Klovsjo, Jamtland County, Sweden

About Fettjeafallet

Hiking Distance: 4km round trip
Suggested Time: 2 hours

Date first visited: 2019-07-11
Date last visited: 2019-07-11

Waterfall Latitude: 62.5398
Waterfall Longitude: 14.10544

Waterfall Safety and Common Sense

Fettjeafallet (or more accurately Fettjeåfallet) was one of the taller waterfalls that was said to have a drop of 70m over two main drops on the Fettjeån river.

With this excursion, it was pretty much all about the river itself and the waterfall at the end.

Fettjeafallet_074_07112019 - View of Fettjeåfallet from around the shelter
View of Fettjeåfallet from around the shelter

As you can see from the photo above, this was one of the taller and nicer waterfalls that I’ve encountered in Sweden.

It felt also a little off the typical tourist path (at least compared to Hällingsåfallet.

While I was able to get nice contextual views from afar, I did take the time to scramble closer and up a little bit of the steep slopes to get up to one of the plunge pools at the base of one of the taller drops.

For the most part, I had pretty much the entire trail to myself with the exception of one couple who were fishing near the falls.

Fettjeafallet_090_07112019 - Direct look up from the foot of the main drop of Fettjeåfallet
Direct look up from the foot of the main drop of Fettjeåfallet

Perhaps the relative lack of people had more to do with my late afternoon or early evening hike (while most people would be having an early dinner), but it was relaxing to say the least.

Hiking to and experiencing Fettjeåfallet

I had to earn my visit with a fairly gentle 4km round trip walk (2km in each direction), but the trail became progressively more rugged after the half-way point.

From the fairly spacious car park at the trailhead (see directions below), the trail went past a shelter where I encountered a sign in Swedish saying something about the need for trail improvements.

The trail then followed a fairly wide and conventional dirt path with some rocks strewn here and there (so watch out for twisted ankles).

Fettjeafallet_009_07112019 - Pretty straightforward hiking in the first kilometer of the trail to Fettjeåfallet
Pretty straightforward hiking in the first kilometer of the trail to Fettjeåfallet

The hiking started off dry, but then it started to converge to and parallel the tannin-laced Fettjeån, which was quite calm for most of the first kilometer of the hike.

After passing a sign saying at the one kilometer point (i.e. the half-way point of the hike), the trail then started to degenerate more into tree roots though it was still straightforward to follow.

A little further beyond the signed half-way point, the trail then crossed the Fettjeån over a wooden bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, the trail degenerated even more into a smattering of boards and mostly rocks.

Fettjeafallet_041_07112019 - One of the intermediate cascades on the Fettjeån en route to Fettjeåfallet
One of the intermediate cascades on the Fettjeån en route to Fettjeåfallet

It was in this stretch of the trail that I noticed some intermediate cascades as well as short informal spurs to get a closer look at them or even perhaps take a dip.

The trail continued to climb around these intermediate waterfalls over a combination of slopes and rocks, and with careful steps (i.e. not being in a rush), I found them to not be particularly difficult obstacles.

The fairly rough conditions were still manageable as I crossed a second bridge over the Fettjeån before the trail started to skirt volcanic boulder slopes.

Eventually at nearly 2km from the trailhead, I reached a shelter while also getting a decent contextual look at Fettjeåfallet from a distance.

Fettjeafallet_106_07112019 - Making it up to the bottom of the lower of the two main drops at Fettjeåfallet
Making it up to the bottom of the lower of the two main drops at Fettjeåfallet

The “trail” actually continued past the shelter, which eventually climbed a series of loose rocks ultimately getting me up to the very base of the lower of the two main drops.

This was my turnaround point as any further progress at this point required an uncomfortable level of steep scrambling on loose rocks.

After returning to the car park and trailhead, my trip notes suggested that I took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the 4km hike as well as enjoy the scenery both along the way and at the falls.

Trail Repairs due for Fettjeåfallet

Even though the signs in the area were in Swedish, I was able to make out (based on my limited Norwegian) that the rough parts of the trail were planned to be repaired around September 2019 (I was there in July 2019).

Fettjeafallet_004_07112019 - The Swedish sign discussing something about the trail conditions and possible improvements on the way at Fettjeåfallet
The Swedish sign discussing something about the trail conditions and possible improvements on the way at Fettjeåfallet

I think there were SEK figures mentioned on the sign so I presume that they were soliciting donations or crowd sourcing to raise the necessary funds to complete the trail repairs.

In any case, perhaps by the time you read this, the trail conditions (especially in the last kilometer) will have been improved to the point that perhaps the excursion might take even less time than it took me.


Fettjeåfallet was in the municipality of Berg near Klövsjö in the county of Jämtland, Sweden. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, you may want to try the local municipality website.

Fettjeafallet_006_07112019 - The start of the Fettjeåfallet Trail passed by this shelter
Fettjeafallet_007_07112019 - The Fettjeåfallet hike was fairly straightforward in the beginning
Fettjeafallet_008_07112019 - Passing by some curious ribbons colored orange, yellow, and black along the Fettjeåfallet Trail
Fettjeafallet_011_07112019 - Continuing on the Fettjeåfallet Trail, which remained pretty tame in the first kilometer
Fettjeafallet_016_07112019 - A rest bench on the way to Fettjeåfallet, where the trail started to follow alongside the tannin-colored Fettjeån
Fettjeafallet_022_07112019 - Context of the trail alongside the Fettjeån
Fettjeafallet_024_07112019 - This blue sign essentially marked the half-way point of the hike to get to Fettjeåfallet. The trail became a bit rougher the further on I went
Fettjeafallet_027_07112019 - The Fettjeåfallet Trail started to get more rooty as it continued to follow the Fettjeån
Fettjeafallet_030_07112019 - Continuing to follow alongside the Fettjeån on the Fettjeåfallet Trail
Fettjeafallet_034_07112019 - Crossing the bridge over the Fettjeån, where now the trail became even rougher pretty quickly
Fettjeafallet_036_07112019 - The rocky Fettjeåfallet Trail as it started to climb alongside and over some intermediate waterfalls
Fettjeafallet_040_07112019 - An intermediate cascade on the Fettjeån with a dark and large plunge pool
Fettjeafallet_048_07112019 - The Fettjeåfallet Trail continuing to get rocky and a bit rough beyond the 1km half-way point
Fettjeafallet_049_07112019 - The Fettjeåfallet Trail going above and over another one of the intermediate cascades on the Fettjeån
Fettjeafallet_050_07112019 - Looking down at another one of the intermediate cascades on the Fettjeån
Fettjeafallet_052_07112019 - The Fettjeåfallet Trail continuing to get a bit rough and rocky the further I went
Fettjeafallet_053_07112019 - The Fettjeåfallet Trail traversing another footbridge over the tannin-colored Fettjeån
Fettjeafallet_056_07112019 - Beyond the second footbridge, the Fettjeåfallet Trail skirted by this volcanic boulder field
Fettjeafallet_059_07112019 - Continuing to follow along the Fettjeåfallet Trail which remained visible despite the somewhat rough conditions
Fettjeafallet_061_07112019 - My first glimpse of the Fettjeåfallet
Fettjeafallet_066_07112019 - some of the wildflowers blooming by the Fettjeåfallet Trail
Fettjeafallet_069_07112019 - Context of Fettjeåfallet with the shelter
Fettjeafallet_075_07112019 - View of Fettjeåfallet from around the wooden shelter
Fettjeafallet_078_07112019 - Looking back at the shelter as I started to continue to get closer to the Fettjeåfallet
Fettjeafallet_085_07112019 - More interesting wildflowers blooming alongside the trail of use near Fettjeåfallet
Fettjeafallet_088_07112019 - Looking up at the field of loose boulders that I had to scramble on to get up to the base of the lowermost of the main drops of Fettjeåfallet
Fettjeafallet_089_07112019 - Scrambling to get closer to Fettjeåfallet
Fettjeafallet_101_07112019 - Looking up at Fettjeåfallet from right beneath its base
Fettjeafallet_113_07112019 - Looking back at the rocky scramble that I did to get up to Fettjeåfallet
Fettjeafallet_116_07112019 - A tiny outhouse or toilet near the Fettjeåfallet
Fettjeafallet_122_07112019 - Now going back on the same rough and rocky trail as I was leaving Fettjeåfallet
Fettjeafallet_124_07112019 - Back at the first footbridge over the Fettjeån
Fettjeafallet_128_07112019 - This was what the trail looked like as I was making my way back to the trailhead and I was near the end
Fettjeafallet_132_07112019 - Finally making it back to the car park for Fettjeåfallet

Since I made my drive to Fettjeåfallet from Östersund, I’ll describe the driving directions from there.

The most straightforward and fastest way to get to the falls was to get to the E14 south as soon as possible.

Fettjeafallet_002_07112019 - Sign and lots of space for the car park and trailhead closest to Fettjeåfallet
Sign and lots of space for the car park and trailhead closest to Fettjeåfallet

Once on the E14 heading south, I drove for about (more or less 12km) to the junction with the E45.

I then took the E45 south for about 61km to the signed exit for Klövsjö, which followed the Road 316 just south of the town of Åsama.

I then followed the Road 316 for about 19km to a signed turnoff for Fettjeåfallet.

From there, I drove the nearly 6km to the car park for the falls on the left.

Fettjeafallet_003_07112019 - The spacious car park and trailhead for Fettjeåfallet
The spacious car park and trailhead for Fettjeåfallet

Overall, this drive took me around just under 90 minutes.

For geographic context, Östersund was about 96km (roughly 75 minutes drive) north of Klövsjö, about 101km (about 90 minutes drive) south of Strömsund, 263km (about 3.5 hours drive) east of Trondheim, Norway, and 557km (well over 6 hours drive) northwest of Stockholm.

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Sweep starting from a shed before panning over to the falls and the surrounding cliffs

Checking out the falls from the base of the lower main drop before scrambling lower to reveal the higher tier above it

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