Muhlbach Waterfall

Hallstatt / Salzkammergut Lakes, Upper Austria (Oberosterreich), Austria

About Muhlbach Waterfall

Hiking Distance: about 2.2km round trip (depends on where you park)
Suggested Time: 45 minutes (depends on where you park)

Date first visited: 2018-07-02
Date last visited: 2018-07-05

Waterfall Latitude: 47.56227
Waterfall Longitude: 13.64746

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The Muhlbach Waterfall (or Muehlbach Waterfall or Mühlbachfall; meaning “Mill Creek Falls” or “Mill Brook Falls”) was visible in plain sight while strolling the main drag through the beautiful lakeside UNESCO World Heritage town of Hallstatt.

While it was probably one of the most seen waterfalls in Austria given the sheer quantity of tourists overwhelming the town, it actually wasn’t all that obvious to get a better look at it.

Hallstatt_614_07052018 - Muhlbach Waterfall or Mühlbachfall
Muhlbach Waterfall or Mühlbachfall

The key was to walk uphill from the main drag either on the Oberer Marktplatz, Badergraben, or the Gemeindestiege starting at the well-photographed Marktplatz.

It was at the upper parts of these inner walkways that I was able to go up the stairs of the Müllerstiege or a separate set of steps up the Oberer Marktplatz.

The steps eventually led up to a hidden car park between a pair of tunnels with a nice view over the town towards the Hallstättersee as well as the Muhlbach Waterfall itself.

That panorama and car park was also known as the Parkterrase.

Hallstatt_556_07052018 - View towards Hallstatt and Hallstättersee as seen from the Parkterrase
View towards Hallstatt and Hallstättersee as seen from the Parkterrase

You’d think that with a view like this, it would be crowded with tourists.

Yet surprisingly, there weren’t that many people around when I made my visit on an afternoon in the Summer of 2018.

Indeed, most of the tour bus crowd was content to just walk the main drag, and thus that made this experience all the more satisfying.

Overall, the walk from the P1 car park (see directions below) to get up to this spot was about 2.2km round trip.

Hallstatt_289_07052018 - The famous viewpoint of Hallstatt
The famous viewpoint of Hallstatt

It took me around 30-45 minutes total.


The Muhlbach Waterfall resides in the town of Hallstatt in the state of Upper Austria (Oberösterreich), Austria. It is administered by the Hallstatt government. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, you can try visiting their website.

Hallstatt_003_07022018 - When we first showed up in Hallstatt, we had to go on quite a bit of a walk from the P1 car park to get to the main part of town
Hallstatt_026_07022018 - For a sense of how crowded it gets on the main drag of Hallstatt, perhaps this picture gives you a good idea
Hallstatt_046_07022018 - Afternoon view towards Hallstattersee from the main drag through town
Hallstatt_071_07022018 - Afternoon view towards the Muhlbachfall from the main drag through Hallstatt
Hallstatt_073_07022018 - Context of the Oberer Marktplatz with the Muhlbachfall in the background
Hallstatt_087_07022018 - This was the often-photographed Marktplatz in Hallstatt, which was one of three ways to go further inland up the incline towards the stairs leading to the Parkterrase
Hallstatt_158_07022018 - Looking up at a partial view of the Muhlbachfall as we were wrapping up our scouting visit of Hallstatt when the weather was good
Hallstatt_209_07042018 - Looking towards the UNESCO part of Hallstatt just at the start of the pedestrian walkway in the morning a few days later
Hallstatt_250_07052018 - Partial view of the Muhlbachfall in the morning light as Hallstatt really was more of a morning destination
Hallstatt_256_07052018 - Moore zoomed in look at Muhlbach Waterfall getting pretty good lighting in the morning
Hallstatt_260_07052018 - Looking back towards a very partial view of Muhlbachfall from Marktplatz in Hallstatt with decent morning light
Hallstatt_341_07052018 - Looking up towards the Muhlbach Waterfall from the Badergraben in Hallstatt
Hallstatt_345_07052018 - This was one of the more scenically-situated restaurants along the main drag through Hallstatt. Unfortunately, most of these joints are cash only and prone to second-hand cigarette smoke
Hallstatt_534_07052018 - Walking uphill along the Oberer Marktplatz towards the stairs of the Mullerstieg in pursuit of Muhlbachfall from the Parkterrase
Hallstatt_536_07052018 - Ascending the steps of the Mullerstiege to the Parkterrase in pursuit of the Muhlbachfall
Hallstatt_537_07052018 - Getting closer to the Parkterrase en route to the base of Muhlbachfall
Hallstatt_542_07052018 - Looking over the car park at the Parkterrase towards the Muhlbach Waterfall
Hallstatt_544_07052018 - Looking across the Parkterrase car park towards the Muhlbach Waterfall
Hallstatt_549_07052018 - View over Hallstatt towards Hallstattersee from the Parkterrase
Hallstatt_582_07052018 - Looking more towards the southern end of Hallstattersee from the Parkterrase
Hallstatt_595_07052018 - Context of the Parkterrase and the buildings of Hallstatt down below
Hallstatt_608_07052018 - More focused look at the upper part of the Muhlbachfall
Hallstatt_627_07052018 - Another contextual look back towards the Muhlbach Waterfall from the Parkterrase
Hallstatt_632_07052018 - Descending from the Parkterrase back down into the town of Hallstatt
Hallstatt_635_07052018 - Looking up at some steps leading to some apartments or accommodations in Hallstatt near the Parkterrase
Hallstatt_636_07052018 - Descending back down to the main drag of Hallstatt after having had my fill of the Muhlbach Waterfall
Hallstatt_641_07052018 - Back on the main drag walking towards the P1 car park and our accommodation, which was outside the main drag of Hallstatt

Since the Muhlbach Waterfall is pretty much in Hallstatt, reaching this waterfall is as simple as reaching the famous town.

As a matter of fact, Hallstatt is pretty easily accessed by car or by bus.

We did it by car so we’ll describe how we drove here from Salzburg.

Even though the driving was all on well-marked highways, the tricky part was parking.

So in order to avoid disappointment, I’d recommend getting here as early in the morning as you can or pretty late in the afternoon (say after 4pm).

Hallstatt_348_07052018 - These tunnels actually bypass the main part of Hallstatt, which is precisely why the town was practically vehicle-free
These tunnels actually bypass the main part of Hallstatt, which is precisely why the town was practically vehicle-free

It’s quite dicey during the peak periods of the day from late morning to early afternoon.

Direct driving route from Salzburg to Hallstatt

From Salzburg, the quickest approach was to head south on the B150 towards the A10 autobahn.

After about 19km going south on the A10, we then took the ramp for the Golling exit, which led us on the B159 and then onto the B162 due east.

About 22km from the exit of the A10, we reached a fork with the B166 road.

Hallstatt_352_07052018 - The P1 car park a little further from the main part of Hallstatt, but it does have sheltered parking
The P1 car park a little further from the main part of Hallstatt, but it does have sheltered parking

We kept left at this fork, then we continued another 23km before turning right onto the L547 Road (Hallstättersee-Landesstraße) towards Hallstatt.

We took this narrow road south passing through a tunnel that deposited us right at some crosswalks by the entrance to the pedestrian walking zone of Hallstatt.

From here, we continued driving south for about another 500m before turning off to the right for the P1 car park, which was sheltered.

There was also a car park for the P2 parkplatz, but that one was unsheltered and there was usually someone standing at both the Demelgasse and Malerweg to prevent people from attempting to park there at peak times.

Hallstatt_359_07052018 - This was the unsheltered P2 car park in Hallstatt
This was the unsheltered P2 car park in Hallstatt

Overall, this drive took us about 75 minutes.

Scenic driving route from Salzburg to Hallstatt

There was also a more scenic route heading east from Salzburg towards Bad Ischl via the B158 and B145.

This route was slower because it was curvier, but it yielded some nice panoramic views of other lakes of the Salzkammergut Region.

It was too bad that there weren’t too many placees to pull out though because there were plenty of spots I really wished I could have stopped the car and soaked in the top down views of the lakes along the way.

The Parkterrase in Hallstatt

Hallstatt_540_07052018 - The car park inside the tunnel just below the Parkterrase, which might be possible if you're heading north
The car park inside the tunnel just below the Parkterrase, which might be possible if you’re heading north

Finally, while it’s possible to park the car at the Parkterrase right in front of the Mühlbachfall, it doesn’t seem likely because it was almost always full.

Even the proprietors at the accommodation we were staying at said they don’t have much luck scoring a spot there.

But if you must try, the key is to take one of the exits inside the tunnel if you’re headed north.

Going in the opposite direction, you can try taking an exit on the left if you’re headed south before entering the tunnel.

Hallstatt_541_07052018 - The outdoor Parkterrase, which might be accessed if you're heading south
The outdoor Parkterrase, which might be accessed if you’re heading south

I can’t elaborate more on this since I haven’t tried this.

For context, Hallstatt was about 72km (about 90 minutes drive) southeast of Salzburg, about 70km (under 90 minutes drive) east of Sankt Johann im Pongau, 79km (under 90 minutes drive) west of Admont, and 289km (about 3.5 hours drive) west of Vienna.

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Sweep focusing on the Muhlbachfall from a couple of different spots while also checking out the view over Hallstatt from the Parkterrase

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