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Hiking Distance: roadside
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Date first visited: 2010-06-08
Date last visited: 2010-06-13

Waterfall Latitude: 45.9867
Waterfall Longitude: 7.70683

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This Other Swiss Waterfalls page is what I’m designating as a repository for the various waterfalls we’ve seen around the country where we couldn’t quite figure out the name of said waterfall or that we considered one of those dime-a-dozen varieties.

And you’ll see by the sheer quantity of photographs on this page, there was certainly no shortage of such waterfalls in Switzerland.

Zermatt_037_06122010 - Waterfall tumbling before a cloud-obstructed Matterhorn in Zermatt
Waterfall tumbling before a cloud-obstructed Matterhorn in Zermatt

Just think of this page as an acknowledgment by us that there are indeed countless waterfalls within Switzerland.

And of those, only a select few get “major” waterfall status by having names and tourism literature devoted to them.

So we’re paying homage those waterfalls that weren’t amongst those few that got the love.

This page includes waterfalls from as far south as Zermatt (known for the Matterhorn; see picture above) as well as Italian-speaking Ticino, all throughout Bernese Oberland, and even out to the eastern reaches of Bernese Oberland.

Bernese_Oberland_1019_06102010 - A well-situated waterfall near the east end of Lake Brienz (Brienzersee)
A well-situated waterfall near the east end of Lake Brienz (Brienzersee)

By the way, if you happen to see a waterfall on this page in which you know its name or you’re familiar with, please feel free to share what you know!

The following photos are the waterfalls we’ve noticed in chronological order along with some blurbs to describe what we know about them.

Bernese_Oberland_031_06072010 - Some waterfall seen on the way to Zweilütschinen
Bernese_Oberland_029_06072010 - Another waterfall seen from the train
Bernese_Oberland_052_06072010 - Some waterfall seen on the way to Kleine Scheidegg
Bernese_Oberland_203_06082010 - Some waterfall almost blending in with the snow beneath one of the big 3 peaks
Bernese_Oberland_208_06082010 - Some waterfall as the train headed towards Wengen
Bernese_Oberland_220_06082010 - Partial view of some waterfall going into Lauterbrunnen Valley
Bernese_Oberland_229_06082010 - A waterfall way in the distance towards the head of Lauterbrunnen Valley
Bernese_Oberland_280_06082010 - Looking across the valley from Lauterbrunnen towards some waterfall gushing out of a crack in the cliff
Bernese_Oberland_418_06092010 - A pair of waterfalls seen in the distance from across the valley during the morning walk towards Mürren
Bernese_Oberland_444_06092010 - A very tall multi-tiered waterfall as seen on the way to Murren
Bernese_Oberland_451_06092010 - A cascade seen from the cable car en route to Schilthorn via Birg
Bernese_Oberland_514_06092010 - View of I think the same very tall waterfall plunging towards what I think is Stechelberg
Bernese_Oberland_525_06092010 - Some very tall and stringy waterfall
Bernese_Oberland_541_06092010 - Some tall waterfall seen over a roof from Gimmelwald
Bernese_Oberland_556_06092010 - A couple of stringy waterfalls descending towards Stechelberg
Bernese_Oberland_591_06092010 - Looking up the valley from beyond Murrenbach Falls towards grazing cows and a waterfall on the topleft
Bernese_Oberland_730_06092010 - A waterfall at the head of the valley seen on the way over to Stechelberg
Bernese_Oberland_734_06092010 - A waterfall on the eastern wall of Lauterbrunnen Valley as seen on the way to Stechelberg
Bernese_Oberland_764_06092010 - Mattenbach Waterfall above a home on the outskirts of Stechelberg
Bernese_Oberland_795_06102010 - A particularly strong waterfall near the east end of Brienzersee
Bernese_Oberland_806_06102010 - Another waterfall seen on the train ride between Brienz and Meiringen
Bernese_Oberland_812_06102010 - And another waterfall between Brienz and Meiringen
Bernese_Oberland_815_06102010 - A waterfall near Meiringen
Bernese_Oberland_834_06102010 - A waterfall behind some energy building in Meiringen
Bernese_Oberland_841_06102010 - The energy building fronting that waterfall
Bernese_Oberland_846_06102010 - Another cascade spilling into Meiringen where there was a lot of construction at the time
Bernese_Oberland_917_06102010 - Looking towards an attractive waterfall on our way out of Meiringen and back towards Interlaken as seen from the railway
Zermatt_020_06122010 - Cascade behind some church tower within the town of Zermatt
Zermatt_039_06122010 - A cascade near the Matterhorn
Zermatt_045_06122010 - Some cascade spilling onto a pile as seen from the train between Zermatt and Visp
Zermatt_046_06122010 - Another stringy cascade on the train ride between Zermatt and Visp
Zermatt_051_06122010 - And another cascade on the return train ride to Visp
To_Luzern_005_06132010 - Some cascade revealing itself beneath the clouds on the way to Luzern from Meiringen
Cevio_002_20130604 - This tall mountain cascade was near the village of Cevio in the Valle Maggia of the Italian-speaking Ticino Canton
Cevio_010_20130604 - This was the bottommost tier of the cascade in Cevio in the late afternoon.  This was as close as we could get to this waterfall
Mondada_007_20130604 - This was a pretty multi-tiered cascade we noticed as we were passing through the village of Mondada in Val Bavona of the Ticino Canton
Mondada_005_20130604 - In order to get this close to the waterfall at Mondada, it looked like you had to cross through someone's farm.  It's a shame because this seemed to be a waterfall worth some kind of infrastructure devoted to it

Since this is a general catch-all page, there are no specific directions. It’s more of a page to pay homage to the waterfalls for which I haven’t dedicated a writeup up for one reason or another.

Note the peg I marked on the map below was for the Zermat area since I saw a few over there. The rest of the falls we spotted are well-represented in other waterfall excursions written about.

Find A Place To Stay

Left to right sweep from the front of someone's property eventually ending at the waterfall

Bottom up sweep of a waterfall we had mistakenly thought was Reichenbach Falls but ended up being on the wrong side of the valley when we finally figured it out

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