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Hiking Distance: roadside
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Date first visited: 2007-06-24
Date last visited: 2007-06-26

Waterfall Latitude: 65.9213
Waterfall Longitude: -21.50126

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The Other Westfjords Waterfalls page is where I’m putting in the many waterfalls that we’ve found throughout the Westfjords region that we didn’t devote a dedicated webpage to for one reason or another.

Typically waterfalls we’ve put on this page were merely the result of us not knowing the name of the falls, or we don’t have much to say about it, or we thought it would be one of those dime-a-dozen waterfalls that really would be for waterfall collectors.

Strandir_Coast_105_06262007 - One of the beautiful waterfalls along the Strandir Coast of the Westfjords
One of the beautiful waterfalls along the Strandir Coast of the Westfjords

So the waterfalls found here were pretty much any waterfall not named Dynjandi, Djúpavíkurfoss, Waterfall in Tungudalur, or the Waterfall at Foss.

As you can see from the photos on this page, many of the waterfalls here were significant in their own right.

But they live on in relative obscurity for one reason or another (usually because of remote location), and I’m sure they would’ve been more popular if they were situated elsewhere that wasn’t so remote.

So this page was our way of giving props to them.

Valagil_003_06242007 - Waterfalls converging at the head of one of the many fjords in the Westfjords near the hamlet of Valagil
Waterfalls converging at the head of one of the many fjords in the Westfjords near the hamlet of Valagil

Some of the more memorable ones among the lot on this page include a waterfall near Mjólkárvirkjun, a couple of the cascades on the Strandir Coast, and a couple of powerful ones by some place called Valagil near the head of one of the Westfjords many fjords (just one fjord to the east of Ísafjörður) on its north-central section.

Moreover, you can see that we had a very hard time trying to stop for what we thought were the major ones, because if we had stopped for all of them, we wouldn’t be able to leave the Westfjords!

I think we ended up taking heaps of photos, which was a testament as to how many you can easily find here just along the roads!

Besides waterfalls in the west and central parts of the Westfjords, I’m also including waterfalls from the beautiful Strandir Coast on the eastern part of the fjords as well.

Westfjords_092_06252007 - A very tall cascade spilling into one of the many fjords within the remote Westfjords of Iceland
A very tall cascade spilling into one of the many fjords within the remote Westfjords of Iceland

Let the waterfall saturation begin…


The waterfalls on this page reside throughout the Westfjords of Iceland. They are administered by several municipalities, but we’ll single out Ísafjarðarbær since that seems to be the administrative center of the Westfjords. For information or inquiries about the general area as well as current conditions, you may want to try visiting their website.

Westfjords_003_06242007 - This was a roadside cascade seen along Road 60 as we were headed north deeper into the Westfjords
Westfjords_009_06242007 - Closer look at that roadside cascade by Road 60
Westfjords_045_06242007 - This attractive waterfall was seen on the spur road to Dynjandi
Mjolkarvirkjun_006_06242007 - Pair of falls at Mjólkárvirkjun
Westfjords_048_06242007 - Just to mix things up a bit, here's a photo of another valley leading to a fjord somewhere near the tunnel leading to Ísafjörður
Westfjords_015_jx_06242007 - We saw this cascade just as we left the tunnel leading to Ísafjörður.  Technically, this one belongs to the Tungudalur valley
Valagil_004_06242007 - Thunderous waterfalls in the distance at Valagil (at the head of Álftafjörður)
Westfjords_055_06242007 - Here's another obscure waterfall we noticed as we were heading east from Ísafjörður along one of the handful of fjords we went around
Westfjords_070_06242007 - Tall cascade reflected in the fjord
Westfjords_076_06242007 - Big falls near what I think is a private summer house
Westfjords_082_06242007 - Another falls near that private residence
Westfjords_084_06242007 - Contextual view of the falls by that private residence
Westfjords_094_06252007 - Another long cascade reflected in the fjord dwarfing a building
Westfjords_022_jx_06252007 - A bunch of Icelandic horses grazing freely in the Westfjords
Westfjords_097_06252007 - Big waterfall not far from Drangsnes
Westfjords_029_jx_06252007 - The waterfall composed with a mountain containing more cascades as well as a house on the lower right for scale
Westfjords_101_06252007 - Roadside cascade as we entered the Strandir Coast
Strandir_Coast_045_06252007 - An attractive cascade in one of the fjords before Djupavik on the Strandir Coast
Strandir_Coast_065_06262007 - As we were going back the other way on the Strandir Coast, we got this photo of an attractive waterfall in the fjord just south of Djupavik
Strandir_Coast_067_06262007 - A closer look at the attractive waterfall in the fjord just south of Djupavik
Djupavik_046_jx_06262007 - A closer look at that gorgeous cascade by the Strandir Coast
Strandir_Coast_109_06262007 - Just focused on that gorgeous cascade by the Strandir Coast

This page covers the stretch of roads that we’ve driven through most of the coastal parts of the Westfjords.

These include Routes 60 in the western Westfjords, 61 through the north-central Westfjords, and 643 on the Strandir Coast of the eastern Westfjords.

The starting and endpoints of this drive were Ísafjörður to the northwest and Djupavik to the east, where the turnoff for the Strandir Coast was just north of Hólmavík.

Even though we covered a lot of real-estate, if you look at the map, you’ll see that there were still large areas of the Westfjords that were still left unexplored!

Not only that, there were large sections of the Westfjords that don’t even have roads!

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