Todtnau Waterfall

Todtnau / Black Forest / Lorrach District, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

About Todtnau Waterfall

Hiking Distance: 1km round trip
Suggested Time: 30 minutes

Date first visited: 2018-06-22
Date last visited: 2018-06-22

Waterfall Latitude: 47.84401
Waterfall Longitude: 7.93905

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The Todtnau Waterfall was an impressively tall waterfall deep in the Black Forest of southwestern Germany where the Stübenbächle dropped 97m.

It was also one of the easier waterfalls to visit because it only required a short and flat 15-minute walk to reach that appeared to be wheelchair accessible.

Todtnau_Waterfall_041_06212018 - The Todtnau Waterfall
The Todtnau Waterfall

In addition to the ease of access, there were also interesting chairs that you can lie down on and stare right up at the top of the waterfall.

There was even a sheltered lookout which would be handy for taking pictures of the waterfall even in bad weather.

Although I made a very early morning visit to the falls when it was still under the shadow from the cliffs that supported it, I was able to do this short excursion without paying an entrance fee.

However, under more normal circumstances, there was a cafe and kiosk where I’d imagine there would be a fee to get in.

Todtnau_Waterfall_008_06212018 - The entrance gate at the lower trailhead for the Todtnauer Waterfall
The entrance gate at the lower trailhead for the Todtnauer Waterfall

Given the amount of work put into this trail, this fee seemed like a reasonable thing to ask for.

Nevertheless, it was pretty straightforward to visit this waterfall along the wheelchair-accessible path.

I also noticed that there was also a short upper trail and car park that started from the top of the Todtnau Waterfall and worked its way down.

Thus, it’s possible to experience the falls from both the top and bottom in a singular excursion even though I only opted to experience the falls from the bottom.

Todtnau_Waterfall_068_06212018 - Looking right up at the Todtnau Waterfall from one of the lower trails below leading down to Todtnau
Looking right up at the Todtnau Waterfall from one of the lower trails below leading down to Todtnau

Overall, I spent less than an hour soaking in the experience at the falls at a very leisurely pace without bothering to climb up to the top.

It was also possible to go on a longer hike from one of the neighboring towns and villages to reach the waterfall as there were many trails that joined up with the ones around here.

For some semantics, I’ve seen this waterfall referred to as the Todtnauer Waterfall.

I’ve also seen it known as the Todnau Wasserfall, Todtnau Wasserfälle, Todtnauer Wasserfall, und Todtnauer Wasserfälle auf Deutsch.


The Todtnau Waterfall resides in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) near the town of Todtnau in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It may be administered by the Todtnau government. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, you may try visiting their website.

Todtnau_Waterfall_003_06212018 - Looking down the hill towards the town of Todtnau at the upper trailhead for the Todtnauer Waterfall
Todtnau_Waterfall_014_06212018 - Passing through the entrance archway to the Todtnau Waterfall from the lower trailhead
Todtnau_Waterfall_018_06212018 - Looking back at the entrance archway at the lower trailhead for the Todtnauer Waterfall
Todtnau_Waterfall_021_06212018 - Following the flat and wide trail to the Todtnau Waterfall from the lower trailhead, where it really seemed like an emphasis was placed on accessibility
Todtnau_Waterfall_023_06212018 - Continuing on the pleasant forested walk leading to the Todtnauer Waterfall
Todtnau_Waterfall_024_06212018 - Starting to get my first look at the impressive Todtnau Waterfall. Note the split in the trail, but they both ultimately lead to base of the falls
Todtnau_Waterfall_026_06212018 - The steps leading up to the left here would climb up several switchbacks on the way up to the top of the Todtnau Waterfall as well as to the upper car park near Todtnauberg
Todtnau_Waterfall_029_06212018 - Portrait view of almost the entire drop of the Todtnau Waterfall from somewhere above the lookout shelter. Note the 'reclining chairs' to lay down and enjoy the view up towards the top of the steps in front
Todtnau_Waterfall_030_06212018 - Looking up at the steps leading steeply towards the top of the Todtnauer Waterfall
Todtnau_Waterfall_053_06212018 - Broad look at the Todtnauer Waterfall and the 'reclining chairs' near its base
Todtnau_Waterfall_058_06212018 - Looking up at the Todtnau Waterfall from the footbridge right across the waterfall's base
Todtnau_Waterfall_060_06212018 - Broad look up at the Todtnauer Waterfall from the footbridge across the waterfall's base
Todtnau_Waterfall_061_06212018 - Looking back towards the shelter and some trail junctions at the base of the Todtnauer Waterfall
Todtnau_Waterfall_064_06212018 - As you can see from this sign, there were lots of walking options around the Todtnauer Waterfall
Todtnau_Waterfall_065_06212018 - Looking across a bridge at the foot of the Todtnau Waterfall leading to one of several trails in the area
Todtnau_Waterfall_070_06212018 - Looking downhill from the base of the Todtnau Waterfall still with long morning shadows
Todtnau_Waterfall_077_06212018 - Context of the sheltered lookout and parts of the trails converging at the base of the Todtnauer Waterfall
Todtnau_Waterfall_078_06212018 - Looking down at one of the lower trails still following along the Stubenbachle Stream en route to Todtnau
Todtnau_Waterfall_084_06212018 - Looking back towards the lookout shelter and one of the 'reclining chairs' where you can lay down and look up towards the top of the Todtnau Waterfall or at least the sky
Todtnau_Waterfall_089_06212018 - Angled view up towards the top of the Todtnau Waterfall from one of these 'reclining chairs'
Todtnau_Waterfall_100_06212018 - Another look back towards the Todtnau Waterfall from above the lookout shelter as I started heading back to the lower trailhead car park
Todtnau_Waterfall_105_06212018 - Teasing glimpse towards the town of Todtnau as I was hiking back to the lower trailhead of Todtnau Waterfall
Todtnau_Waterfall_115_06212018 - Back at the kiosk and cafe of the Todtnauer Waterfall's lower access trailhead
Todtnau_Waterfall_119_06212018 - Looking downhill towards Todtnau from the lower trailhead car park as I ended my excursion. I wanted to start driving before that big rig truck would really slow down traffic

I managed to drive to the Todtnau Waterfall from Freiburg so I’ll describe the driving directions that way.

There were a couple of different trailheads for this waterfall, but I’ll start with the main one that leads to the base of the falls.

Todtnau_Waterfall_006_06212018 - The parking spaces for the lower trailhead of the Todtnau Waterfall
The parking spaces for the lower trailhead of the Todtnau Waterfall

From Freiburg, the most straightforward route would be to head east on the B31 for about 8km before taking the ramp on the right and heading south on the L126.

Continuing on the L126 for another 19km, we’d then reach a switchback or hairpin turn right in front of a cafe.

Just after this switchback was a roadside car park on the left side.

Overall, this drive took me around 30 minutes without traffic.

Todtnau_Waterfall_005_06212018 - The pullout for the upper trailhead of the Todtnauer Waterfall
The pullout for the upper trailhead of the Todtnauer Waterfall

For the upper car park, you can follow the directions as above.

However, instead of going south on the L126 for 19km, you’d go for a little over 17km before turning left onto a climbing road that leaves the L126 and goes up the K3607 towards Todtnauberg.

After about 1.3km on the K3607, the pullout for the upper trailhead of the Todtnau Waterfall is on the right.

For geographical context, Freiburg was about 20km (about half-hour drive) north of Staufen im Breisgau, 51km (under an hour drive) east of Colmar, France, 87 km south of Strasbourg, France, 110km (over an hour drive) south of Baden Baden, 151km (about 90 minutes drive) northwest of Zurich, Switzerland, and 206km southwest of Stuttgart.

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Semi-circular sweep from an elevated vantage point above the gazeebo

Video showing the falls and views from the viewing shelter before descending to the base

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Todtnauer Waterfall (Germany) June 9, 2011 7:31 pm by Ruth Williams - The Todtnauer Waterfall can be found in the southern Black Forest just off of the L126 near the village of Todtnau. It falls 97m in two drops. From the car park there is an easy trail to the fall. A bridge crosses over midway and there are a couple of wooden reclining benches to allow… ...Read More

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