Felbertauern Waterfalls

Matrei in Osttirol, Tyrol (Tirol), Austria

About Felbertauern Waterfalls

Hiking Distance: roadside
Suggested Time:

Date first visited: 2018-07-13
Date last visited: 2018-07-16

Waterfall Latitude: 47.11685
Waterfall Longitude: 12.49615

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The Felbertauern Waterfalls page was kind of a place to put the series of waterfalls that Julie and I noticed from the toll station at the Felbertauern Tunnel. The scenery here was simply too beautiful to ignore. With that said, I made up the name of this page because I honestly don’t know what this place is called nor do I know the names of each of these waterfalls.

So what compelled us to pull the car over and spend some time looking at the scenery before us was that we saw at a minimum four waterfalls all spilling into a valley seemingly surrounded by glacial cirques – each of them with fairly significant waterfalls coming down them.

Couple that with a U-shaped valley at the bottom, which was a classic tell-tale sign of a glacier that was once here, and it surprises me how motorists merely zoom past without even a thought to stopping and enjoying the scenery. Maybe most are Austrian locals perhaps jaded by seeing such beauty on a daily basis and hence taking them for granted? I think only Julie and I were the only ones who stopped and tried to bask in the scenery on the morning of our visit.

Speaking of the pullout, we pulled over at the defunct Gasthaus Höhe Tauern, where there was a huge empty lot at the uppermost hairpin turn (a short distance downhill from the Felbertauerntunnel toll station). From the photos and videos on this page, you can see what we’ve seen in ways that words simply cannot describe…

Hohe_Tauern_024_jx_07162018 - This was the northern entrance to the 5km Felbertauerntunnel
Hohe_Tauern_030_jx_07162018 - This was the toll station (maut) at the southern exit of the Felberntauerntunnel
Hohe_Tauern_033_07152018 - Looking into the beautiful valley from the Gasthaus Höhe Tauern
Hohe_Tauern_007_07152018 - This was one of the waterfalls we saw coming down into the Felbertauern area. I believe this waterfall was on the Löbbenbach Creek so it could very well be the Löbbenbachfälle
Hohe_Tauern_042_07152018 - Another look at the Löbbenbachfälle when the morning sun started to penetrate the upper reaches of this hanging valley
Hohe_Tauern_043_07152018 - This was a waterfall coming out of a small glacial cirque, which I believe is coming down a creek called the Dichtenbach so this could be the Dichtenbachfall or Dichtenbachfälle if it's plural
Hohe_Tauern_044_07152018 - Zoomed out look at the Dichtenbachfall to show its context against the mountainous backdrop with another small cascade above it
Hohe_Tauern_046_07152018 - This waterfall was on what I believe to be the creek Schildbach so this could very well be the Schildbachfall
Hohe_Tauern_049_07152018 - Contextual view of the Löbbenbachfälle with some buildings at the foot of the valley down below
Hohe_Tauern_056_07152018 - Another look at the beautiful valley of the Felbertauern now that the morning sun was penetrating a good chunk of it
Hohe_Tauern_065_07152018 - Looking through the power lines towards the lower tiers of the Löbbenbachfälle, which we managed to see after driving into the valley and taking a side road towards the car park in the little village at the end of the drivable part
Hohe_Tauern_067_07152018 - Zoomed in look at the bottom of the Löbbenbachfälle
Hohe_Tauern_068_07152018 - Looking towards the foot of the Felbertauern Valley from the end of the road that we took into this valley
Hohe_Tauern_072_07152018 - This was the car park at the end of that road in the valley suggesting that there were opportunities to do hikes to further explore this place
Hohe_Tauern_076_07152018 - Looking back at the Felbertauern Valley as we were about to leave and continue driving south
Hohe_Tauern_041_jx_07162018 - As we were continuing our drive south on the B108, Julie managed to snap a few photos of the lower parts of the Schildbachfall while I was driving
Hohe_Tauern_006_jx_07132018 - A few days earlier, we were heading north from Lienz towards Zell am See via the Felbertauerntunnel, and Julie spotted this waterfall, which I think is the Schildbachfall
Hohe_Tauern_008_jx_07132018 - This was the context of the Dichtenbachfall with the toll station as we were about to enter the Felbertauerntunnel from the south


The place where we took all the photos and videos on this page were from the defunct Gasthaus Höhe Tauern. This sat directly south of the Felbertauerntunnel toll station, which was situated at the south exit of the tunnel.

I’ll describe the driving directions from Zell am See as well as from Lienz. Any other starting location can be routed by apps like Google Maps using the Felbertauerntunnel as one of the destinations.

From Zell am See, we headed south into the B311 tunnel. As we emerged from the southern exit of that tunnel, we then kept right and headed west on the B311 towards Mittersill for about 24km. Then, at the roundabout, we took the third exit to go south on the Felbertauernstraße (B108).

The pullout for the Gasthaus Höhe Tauern was just before the first hairpin turn beyond the toll station roughly 22km south of Mittersill. Overall, this drive would take about 45 minutes.

From Lienz, we’d head north on the B108 Road for 44km to the last hairpin turn at the top of the climb towards the toll station at the Felbertauerntunnel. The pullout would be on the left.

Overall, this drive would take about a half-hour.

For context, Lienz was about 66km (under an hour drive) south of Mittersill, about 92km (over an hour drive) north of Zell am See, 75km (an hour drive) west of Millstatt, and 74km (over an hour drive) east from Brunico (Bruneck), Italy.

Left to right sweep revealing the beautiful scenery near the toll station at Hohe Tauern Gasthaus briefly focusing on each waterfall seen

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