Muggendorf, Lower Austria (Niederosterreich), Austria

About Myrafalle

Hiking Distance: 1.2km round trip
Suggested Time: 45-60 minutes

Date first visited: 2018-07-10
Date last visited: 2018-07-10

Waterfall Latitude: 47.91675
Waterfall Longitude: 15.93535

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Myrafalle (or more accurately Myrafälle) was a series of cascades and small waterfalls on the Myrabach. While the waterfalls themselves didn’t have the kind of scenic allure that most of the other waterfalls we had seen in Austria possessed, it did have a historical pedigree in that Queen Maria Theresia and King Franz II with their family made a visit back in September 1801.

Given that this was the closest waterfall to the great city of Vienna (or Wien) that we visited during our big Summer trip in 2018, it didn’t come as a surprise that this was a pretty popular place. I’d bet that being a place where the royalty had visited also aided in this place’s popularity.

Myrafalle_078_07092018 - One of the attractive sections of Myrafälle tumbling alongside the well-built trail allowing us to take it all in
One of the attractive sections of Myrafälle tumbling alongside the well-built trail allowing us to take it all in

There was certainly a family theme going on here because there was a very fun playground that Tahia really enjoyed (especially the little raft that you had to use a rope to pull yourself across as well as a pretty tall slide). The walking trail that was completed by the Austrian Tourist Club and opened to the public since 1885 further made things easier for the family to enjoy to this day.

We managed to do this hike early in the morning as we beat the rush. With the early start, we scored one of the spots closest to the Myrafalle kiosk though one could have easily done a slightly longer hike from the neighboring town of Muggendorf. In any case, after a short descent past the playground, we then crossed a bridge over the Myrabach, where there was a cute water-powered carousel right in the middle of the creek.

Beyond the bridge, we paid 11.5 euros as a family to procure tickets to use the automated turnstiles to get into the well-built trail. From there, we followed the mostly wooden walkway with steps as it zig-zagged several times across the Myrabach before the cascades of the Myrafalle.

Myrafalle_149_07092018 - A pair of converging cascades on the Myrafälle near the top of the waterfall series
A pair of converging cascades on the Myrafälle near the top of the waterfall series

There wasn’t a particular waterfall that seemed to feature as the main drop though there were a few attractive sections worth pausing for. Indeed, with this excursion, it seemed like it was more about the ambience of being around falling water in natural settings more so than being a photogenic waterfall. Perhaps that was the perfect kind of escape that Maria Theresia (matriarch of the powerful Hapsburg Family) needed to contrast all the political happenings in and around Vienna.

In any case, I managed to go as far as the very top of the cascade series. The trail continued onwards further upstream towards the Hausstein Massif as well as eventually further upstream to the Steinwandklamm Gorge quite a ways further. However, the top of the falls was pretty much my turnaround point as I rejoined Julie and Tahia at the playground back by the nearest car park, where they spent quite a bit of time while I was doing some further exploration of the trails here.

Even though we spent nearly two hours total here away from the car while taking it easy, a good chunk of that time was spent at the playground. Add to that, some additional time that I spent exploring the waterfalls themselves, and I’d bet that in terms of time commitment of a typical visit, it might take no more than an hour to really experience the Myrafalle. According to my GPS logs, we only walked roughly 1.2km round trip.

Myrafalle_003_07092018 - We showed up pretty early on the day we did the Myrafalle so we managed to score a pretty good parking spot
Myrafalle_005_07092018 - Checking out the playground area right beneath the car park for Myrafalle
Myrafalle_017_07092018 - Looking downstream towards a small reservoir that the Myrabach spilled into
Myrafalle_021_07092018 - This was the cute little spinning carousel (in that little house you see by the mill) powered by the flow of the Myrabach
Myrafalle_037_07092018 - Looking further upstream towards some cascades that we noticed shortly after getting through the turnstiles
Myrafalle_045_07092018 - The well-built trail went up alongside the Myrabach as it made its tumble as part of the Myrafalle series of cascades and waterfalls
Myrafalle_047_07092018 - The Myrafalle Trail went over these wooden walkways as it made frequent crossings and ascents around the Myrabach
Myrafalle_049_07092018 - The Myrafalle Trail going up and over one of the cascades comprising the Myrafalle itself
Myrafalle_060_07092018 - Tahia on the easy walk along the Myrafalle
Myrafalle_086_07092018 - Looking back at another attractive waterfall on the Myrabach as part of the Myrafalle series
Myrafalle_110_07092018 - This was one of the taller parts of the Myrafalle
Myrafalle_119_07092018 - The Myrafalle Trail continued its ascent past more waterfalls and cascades as I was nearing the top
Myrafalle_123_07092018 - More uphill climbing to get up towards and beyond the uppermost of the Myrafalle
Myrafalle_126_07092018 - Another one of the upper cascades on the Myrabach
Myrafalle_137_07092018 - An attractive scene of the Myrafalle Trail traversing over one of its upper cascades
Myrafalle_164_07092018 - Above the Myrafalle, the trail flattened out as it continued further upstream alongside the Myrabach
Myrafalle_168_07092018 - This bridge and small cascade marked my turnaround point for the Myrafalle excursion
Myrafalle_176_07092018 - Walking back along the trail as I was about to descend amongst the Myrafalle
Myrafalle_178_07092018 - At the top of the Myrafalle, a spur trail actually joined up with the L4008 Road
Myrafalle_187_07092018 - Making it back to the kiosk and turnstiles for the Myrafalle
Myrafalle_222_07102018 - While chilling out and letting Tahia play in the playground at Myrafalle for a bit, I noticed this nice reflective scene back towards the kiosk and the Hausstein Massive up at the topleft
Myrafalle_241_07102018 - Julie and Tahia having fun with the raft in the Myrafalle playground
Myrafalle_245_07102018 - Tahia solo'ing the raft in the playground at Myrafalle


We drove to the Myrafälle from Vienna so that’s how we’re going to describe the driving directions.

First, after navigating the city streets to leave the city center, we then followed the busy 227 Road before getting onto the A23 autobahn heading south then eventually on the A2. After staying on the autobahn for about 46km at the exit 38, which got us onto the B21 heading west. If you reach Wiener Neustadt, then you went too far south.

Myrafalle_247_07102018 - The nearest car park for the Myrafalle
The nearest car park for the Myrafalle

After about 19km on the B21, we then turned right onto Muggendorfer Straße in the town of Pernitz. Then, we followed the signs on the Muggendorfer Straße for another 2.3km before turning left onto the Hauptstraße (again following the signs leading to the falls). Then, after 400m, we found parking in the nearest lot right at a sharp turn on the right side of the road. If this nearest lot was full, there was spillover parking closer to the turnoff from the L4008 by Hauptstraße.

Overall, this drive took us a little over an hour.

For geographical context, Vienna was about 64km (about 45 minutes drive) north of Wiener Neustadt, 200km (2 hours drive) north of Graz, 295km (nearly 3 hours drive) east of Salzburg, 79km (about an hour drive) west of Bratislava, Slovakia, 243km (2.5 hours drive) west of Budapest, Hungary, and 333km (about 3.5 hours drive) southeast of Prague, Czech Republic.

Video starting with the attractive converging section of Myrafalle before descending to a lower bridge with a different perspective of the waterfalls

Video covering the lower cascades of Myrafalle

Long video covering the lowermost of the waterfalls of the Myrafalle

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