Egilsstadir / Seydisfjordur, East Region (Austurland), Iceland

About Fardagafoss

Hiking Distance: 2km round trip
Suggested Time: 35-60 minutes

Date first visited: 2007-07-01
Date last visited: 2007-07-01

Waterfall Latitude: 65.26808
Waterfall Longitude: -14.3117

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Fardagafoss seemed to be a a pair of attractive waterfalls just upslope from the town of Egilsstaðir.

The uppermost tier itself contained a pair of attractive drops back-to-back against cliffs that looked similar to what we saw at Hengifoss.

Fardagafoss_028_07012007 - Fardagafoss

The lower waterfall had a more substantial singular drop.

I actually wasn’t sure whether this referred to both waterfalls or just one of the them so I’ll just stick with this inclusive interpretation unless I learn otherwise.

Experiencing Fardagafoss

From the trailhead (see directions below), I followed a pretty obvious trail of use that immediately started climbing (which seemed to be a rather common characteristic of many waterfall hikes in Iceland).

About 350m into the hike, that was when I saw the first waterfall, which had an attractive somewhat rectangular drop that I could see from its side.

Fardagafoss_012_07012007 - The lower drop of Fardagafoss roughly 350m into the hike to get close to all its tiers
The lower drop of Fardagafoss roughly 350m into the hike to get close to all its tiers

It didn’t look like there was a way to get into the gorge and closer to the falls so I had to settle for the fairly distant view from the trail.

About 550m beyond the first waterfall, I eventually made it to the two-tiered upper waterfall.

The trail continued beyond the best viewpoints of this waterfall, but it yielded different angled views of the falls.

I didn’t venture much beyond the top of the lower waterfall, but apparently the trail might have gone all the way to the top of the falls providing a nice view in the direction of Egilsstaðir.

Even though I didn’t go that far, the views looking back down were scenic nonetheless.

Fardagafoss_040_07012007 - Looking east towards the town of Egilsstaðir and the colorful Lagarfljót from Fardagafoss
Looking east towards the town of Egilsstaðir and the colorful Lagarfljót from Fardagafoss

Overall, this hike to get close to each of the waterfalls was well worth the effort, and I spent about 35 minutes away from the car to cover the round-trip distance plus the picture taking.

And speaking of pictures, it seemed like the afternoon would be the best time to photograph the upper waterfall since it was facing west.

The lower waterfall was angled differently so the late afternoon time would probably not apply to this waterfall.

The Meaning of Fardagafoss

Finally, I looked up the Icelandic dictionary to try to learn what the meaning of the name of the falls was.

Apparently, “far” means “journey”, “passage”, or “trace”.

Fardagafoss_024_07012007 - Focused look at the upper pair of drops of Fardagafoss
Focused look at the upper pair of drops of Fardagafoss

Meanwhile, “daga” is a verb meaning “to dawn” or “to become light.”

So putting the words together, the falls might be translated as “Dawn of the Journey Falls”.

I’m not certain if that makes much sense, but perhaps it might refer to the fact that the falls was on the road connecting Egilsstaðir to Seyðisfjörður.

So that suggested to me that the falls was part of the passage or one’s journey since these towns were more like travel towns where people generally don’t stay very long.


Fardagafoss resides in the East Region near Egilsstaðir, Iceland. It is administered by the municipality of Fljótsdalshérað. For information or inquiries about the general area as well as current conditions, you may want to try visiting their website.

Fardagafoss_002_07012007 - This was the view of the gorge and Fardagafoss, which was way in the distance.  It gave me an idea of how far I had to walk
Fardagafoss_003_07012007 - About 350m into the hike, I encountered what I believe to be the lower Fardagafoss
Fardagafoss_014_07012007 - Closeup look at the first Fardagafoss waterfall. It didn't take me long before I saw it after I started hiking
Fardagafoss_030_07012007 - Approaching the upper Fardagafoss waterfall
Fardagafoss_036_07012007 - Trying to see if there was more to Fardagafoss
Fardagafoss_046_07012007 - My brief attempt at hiking up alongside the upper tiers of Fardagafoss yielded this nice expansive view back towards the town of Egilsstaðir and the colorful Lagarfljót
Fardagafoss_047_07012007 - On the way back down to the trailhead, I took the time to enjoy Fardagafoss one last time

From the main road (i.e. the Ring Road or Route 1) in Egilsstaðir, turn onto Route 92 (Fagradalsbraut) and follow it for about 1km.

Then, turn left onto Route 93 (Borgarfjarðavegur) and follow it for another 4km to the signed car park for Fardagafoss.

While on Route 93, be sure to keep right at the junction with Route 94 to remain on the Route 93.

Note that Route 93 is the mountain pass road connecting Egilsstaðir and Seyðisfjörður.

So this is a main thoroughfare.

For more geographical context, Egilsstaðir was 645km (7.5 hours drive) northeast of Reykjavík and 266km (3.5 hours drive) east of Akureyri.

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