car park that would have taken you to the same spot on a more gradual trail as well as going all the way to the top of the waterfall.

Neither of those additional things I took part in, but it did seem like an option if the base of the Fallbach Waterfall was not enough for a satisfying time spent here.

Finally, there have been claims that Fallbach was the Carinthia Province’s highest waterfall, but a sign here conceded that title to the Melnikfall further up the Maltatal Valley at 300m in cumulative height. Either way, the signage here still considers this to be Carinthia’s mightiest waterfall given its high volume flow.

Fallbach_001_07122018 - Looking against the morning sun towards the Fallbach in shadow from the car park
Fallbach_011_07122018 - On the short walking path leading to the kiosk for the Fallbach Erlebnispark and short trail to the waterfall's base
Fallbach_017_07122018 - On the trail going alongside the Erlebnispark and getting closer to the Fallbach Waterfall
Fallbach_023_07122018 - Context of the Fallbach towering over the children's playground as I was getting closer to the base of the waterfall
Fallbach_026_07122018 - The short trail to the base of Fallbach had some slight incline as evidenced by this look back towards the Erlebnispark and across the valley
Fallbach_035_07122018 - Approaching the fenced area at the base of Fallbach, which was apparently a free pasture grazing area for the local cows as evidenced by the plethora of cow patties
Fallbach_037_07122018 - Closer look at some of the cow patties I had to watch out for as I was walking up to the bottom of the Fallbach
Fallbach_046_07122018 - Looking up at the Fallbach Waterfall from part way up the lookout hill
Fallbach_065_07122018 - Approaching the lookout at the top of the short hill at the base of Fallbach
Fallbach_067_07122018 - Context of the short walking trail along a fence that led up to the lookout hill before Fallbach
Fallbach_077_07122018 - A closer look at more cow patties strewn all over the ground before the Fallbach Waterfall
Fallbach_106_07122018 - Cows resting in a pasture adjacent to the trail I took to reach the Fallbach Waterfall


We managed to reach the Fallbach Waterfall after driving from Millstatt. Therefore, I’ll describe the driving directions from there.

Fallbach_004_07122018 - At the car park for Fallbach and the Erlebnispark
At the car park for Fallbach and the Erlebnispark

From Millstatt, we drove west on the B98 for about 8km to the A10 autobahn ramp heading north (right). Once on the autobahn, we continued for about 9km. Then, we took the exit 130 for Gmünd, which swung us around for about 1km to a roundabout. We then took the second exit to keep straight and did the same thing at the next roundabout. Afterwards, we were on the Maltatal Landesstraße and we continued on this road for about 11km to the well-established car park for Fallbach on the right.

You can’t miss it because the Fallbach Waterfall was clearly visible from the Maltatal Landesstraße. Overall, this drive took us about a little over 30 minutes.

For geographical context, Millstatt was 85km (about an hour drive) west of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, 75km (about an hour drive) east of Lienz , 99km (well over an hour drive) south of Sankt Johann im Pongau, and 151km (about 2 hours drive) southeast of Zell am See.

360 degree sweep of the Fallbach Waterfall and its surroundings across the Maltatal Valley

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Fallbach (Austria) August 28, 2011 1:45 pm by Ruth Williams - The Fallbach waterfall is situated in the beautiful Maltatal valley in Carinthia Southern Austria. Maltatal is known as the valley of the waterfalls and is particularly popular for ice-climbing on the frozen falls in the winter. The Fallbach plunges 200m in freefall over the mountain side. It is easily visible from the road where there… ...Read More

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