Dalsvik / Olafsfjordur, Northeast Region (Norðurland eystra), Iceland

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Hiking Distance: roadside
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Date first visited: 2021-08-14
Date last visited: 2021-08-14

Waterfall Latitude: 66.06657
Waterfall Longitude: -18.52662

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Migandifoss was a bit of a roadside ocean-plunging waterfall surprise when we made the scenic drive between Akureyri and Siglufjörður.

In fact, when we noticed this waterfall and made a concerted effort to stop for it, we didn’t even know it had a name until I looked at Gaia GPS at the next opportunity that we had internet.

Ocean_Waterfall_telephoto_015_08142021 - Migandifoss

To people driving south towards Akureyri, it seemed as if people would drive by without even knowing that they had passed this waterfall.

Fortunately, we were driving to the north from Akureyri where noticing this waterfall compelled us to look for a way to stop for it and do it in a way that was sanctioned (or at least not being a traffic hazard).

Given how this waterfall lacked signage or any lookout infrastructure (at least as of our August 2021 visit), something tells me that even the authorities might have overlooked this place.

We ultimately wound up pausing in a couple of informal pullouts in order to get a more enjoyable look though in the closer of the two lookouts, we did encounter another couple that was picking wild berries (and not so much checking out Migandifoss).

Ocean_Waterfall_033_08142021 - Context of some people down in the grassy slopes below picking wild berries on the coastal bluffs near the Migandifoss Waterfall
Context of some people down in the grassy slopes below picking wild berries on the coastal bluffs near the Migandifoss Waterfall

I’ll get into where these informal pullouts are in the driving directions below.


Migandifoss resides in the Northeast Region near Dalvík, Iceland. It is administered by the municipality of Dalvíkurbyggð. For information or inquiries about the general area as well as current conditions, you may want to try visiting their website.

Drive_to_Siglufjordur_062_iPhone_08142021 - When we drove north on the Road 82, we started noticing a waterfall dropping right into the ocean, which we'd later learn was the Migandifoss
Drive_to_Siglufjordur_063_iPhone_08142021 - By this time, we looked for a place to pull over so we could get a cleaner look at Migandifoss
Ocean_Waterfall_001_08142021 - Looking back at the Road 82 from the unsigned pullout where we stopped to get a cleaner look at the Migandifoss Waterfall
Ocean_Waterfall_002_08142021 - Context of the first of the pullouts that we stopped at, which was both unsigned and quite informal as it seemed to be more of a possible road construction site as opposed to a place to stop for a waterfall view
Ocean_Waterfall_004_08142021 - From the first pullout, I pretty much followed a use-trail along this sinking part of the cliffs leading down to a road drainage cascade on the lower left
Ocean_Waterfall_005_08142021 - Looking back up at the Road 82 where we stopped the car.  It was hard to believe that we had already walked this far away to earn our first clean look at the Migandifoss Waterfall
Ocean_Waterfall_029_08142021 - Context of the road drainage cascade in the foreground and the Migandifoss in the background
Ocean_Waterfall_030_08142021 - Some boat tour making their way closer to the base of Migandifoss
Ocean_Waterfall_telephoto_008_08142021 - Looking way across the Eyjafjörður towards this ocean-diving waterfall
Ocean_Waterfall_telephoto_010_08142021 - Looking down at some birds perched on a coastal bluff as seen from where we got our first view of the Migandifoss Waterfall
Ocean_Waterfall_telephoto_021_08142021 - Context of the Migandifoss Waterfall with a boat passing by it further in the distance
Ocean_Waterfall_032_08142021 - After having our fill of the views from the first lookout for Migandifoss, we went to a second pullout that offered us this more open look at the ocean-diving waterfall
Ocean_Waterfall_034_08142021 - Looking back at the informal pullout where another car had been parked here (though they were going for wild berries as opposed to checking out Migandifoss)
Ocean_Waterfall_035_08142021 - Another look at the context of Migandifoss and the Road 82 passing upstream of it
Ocean_Waterfall_telephoto_029_08142021 - Portrait look at Migandifoss with a boat floating in front of it for scale
Ocean_Waterfall_044_08142021 - Mom and Julie checking out Migandifoss
Ocean_Waterfall_telephoto_034_08142021 - Looking towards the Migandifoss Waterfall with boat still fronting it for a sense of scale
Drive_to_Siglufjordur_074_iPhone_08142021 - This was the east end of the single-lane tunnel just north of the Migandifoss Waterfall

We spotted the Migandifoss while driving north from Akureyri towards Siglufjörður.

I’ll describe the driving directions to each of the two pullouts that we stopped at from the nearest town of Dalvík, which was on the way from Akureyri.

Ocean_Waterfall_002_08142021 - This was the first pullout that we stopped at for Migandifoss
This was the first pullout that we stopped at for Migandifoss

From the bridge at the far north end of Dalvík, we drove north on the 82 for about 8.5km to an unsigned and informal pullout on the right.

During this drive, we had noticed the Migandifoss and promptly looked for a place to stop, and that pullout was that place to stop.

After stopping the car, we walked along a ravine towards a bluff overlooking the ocean as well as a distant view of Migandifoss.

Back on the road, we found another pullout that had a bit of a steep slope to get off the road’s embankment another 350m north of the previous pullout, where Migandifoss can easily be seen.

Drive_to_Siglufjordur_071_iPhone_08142021 - Context of the Migandifoss and the Road 82 which went right above it, which was why I'd imagine it'd be harder to spot the waterfall if you were to drive the Tröllaskagi in a more clockwise direction because the falls would be over the driver's shoulder
Context of the Migandifoss and the Road 82 which went right above it, which was why I’d imagine it’d be harder to spot the waterfall if you were to drive the Tröllaskagi in a more clockwise direction because the falls would be over the driver’s shoulder

Coming in the other direction, it was about 2km south of the one-lane tunnel along the Road 82 to the rather obscure pullout on the left and another 350m further to another obscure pullout on the left.

As for geographical context, Dalvík was 18km (under 30 minutes drive) south of Ólafsfjörður, 34km (over 30 minutes drive) southeast of Siglufjörður, 44km (over 30 minutes drive) north of Akureyri, 91km (about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive) northwest of Laugar, 94km (about 90 minutes drive) east of Hofsós, 126km (over 90 minutes drive) northwest of Reykjahlið, 167km (about 2 hours drive) east of Blönduós, and 410km (about 5 hours drive) northeast of Reykjavík.

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Nearly 360 degree sweep from the corner of the bluff overlooking the ocean waterfall plus a drainage waterfall and of course the coastal views

Nearly 360-degree sweep spending a good deal of time focusing on the adjacent mountains

Semicircular telephoto sweep starting with some birds in the distance and then panning over to a distant waterfall across the fjord before focusing in on the waterfall going to the ocean

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