Waldbillig / Mullerthal, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

About Schiessentumpel

Hiking Distance: 1.6km round trip
Suggested Time: 1 hour

Date first visited: 2018-06-19
Date last visited: 2018-06-19

Waterfall Latitude: 49.78498
Waterfall Longitude: 6.29921

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The Schiessentumpel Cascade (more formally spelled Schiessentümpel was the lone waterfall attraction that we visited in the landlocked country of Luxembourg.

It was quite the obscure waterfall though it was our excuse to explore this tiny country at the far western end of the Moselle Valley.

Schiessentumpel_049_06192018 - The Schiessentumpel Waterfall
The Schiessentumpel Waterfall

We also noticed some signage suggesting that this waterfall was also called Mullerthal Wasserfall because it sat in the Mullerthal Valley (which also happened to be referred to as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland).

I’ve also seen this waterfall referred to as Schéissendümpel Waterfall.

This triple-segmented waterfall was more of an example of where its size mattered less and its lush surroundings made up for its diminutive stature.

Indeed, this falls was only said to be a mere 3-5m tall, yet it exposed us to a more naturesque part of this region.

Schiessentumpel_031_06192018 - Flood damage pretty much closed off all the other possible ways we could extend our Schiessentumpel walk along the W6 trail
Flood damage pretty much closed off all the other possible ways we could extend our Schiessentumpel walk along the W6 trail

We treated this place as a stop on the way to the Vianden Castle in the northern part of Luxembourg from Saarburg (across the border in Germany).

Once we got to the official car park (see directions below), we then walked towards the visitor center.

Next, we followed a trail that skirted around a campsite then followed the Route 121 for roughly 500m towards the roadside attraction itself.

While there were other ways to reach the Schiessentumpel Waterfall through other more scenic trails, we were forced into this roadside route due to apparent flooding.

Schiessentumpel_101_06192018 - Flood damage closed off these other trails that were not along the road en route to the Schiessentumpel Waterfall
Flood damage closed off these other trails that were not along the road en route to the Schiessentumpel Waterfall

Such flooding appeared to have damaged all other inland trails along the Ernz Noire Stream.

Even though we were pretty much limited to the views from the road and from atop the stone bridge right above the waterfalls themselves, there were other possible vantage points.

One offered a closer look at the waterfall, but that trail would have to be restored to re-enable access.

So we didn’t linger around for too long before we returned the way we came.

Schiessentumpel_076_06192018 - Looking back over the top of the Schiessentumpel Waterfall towards the road
Looking back over the top of the Schiessentumpel Waterfall towards the road

Overall, this excursion took us about an hour at a very leisurely pace.


The Schiessentümpel Waterfall resides in the Müllerthal Region (“Little Switzerland”) of Luxembourg. It may be administered by the Mullerthal region government. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, you may try visiting the Heringer Millen website.

Schiessentumpel_001_06192018 - This was an alternate trailhead and parking area closer to the Schiessentumpel, but that trail was closed due to flood damage during our June 2018 visit
Schiessentumpel_014_06192018 - After being informed by the friendly lady at the visitor center that all the inland trails to Schiessentumpel were closed due to flood damage, we took this trail past some wooden statue and onto the W6 path along the CR121 Road
Schiessentumpel_018_06192018 - Tahia on the trail skirting around the Camping Cascade Luxembourg en route to the Schiessentumpel Waterfall
Schiessentumpel_019_06192018 - Looking towards a very charming little cabin with an external wash basin while we walked to the Schiessentumpel Waterfall
Schiessentumpel_022_06192018 - Context of Julie and Tahia following the W6 path, which skirted along the CR121 Road towards the Schiessentumpel
Schiessentumpel_026_06192018 - Tahia and Julie walking along the road en route to the Schiessentumpel Waterfall
Schiessentumpel_027_06192018 - Looking at a trail closure as the other side of the stream was unavailable to us due to flood damage so we were stuck walking along the road towards the Schiessentumpel Waterfall
Schiessentumpel_036_06192018 - Our first roadside look at the Schiessentumpel Cascade from the CR121
Schiessentumpel_041_06192018 - More zoomed in look at the Schiessentumpel Cascade from the CR121 during our June 2018 visit
Schiessentumpel_045_06192018 - Context of the Schiessentumpel Waterfall with the CR121 Road
Schiessentumpel_057_06192018 - Long exposed portrait look at the Schiessentumpel Cascade from the CR121 as seen during our June 2018 visit
Schiessentumpel_068_06192018 - Contextual look at an interesting rock fronting the Schiessentumpel Waterfall
Schiessentumpel_071_06192018 - More angled look at the Schiessentumpel Cascade as seen from the CR121. With all the closures around the waterfall, there really weren't a whole lot of ways to experience it during our June 2018 visit
Schiessentumpel_075_06192018 - Looking across the bridge above the Schiessentumpel Cascade
Schiessentumpel_082_06192018 - Last contextual look back at the Schiessentumpel with closed off trails on the other side of the stream
Schiessentumpel_100_06192018 - Following the CR121 back towards Mullerthal after having our fill of the Schiessentumpel Cascade
Schiessentumpel_104_06192018 - Julie and Tahia returning to Mullerthal to end the quick visit to the Schiessentumpel Cascade

The Schiessentumpel Cascade is located in the Mullerthal Region of Luxembourg.

We’ll narrow down the driving routes to how we managed to do the drive both from Luxembourg City as well as coming in from Trier.

Driving from Luxembourg City to Schiessentumpel

From Luxembourg City, we’d go northeast towards the E29 either via the E421 (N11) to the north of the city or via the N2 and A1 autoroute.

Once onto the eastbound E29 (roughly 8km from the city center), we’d then follow the E29 for another 13km before turning left onto the Rue de Blumenthal (N14).

Then, we’d follow the N14 west for about 3km before keepring right at a fork to go onto the CR121.

Once on the CR121, we then drove 4km towards another road junction.

Keeping straight at the four-way intersection, we then went straight through a small gorge before the scenery opened up at the town of Mullerthal another 2km later.

Schiessentumpel_010_06192018 - The car park for the visitor center as well as the trailhead in the town of Mullerthal
The car park for the visitor center as well as the trailhead in the town of Mullerthal

Turning left at Rue des Rochers (CR 356), we then drove for a little under 200m before turning left onto Rue des Moulins, where we then picked a parking spot at the car park here.

Overall, this 27km drive would take about a half-hour.

Driving from Trier to Schiessentumpel

Coming from Trier, we’d find our way northwest onto the B51, which is right across the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke (bridge).

Then, we’d follow it for almost 3km to the A64 autobahn heading west towards Luxembourg.

Once on the A64, we’d then follow it for about 19km (it becomes the A1 after crossing the border) before taking exit 13 for the N1 (Potaschberg).

Turning right onto the N1, we then drove for about 1.5km before keeping right onto the N14.

Schiessentumpel_106_06192018 - Looking back at the car park near the visitor center where we did the short roadside walk to the Schiessentumpel Waterfall
Looking back at the car park near the visitor center where we did the short roadside walk to the Schiessentumpel Waterfall

We then followed the N14 for about 10km before turning right onto the N11, then turning left onto the continuation of the N14 (Rue de Blumenthal).

Then, we followed the rest of the directions just as above.

For geographical context, Luxembourg City was about 49km (over 30 minutes drive) west of Trier, Germany, about 63km (under 1 hour drive) north of Metz, France, 51km (under an hour drive) south of Vianden, 224km (over 2 hours drive) south of Brussels, Belgium, 232km (over 2.5 hours drive) west of Frankfurt, Germany, 373km (over 3.5 hours drive) east of Paris, France.

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Video starting from the top of the bridge overlooking the falls before walking along the road focused on the falls from different angles

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